10 Fancy Baby Changing Bags of 2022 – Reviews of The Fanciest.

Baby changing bags or stroller bags as they are also called are essential to have. In my post on nappy changing bags, I covered the importance of pram changing bags.

View the link. For this, however, I decided to list 10 fancy baby changing bags that will match many lifestyles. These are backpacks, shoulder bags and normal changing bags you can hang on the stroller.

I will give you are a short review of these, enough for you to make decisions. I will be giving you the pros and cons of it and telling you why I like them.

These bags will also match many strollers from different brands. I have tried to choose bags of different colours to match many parents with different styles.

Note that two of these bags don’t have images available, so you will have to click the links provided to view the images. Let me not drag this on, shall we begin then?

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What Do You Need In a Changing Bag?

So, what are the things that can be needed in a changing bag? These can be:

  • Light fabrics and material. It should not be too heavy to carry. Fancy changing bags has often heavier fabrics, but it also depends on what you consider to be fancy.
  • A bag with changing mat. It’s better if it comes with a changing mat, but if not they are available to buy separately. It’s just better to have the whole deal.
  • Changing bags with straps. If they have straps on top of the bag you can use clips or hooks to hang them on the stroller. This is useful.
  • A spacious changing bag. Not all changing bags a spacious. They only have space for nappies/diapers, changing mat, bottles and a few other items. They should have space for many things your baby will need.
  • Washable. It should also be washable because it will get dirty quickly. You will use the bags every day, so that’s normal. Washing machine washable it’s better.
  • Bags with a lot of zip pockets can be better. You can use it as your bag, but you need those pockets to put babies personal things and zips are safer to use.
  • Outer pockets should have zips. This links to the one above. I will advise you to get zips on all outer pockets because it’s safer and offers privacy.

These are important features that will make it easier for parents. I know of these because of my experiences, maybe I missed something.

However, I feel these features are what should be focused on. Note that not all of these fancy bags below have these features.

Fancy Baby Changing Bags of 2022.

1. Babymel Robyn.

£60.00, Boots.

  • Dimensions: H35 x W29 x D15 1000g.

The bag has 4 ways of using it. A shoulder bag, backpack, holding bag with straps and crossbody bag. Which enables you to use it how you want.

Lightweight and easy to access features. It has leather trims and the bag can be used for a baby boy or girl. Fancy look and design.

It comes with many pockets, and one thing I like about this bag is the easily accessible wipe pockets. When cleaning your baby you can just take wipes from the pocket without unzipping the bag to take wipes.

It has flaps to keep the wipes from drying which means you can use them the whole day.

What a time saver! Other accessories or features such as machine washable padded changing mat, straps that can be used on the stroller, a bottle holder with temperature check, I big opening at the top and 6 pockets in and out with zips.

Wipe clean with a towel. The bag is suitable for newborns and toddlers.


  • It isn’t the cheapest bag ever.
  • It’s not the biggest bag also.
  • The colour might not be for everyone or the design of it.
  • It’s not washing machine washable.

2. Babymel Jade Changing Bag.

£49.00, Boots.

  • Dimensions :H29cm x W40 cm x D16cm
  • Weight: 0.7kg

The bag is a shoulder, crossbody bag and holding bag with two available straps for it. It has a front flap that covers two pockets.

The upper part has a big opening with the zip. Has easily accessible wipes pocket and another for nappies/diapers, etc. The wipes pocket has what’s called “dispenser slots” which makes it easy to take wipes.

Inside the back, you have 7 pockets and one with a zip to store more private items, and also 7 external pockets. You have also a back pocket with a zip.

A bottle holder pocket with temperature check. Keeps it warm or cold for a while. The straps are detachable which makes them easier to use as a gross bag and gives you easy access to the main opening.

Included with a washable changing mat. Clean by wiping it.


  • Can’t be used as a backpack.
  • Doesn’t have the lightest fabrics.
  • It’s not that cheap.
  • Depending on what you put there it can be heavy when used as a cross and shoulder bag.

3. Elodie Chestnut Leather Changing Bag.

£229.00, Uberkids.

  • Dimensions: 32 x 39 x 16cm.

This bag is fancy in any way or form. By looking at the price you will certainly know that the bag has much to offer. It has an inner layer that it’s detachable and washable.

Makes it last longer and it can be used as often as you want. The bag is a handbag that can be used with your pram or in your personal life.

It has 8 inner pockets with a bottle holder to keep it warm or cold. Its inner pockets a good to hold nappies/diapers, cloths, etc.

The bag is also big enough for other items and the fabric keeps any dirt away. Keep it fresh and stylish. With the help of the handlebars, you can use the bag with a pram.

The soft and padded changing mat is included. Suitable for babies and toddlers.


  • It’s super expensive, it’s because of the brand and the high-quality fabric. Best for parents who want to spend it all.
  • Available for two usages only: A handbag and stroller bag.
  • The colour doesn’t match all prams.
  • Can be heavy.

4. Safety 1st Nap to Go Changing Bag.

£49.00, Uberkids.

The changing bag is big and spacious. It has a feature many changing bags lack. A bassinet that can be folded and store in the outer pockets.

When your baby is tired just unfold it and use the bars to fix it. Let your baby nap as much as they want. Perfect changing bag for travellers or those who love spending time outside.

You can also use the bassinet to change your baby on. It gives you more privacy than the typical open changing mats.

The bag has also space for the nappies, bottle, etc. It has two shoulder strap to be used as a handbag and with clips you can use it with the stroller.

It does not come with the clips, but these are available to buy. Suitable from birth and it might not be the fanciest bag, but it does have some fancy qualities.


  • Simple and not that fancy. Some parents might want fancier.
  • Not that many pockets like the ones above.
  • The colour might not match any stroller.
  • You need to buy clips to use on a stroller.

5. Kinderkraft Molly Backpack.

£29.90, Kiddies-kingdom.

A backpack that’s simple, but fancy and I believe many parents will love. It attaches to the pram with ease. The bag comes with 14 pockets with a big open at the top.

The lock of the main opening can be opened with one hand. This means when you are busy holding your baby you can open it and take what you need. Without needing to let go of your baby

You have the 12 pockets that can be used for many things and these hold wet clothes, dirty clothes, etc. It allows you to separate them.

You also have 2 pockets for the bottles which are located up on the side. The inside is spacious and can be reached with a back pocket.

A handle to use with stroller and buckles to be hanged in a trolley. How impressive is that? Go to your daily shopping with the bag only and your child.

The Molly bag comes with a changing mat and it’s suitable for newborns until your baby reaches toddlerhood. I feel like the bag will be good for personal usage too.


  • Not the fanciest.
  • Not a typical shoulder bag and not a cross bag at all.
  • Can be heavy.
  • It’s big.

6. Silver Cross Wave Changing Bag.

£95.00, Kiddies-kingdom.

The wave changing bag is excellent and matches perfectly well with the wave pushchair. It’s a stylish and fancy changing bag many will love.

Although it’s for the wave pushchair the bag can be used by many parents who don’t have it. The bag comes with a padded changing bag, shoulder straps and a bottle holder.

The big open on the top has zip and the bag is spacious inside. A good design and fancy bag with top quality fabrics. If you are interested in buying the Silver Cross Wave 2020 tandem pushchair check it.


  • Not that big.
  • It’s super expensive.
  • Specially made for wave tandem pram.
  • Does not have many pockets.
  • Usage is a bit limited.

7. Icandy – The Changing Bag.

€57.00, Samuel Johnston.

The bag is big enough to hold your baby’s needs and items. The Icandy bag is available in more than one colour which is green like this one, black, biscuits and grey.

The colours will match any Icandy pram you have. You can even use it for other brands. It has outer pockets for items you want closer, and 2 elastic side pockets.

The bag has two big storage which it’s used for the bigger items, and it has a changing mat and adjustable straps to help you carry it.

With clips, you can use the stroller, or choose to hold it. The bag is big enough for many lifestyles. View my review of the Icandy peach blossom twin pushchair.


  • The bag is fancy, but simple too.
  • Not a backpack or a crossbody bag.
  • Can be heavy.
  • Not washable.

8. Babystyle Oyster 3 Changing Bag.

€53.51., Samuel Johnston.

This one is more for the oyster 3 pushchair. I liked the design that’s why I included it in it. Although you can still use it with strollers if you buy straps.

It fits perfectly on the oyster 3 chassis. The bag has enough space to fit your baby’s essential things and has a zip pocket and lockable flap.

The flaps lock is magnetic. A changing bag is also included. Suitable for newborns upwards.


  • The bag is only designed for the oyster 3 pushchair.
  • Not that big.
  • Lacks many external and internal pockets.
  • The colour is limited.
  • A bit expensive for its size.

9. Childhome “Mommy” Changing Bag.

€83.19, Kids-room.

Dimensions: 55 × 30 × 30cm.

This fancy baby changing bag is there to make life easier use it as a shoulder or handbag. The bag is spacious and durable to fit the essential things.

The bag comes with a changing bag and has many inner pockets. Two straps and one big opening at the top. The bag has two colours and design, and all of them fits any stroller.

This one is the best out of them, but you can see for yourself by clicking the link above.


  • It can be expensive to some.
  • No outer pockets.
  • Can be heavy.
  • No backpack or cross bag.
  • Personally for mums. Sorry, dads.

10. Inglesina Day Changing Bag.

€54.62, Kids-room.

The stroller matches all Inglesina strollers but I believe it’s not only limited to that. It’s a new model, fairly and durable. The design is trendy and sporty so it can be used as a handbag.

Two front pockets for the things you want to reach easily and you have a main opening at the top. It has a large and spacious compartment for your baby’s essential things.

One has zip and the other doesn’t. Comes with one strap for the carriage. Available in many colours and design which makes it very good. Use any colour you prefer.

No changing mat it’s included.


  • No changing mat.
  • It’s fancy but also simple at the same time.
  • No backpack or cross bag.
  • Only two outer pockets. Which can be considered small.
  • Not washable.

What I Like About These Bags.

After reviewing all of them you find that there is something for everyone. Some are expensive and some a less expensive, or even cheap. Others don’t have too much space and are quite small.

Others are fancier and others a bit simpler, but they all have some benefits to them. Suitable for many families and their prams.

Choose base on your style and needs. They are also in different sizes like I mentioned above which gives you the option to choose the size you want.

Sometimes you might only need a small one.


Won’t you say these are one of the fanciest changing bags ever? They offer many things for parents out there. I chose these because fancy can be seen differently by many parents.

I love the fabrics and style of it that’s why I chose them. What do you think? Can you choose 5 of these and tell me why you like them?

4 thoughts on “10 Fancy Baby Changing Bags of 2022 – Reviews of The Fanciest.”

  1. Thanks for bringing us these 10 fancy changing bags.

    It is important that when you want a fancy bag that it is also practical and easy to use.  There is no point in having a bag that doesn’t hold everything, so the size of the interior is the most important thing.

    These are great ideas for baby presents from someone close who wants to show how happy they are with the new arrival.

    It is also important that they can be washed, as they will be in constant use and will be everywhere that you go with your baby.  They therefore need to be durable too.

    • Hey. Yes, all of that stated is true. It’s important to choose the best, even if it’s expensive. It will save you money and time. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. As the mother of 3 and grandmother of 9, I will say that a diaper bag is far more important than new mothers think it is!  It’s super important for the newborn, of course, but will be used to several years on a daily basis so it’s essential to spend the money to get a good one.  And one tip I have:  always choose a bigger bag than you think you’ll need.

    Even with the higher price, I would personally choose the Elodie Chestnut Leather Changing Bag.  It’s made of leather so it will hold up not stain.  The liner comes out so it can be washed, which is also convenient.  

    • Hey Cynthia. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, indeed changing bags are important to have, and if you choose a good one it will last for years. 

      Hope your kids have choosen good ones, if not they are welcome to ask me tips. Thanks again. 


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