Britax B-agile Double Stroller Review.

Double strollers can be helpful if you plan to have more children. It’s the side by side, tandem double strollers. The one you choose will depend on your children. Click here for more information.

For this review, I will be reviewing a side by side double stroller that can be used for 2 babies, 2 toddlers or a baby and a toddler.


  • Performance.
  • Britax Römer B-agile double stroller.
  • B-safe 35 infant car seat.
  • Cons.
  • The perfect duo.


The Double stroller is one of the best and famous double strollers out there. The B-safe 35 infant car seat is also compatible with many strollers and it’s easy to use with the Click and Go system.

The Britax Römer B-agile double stroller.

  • It’s easy to fold.
  • Offers easy ride and push.
  • Can be used from the start.
  • Fits through tiny spaces.
  • Good for the city.
  • Transform into a Travel System with a car seat and carrycot.
  • 2 years guaranty (if you buy it through the link below)

The B-safe 35 Infant Car Seat.

  • It offers Safety, Comfort and Convenient.
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Click and Go system.
  • Rear-facing only
  • Extra-large canopy.

The Double Seats.

Product: Britax Römer B-agile double stroller.

Price: £345.00

Size of the Product: H 104cm x W 78cm x D 105cm

A Place to Buy: Babybabyonline.

Delivery: Standard delivery, weekend or next day delivery.

My Ranking: 9/10

This side by side double stroller offers your children a good environment to be in. You also have it easy with the adjustable handlebar that makes it easy to steer and push.

It also makes it easy for anyone to use the double stroller. The B-agile double stroller is narrow and lightweight easy for it to go through doorways without any problems.

You only need to use one hand to push the stroller, and you will have the other hand free to do something else. It will be easier for you to multitask which is something all parents need to do sometimes.

Anything to have time for yourself. The double seats can be used from birth with the help of the seats reclining positions. It offers lay-flat position.

It can also be a Travel System with a car seat. It’s easy to use with the lockable front swivel wheels and a good footbrake within your reach.

If any emergency comes up you can save your baby’s life by using the footbrake. If you buy the double stroller from the link above you will get a rain cover.

A medium-sized shopping basket for your daily shopping and for where you can store many of your things. It’s foldable with both seats.

The Car Seat.

Product: B-safe 35 infant car seat

Price: $299.99 CAD

Weight of Product: 1.8-15.8 kg

A Place to Buy: Click here.

My Ranking: 10/10

This amazing car seat offers your baby many features that make it easier for your baby on your journey. With the help of the full-body protection your baby’s head, neck and torso are protected.

Comfortable fabrics and materials make it easy for your baby to sleep. The ergonomic handlebar makes it easy for you to grip and hold the handle.

A large canopy contributes to your baby’s safety. She or he will be well protected from the elements, and it will also offer them privacy for them to sleep and relax.

A Click and Go system. Carry the B-safe 35 Infant Car Seat from the car to the stroller/pushchair and fix it with the easy Click and Go system. You only need to buy adapters to fix it. Adapters are not that expensive.

The car seat is suitable for any Britax Römer stroller. If in the future you need a new stroller then this car seat will still be of use.

It only offers a rear-facing option which is not a problem, considering that rear-facing positions are best for babies. They are still fragile and you will need to keep an eye on them.

The car seat is also compatible with the BOB single stroller and the Duallie stroller. In case you and your partner decide to have more children it’s good to know the compatibility.

The B-safe infant car seat offers safety with the design, comfort with the soft and cosy fabrics and convenience with all of the features it comes it.

It’s truly one of the best car seats out there and parents love it. The car seats features and fabrics are exactly like my toddler’s car seat.

My partner and I are still using it and everything is intact.


The B-agile double stroller.

  • The stroller looks simple.
  • Does not have all features If you compare it to other double Strollers. Like a parent and child tray. No straps and or a cupholder.
  • The colours are limited.
  • Can be expensive to some, although cheap to others.

The B-safe infant car seat.

  • Only compatible with 3 brands.
  • The colour is dark. Som Parents prefer bright colours for the city.
  • The car seat can also be expensive to some, it depends where you live and where you buy it from.

The Perfect Duo.

This double stroller and the car seat are the perfect duos. It’s easy to use and it brings comfort to your daily or weekly journeys. It makes it easy for you to go out and it also makes you willing.

That’s why it’s important for parents to buy good and quality travel systems that make their life easier. If you have a problem handling your travel system, then you tend not to be in the mood to go out.

You and your babies will miss out on bonding together and they will not have good and adventurous journeys. Both of these products will enable your babies to see each other.

They are more likely to communicate and bond with each other than if they only stay at home. Your babies are also more likely to have a nice view and enjoy the journey.

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What do you think? Are these 2 the perfect duo? Is there any other duo you can think of? I will love to know in the comment section below. If you want to ask me anything else regarding this Travel System feel free to ask.

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