Ergobaby Metro Review.

Are you looking for a lightweight pushchair? Suitable for babies and toddlers? Well, then the Ergobany Metro stroller is here just for that.

Reported to be one of the lightest buggies out there and the one that will give comfort to children and parents.

Lightweight travel systems are becoming very popular, so many are always looking to buy one. In this article, I will detail the pros and point out the cons of this buggy.

Also compare it with another lightweight stroller. Just to see its value in the market.



  • Suitable from 6 months up to 18kg.
  • Can be used for travel (Most aeroplane cabins).
  • Said to be folded with one hand).
  • Legrest on the seat.
  • Pocket behind the seat.
  • Reclinable seat unit.
  • The seat liner and fabrics are washable.
  • Mesh airflow around the seat.
  • Big canopy with UPF50+ protection. (Peek a boo window with a patch, behind the seat).
  • PU rubber tyres and Punctured proof tyres.
  • All suspension.
  • Underneath is a small basket.
  • Pram mode.
  • Additional accessories.

Ergobaby Metro Review: Buggy.

Product: Ergobany Metro.

Price: £381.89.

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: H104cm × W44cm × L87cm. Folded dimensions: H52cm × W23 × L44cm. (Weight: 6.3kg).

Warranty: 2 years warranty from Ergobaby.

Handle height: 100cm.


Rating: 8.5/10.

When looking at the design the Metro buggy does look very sophisticated and not flimsy like some other lightweight buggies. You can straight away see the buggy is quality designed.

With excellent fabrics and materials. It’s available in multiple colours such as grey, black, blue, rose, yellow, purple, red and tan.

Which are a lot of colours and perfect for you city dwellers. Looking at the seat it does offer quite a few things for parents to love it.

It’s suitable from 6 months up to 18kg which is better than the 15kg many of the light buggies offer. This is around 3 and half years depending on your child.

The seat is sizeable enough to hold your toddler for a while, and around that age, many toddlers might want to walk by themselves.

Ergobaby offers multiple reclining positions on the seat with Metro. This makes it possible for your toddler to nap, play and seat upright.

One mum reported it was easy to communicate with their child while they were on the seat. Meaning the size and height it’s good for a good bonding time.

A legrest to help out while your baby is sleeping and resting. Mostly useful for toddlers. Comes with an adjustable 5 point harness system with a release button and pads.

Soft seat liner and fabrics to keep the baby comfortable and cosy during winter. For the summer you have mesh airflow which is great.

Keeping them cool and also makes them breathe easily. Pockets are integrated behind the seat which you can use to store valuable things.

Your phone or other personal things. It can be a means of storage if you are only going out for a quick stroll.


The canopy looks very neath and quality. It’s the one with the colours and these colours are bright. It’s not flimsy and it’s quite large.

With UPF50+ protection to keep baby away from the sun’s UV, and also from the rain and even wind. You don’t always have to go out with a rain cover.

Behind the seat, there’s a peek a boo window with a patch. Keeping it close ensures no cold wind will disturb your sleeping child.

The window is good for you to view your child, without going upfront.


Weight around 6.3kg is one of the lightest there is. Perfect to use on public transport and when travelling abroad. In fact, according to manufacturers, it does suit aeroplane cabins.

One mum from madeformums confirmed it’s easier to use in the city while strolling than heavy prams.

It’s also smaller and much narrow soo, pushing it through will be easier.

When looking at the open dimensions at H104cm × W44cm × L87cm it’s a sizeable stroller. Won’t take up that much space in restaurants even without folding it.

When folded at H52cm × W23cm × L44cm you can also clearly see it’s very compact when folded.

It has been reported to fold with one hand and quick (two hands for some). I guess it takes practise to master or it’s just not that easy for everyone.

The handle height is 100cm which is good for short and tall parents. It’s just right in the middle.

Not too short for tall parents and not too high for short parents. With a black frame to match any colour and environment.

An underneath basket that’s sizeable enough to fit in some groceries. Accessible from the back and easy to use.

The brakes are located in the middle and is flip flop.


PU rubber tyres and Punctured proof tyres as well which means these tyres are easy to use on multiple grounds. All suspension wheels make the ride smooth.

While pushing the wheels and tyres glide smoothly (Although not all-terrain). The back wheels are bigger than the front wheels.

It’s a good size for a lightweight buggy and they are good enough for the city.

Ergobaby Metro: Accessories.

The number one important accessory is the newborn kit or also called carrycot. It’s suitable from birth up to 6 months and has the best laying option.

It offers soft a mattress and padded fabrics. Keeping baby safe and comfortable.

The Metro newborn kit also offers a big canopy to protect your newborn from the sun. No tools are needed to attach the kit and it can be folded with the seat.

The mattress is said to be perfect for any season because of the reversible fabrics. It also has its own rain cover.

A travel bag is also an accessory available to buy when travelling.

A rain cover as well. You can buy a sunshade, bumper bar and footmuff separated as well. Get a look at Uberkids for some of these accessories.



  • Quite expensive for the carrycot and the stroller. Not the cheapest light buggy.
  • Not compatible with a car seat which makes it only a 2in1 travel system. Can be a big con for many.
  • Only faces forward. With the kit, it has a rear-facing option. This means you can’t have your toddler facing you which some parents prefer more. Especially in some situations.
  • The handle is not adjustable and the height although in the middle might not be for all.
  • The basket is small and it’s not at all when the seat is in an upright position. (This is from the front).
  • A bumper bar does not come with it. You must buy it.
  • Not all terrain and does not have swivel lockable wheels.
  • The seat unit is only suitable from 6 months and it’s up to 18kg.
  • Can’t be converted into a double stroller.

Ergobaby Metro vs Babyzen YoYo+. 

Often compared to each other because of their lightweight and easy to travel with. These two strollers from these famous brands are quite interesting to look at.

There’s no doubt they are popular and in demand. Which of these are better? Are they equal or is one better than the other?

To answer the question lightly let’s look at some of the things that make them good. These are the similarities:

  • Suitable from 6 months up to 18kg.
  • One hand and two hands fold.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • UPF50+ Canopy.
  • Pocket behind the seat.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Sizeable basket.
  • Newborn kit compatible.
  • Compact umbrella strollers when folded.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Not all-terrain wheels, etc.


The major difference is the car seat compatibility. The Babyzen YoYo+ is compatible with a car seat while the other is not. It also has shoulder straps and an armrest as well.

That’s to carry the stroller. They share similar prices and also the YoYo+ weighs 6.2kg which is 300g less than the other buggy. Might not be that noticeable for some.

Ergobaby Metro has PU rubber tyres, legrest, peek a boo window behind the seat and mesh airflow around the seat. So, it does has its own features which the other lack.

Depending on your lifestyle both are good and excellent.

Because the Babyzen YoYo+ is a 3in1 travel makes it slightly better than in overall both take the same position.


Ergobaby does offer a lot with the Metro buggy. It’s lightweight, simple and good for everyday life in the city, or you can only use it for travelling.

The Metro being a light buggy does not make it reduce its features and value. The buggy offers many features many other light buggies lack and it’s modern with the colours.

From start to finish with the newborn kit. Being with your family for years.

What are your thoughts on this buggy? Will this suit you and your family?


3 thoughts on “Ergobaby Metro Review.”

  1. There are a lot of things I like about the Ergobaby Metro.  I like that it’s lightweight and can be folded and unfolded with one hand.  I like the storage underneath (many lightweight strollers don’t).  As for the price, I think it’s smart to pay more for a high-quality product.  This makes it suitable to use for multiple babies, if that’s your plan, or for resale after your child grown out of it.  

  2. The Ergobaby Metro is expensive for me, but I believe it is worth it. I particularly enjoy the soft seat liner and fabric, which I believe will keep my baby comfortable and cosy during winter. Despite its cons, I see that the Ergobaby Metro has a lot of useful features. I’m looking to purchase one for my baby because I prefer it over the Babyzen YOYO+.
    Excellent review.


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