Educational Toys for 2 year olds – For Imagination, Vocabulary and Learning

Are you looking for good toys for your 2-year-old? Well, I had a 2-year-old, and in this post, I will try and list the toys I think will be suitable for them.

Toys that will educate them. These toys are not awarded or chosen by anyone, but me. I choice toys I think will teach your 2- year- old thinks they need to know.

Every child develops differently so, some of these toys your toddler will find easy others not. I can’t state the best toys for 2-year-olds because they are endless, but to just give you 10 good ones.

View more educational toys and there might be something for you there if you don’t find it here.

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What is Considered Educational?

So, what toys are considered to be educational exactly? It can be many toys. In my opinion, it can be many toys. Toys that develop your little ones imagination are also educational.

For 2-year-olds I think it’s important for them to listen and talk, but not write. With my toddler, I taught her the same thing.

When we wanted to her learn something, we played videos, sang and talked so that she learned. These methods are not always the best options for every child, but they can help.

Toys that develop their 5 senses, vocabulary and that teaches them the outside world are educational. So even a simple doll, a spade and shovel and playing with water will make them learn much.

In conclusion, all toys are educational one way or another depending on your 2-year-old.

The difference between a 2-year-old and 3 – 4-year-olds.

When searching for toys most of the time you see 3-4-year-olds having the same category, but not 2-year-olds. Why’s that? Of course, many toys are suited for all of these 3 age groups, but not always.

Well if I take it from my toddler I can answer the question. For 2-year-olds they need to view and memorise that’s why toys that provide that are more helpful.

These traits are also important for 3-4-year-olds, but not as much. At that age, it’s important that they write and implement what they have memorised, and pronounce it properly.

So, having toys that test this, it’s better. I also believe that for the 2-year-old having fun is much important than adding educational things into it.

At this stage, they should just explore and have fun, not put that much into learning. It will come in time. Afterwards, they will be more alert and start seeing the world better.

These points are not for every child, but they can be for many.

Educational toys for Imagination.

What I mean with this state above is, what toys will mostly create more imagination. Some toys do little, but others are only made for that. It can be dress-up toys or dolls. View these 3 toys that I think will help your 2-year-old:

1. Munchin Gone Fishin, £9.99

It’s a good toy for your toddler’s imagination when in the bath. This toy fits all of these categories, but I think is more useful with the imagination.

It includes a fishing hook, reel, 2 fishes that float and the reel it’s magnetic. The toy makes a real clicking sound when picking up the fish.

It’s a good size for your toddler to use. With it, your toddler can come up with many imagination stories and plays when taking a bath.

2. Melissa and Doug Fire Chief Role Play Set, £22.00

Is your toddler interested in being a fireman or do they want to save people. Why not let them play with this playset to develop their imagination.

It includes the helmet, jacket, badge, horn, a name tag that’s reusable. The clothes are machine washable and have a good quality, so they will last long.

The age suitable for this is 3 years old, but not all toddlers are the same size. If you want your toddler to start with their imagination at 2 years old is good in my experience.

3. ELC Medical Case, £18.00

Your 2-year-old will love playing with this medical case. It comes with many toys and accessory that a doctor or nurse needs. It will make them come up with many stories just like the playset above.

Is not about their vocabulary or for to them figure out things, at this stage, it’s just to imagine and play. Later on, you can start to teach them more.

Educational toys for Vocabulary.

Although for toddlers to develop their imagination they will have new vocabularies and sometimes not. It’s not about talking a lot but learning new words. What toys will make them learn new words, and later on implement them?

4. Chicco ABC Cooky the Kitchen Robot, £29.99 

The toy is in two languages. English and French and if you want to expand your little one’s vocabulary this toy can be ideal. It has 3 modes: Ingredient mode, recipes mood and quiz mode.

5. Chicco ABC Sam the Pop-up Mole, £19.99

Just like the toys above it’s for your toddler to have new vocabularies and teach them new things. French and English, so a good toy for those who wish to teach their toddlers these languages.

6. Classic World Noahs Ark Shaper Sorter, £25.95

Everyone is familiar with Noahs Ark so, your toddler will learn about the animals. Expand their vocabulary and start to talk about the animals they love.

They might love but not know the names.

Educational toys for Learning.

Toys that teach your toddler the alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc. It shouldn’t be too much information for your 2-year-old. Recognising and saying it, it’s the most important thing right now.

7. Chicco Jump & Fit Scotch Playmat, £25.95

This toy is one of the best toys to keep your toddler active and educated. The mat has numbers, music and it’s colourful. If you have more than one toddler they will love playing

It involves them throwing a coin and jumping to raise it. Read more on the website’s description.

8. Classic World Chefs Kitchen Playset, £107.99

Teach your 2-year-old the kitchen accessories and have them learn early. It can also be used for imaginary play. Learning early will make it easier for your preschooler,

9. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book, £15.00 

What better way to teach your toddler about animals, vegetables, clothes, etc than using a book with many colours. My toddler learned a lot by me reading to her.

The book like the title state has 100 words. These words will be useful for your 2-year-old and it’s a beginning. He or she will have great use of it in their daily life.

10. LeapFrog Level Up & Learn Controller, £15.00

This toy teaches your toddler many things like phrases, the names of the animals, colours, etc. It can act as a sensory play because it involves your toddler touching.

Suitable for your 2-year-olds and even older.

What do you think?

What do you think about all of these toys I recommended? which of these do you think will help your toddler? Do you agree with the points I have stated above?

Remember every child is different so, some of these toys can be used sooner or later. It also depends on what you think your little one needs to learn.

So, it’s up to every parent and child.

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