Doona Car Seat Review.

Doona offers you both things, a car seat and a stroller at the same time. It’s the most popular brand that offers both combinations and I have friends who are much interested in this buggy.

Although the Doona car seat might not have all the features of a normal strollers, it’s still a good baby carriage to have and use from time to time.

Good for travellers and does who take short strolls. In this article, I will write about the pros and cons.

Product: Doona Car Seat.

Price: £329.99.

Size Of Product: 60 cm × 44 cm × 66 cm.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Ranking: 9.9/10.



The designer for this car seat was inspired by something that happened in his own life. He found out that parents needed more features when it came to the car seat, and thought of something that will make it easy for parents all over the world.

I guess it takes experience and knowledge to be able to create something unique. Its a universal fit, more protection is installed for safety use, its safe to travel with it and it is the most convenient car seat to have when you are enjoying a lovely semester.

It’s suitable from birth, an excellent choice for your little one. The car seat has gone through some test to ensure its quality and safety. 20 tests to be exact, and this is a good way of reassuring people that one’s product is safe to use.

Let’s look into the details of this unique product.

A Car Seat And A Stroller.

Yes, the product is a car seat and a stroller. Is not every day you will hear this. I have been researching pushchairs/strollers for a while now and have not come across this type of car seat.

Just put the baby on the seat and pull out the wheels to push them to the car. No need to grab the car seat handle and carry it. TUV approved means the seat can be used in an aeroplane, but you should check with the airline you are travelling with to make sure before your flights.

The wheels are big and well punctured which provides a smooth ride for your baby. Its easy to fold and unfold, it won’t take a lot of your time. You can do this while your baby is on the seat no need to take them out, again a time saver.

To save time can be something important if you just had a baby or even later on because you are soo busy doing other things. Going to appointments can be tiring for you and the baby or babies.

You should not place your baby in the car seat for a period of a long time, it’s not safe according to research. When my baby fell asleep in the car seat I watched her and always checked her on, which I did mention on my post about car seats. However, I didn’t let her stay in it unnecessarily. Always follow the guidance it’s important.

Suitable from birth to 13kg. Belted installation and it’s rear-facing only.


A unique double wall structure is used by the manufactures to provide comfort on the seat. That also enables the wheels to be befold which gives you the Doona+ body. Provides a side impact protection and it comes with laters of EPS, foam and textiles. All of these features enable your baby and especially your newborn to travel as safe as possible, which is the thing we want the most.

The canopy is medium size, to give your little one the protection they need from the heat and it not being too big enables your little one to have a view of you and the world.

The handle has a smooth material and is adjusted both with length and weight. The Doona car seat is black, which most car seats are. The colour makes it stay clean. There are different colours of the canopy, you can choose the colour you want. You can match it with the changing bag or other things.

A strollers wheels a bigger and the tyres are softer in their design, but the Doona+ car seat tyres a little harder and smaller. Their design is indeed unique.

Universal Fit.

The car seat can be installed in most cars, which gives it an advantage of many car seats. The Doona car seat is a universal fit which makes it suitable for parents all over the world.

We all drive different cars and is good to get a car seat that suitable for your car and even other cars if you ever decide to buy a new car.

Doona Car Seat, One Of A Kind.

The seat is indeed a one of a kind car seat/stroller. The product is small and narrowed which will make it fit into tiny spaces good to use in the city. It suits short strolls and walks. I won’t recommend long-distance walking.

It’s good for public transport and travel. Just fold the wheels and hold on to the car seat with the handle. If you leave in an area where there a lot of people or you decide to stroll through a market place this stroller is ideal. It enables parents to take strolls even in those areas.

Going up the stairs won’t be a hassle either, just carry the car seat. If you live in a flat without a lift/an elevator the carrier will help you.

Doona car seat has a benefit to it but there are certain things you need to think about before buying. The car seat does not have a basket under, so won’t be using it for grocery shopping. You can use the stroller hooks/clips for your heavy bags, and you can`t use stroller boards for your toddler either.

The car seat is just like a normal car seat you use on the pushchair which is just for baby’s not toddlers. So, if you decide to buy the car seat/stroller you will need to buy a stroller afterwards. You will only need to buy a single stroller which is cheaper.

It does not come with any accessories, so you will need to buy them. Its rain cover is suitable.

What are your thoughts on the Doona car seat? Do you find it to be unique? Will you recommend the product to a family member or friends?

If You have any additional questions or want to add anything please do it below.

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