Does Uppababy Mesa Need a Base?

If you are planning to buy the Uppababy Mesa car seat either with the stroller or its own, then this question might have popped up in your mind

I will write the answers and other more details to help your out. I hope it helps. The article is very short.

Does Uppababy Mesa Need a Base?

The answer to that question is no. You can use the Mesa without the base and you do this by using the seat belt. Every car seat is designed with a blue/another colour indicator near the carry handle.

You can use these to cross the belt into them and strap the belt into the car. Like how a person straps themselves. The belt also goes around the car seat to make it stable.

Your baby is secure this way as well. (I only use the belt for my babies).

So, you can save money by not buying a base if you are on a tight budget, which many parents are when a baby is on the way.

This also makes it easy for the Mesa to be installed on any car because some cars can’t have bases+car seats. It depends on the size of the car.

Which Bases are Compatible with Uppababy Mesa?

The Mesa I-size is the only base that’s compatible with the Uppababy Mesa and it’s provided by Uppababy.

If you are interested in buying the base you can buy it from Kiddies-kingdom for £174. I did a review on the Mesa car seat some time ago, and if you are interested in viewing more details click the link.

So, let’s say in the future you decide to change your stroller but want to keep your car seat, then you might want to know which strollers are compatible with the Mesa.

Just in case you want to know, these are:


It can be hard to know which one you prefer the most. With the base or without. If you have a friend who has both it’s good if you try it out and see.

Although it’s good that the Mesa has both options which make it flexibly. Which one is it going to be? With our without the Base?

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