Do Books Help with Potty Training?

Is it already the time for your toddler to use the potty? Well, If it this then you might wonder how to go about it.

It’s not easy and I am too struggling about it, but I found one thing that actually made things easier.

Books! Yes, they do actually help with potty training. Let’s find out why. Read my article about how to read a book to a toddler

It might help out on your journey.

Does Your Toddler Love Books in General?

Before going into the topic, let’s first talk about if your toddler likes books. Some parents don’t read that much to their children and this tends to make the kid not love books.

When you read books to children they always want to copy what’s happening in the book, and it also helps them listen and makes them calm for minutes.

This is not easy with a toddler, but books tend to have that effect on them. Proven through my experienced.

So, if you plan to use books as a method you need to read to your toddler a lot.

Make them recognise it otherwise they won’t really pay attention to you.

Do Books Help with Potty Training?

To answer this question I asked a friend of mine a few questions regarding their potty journey with their toddler.

I will also myself answer these questions to give you another experience.

Seeing how both of us did might help you on your journey. I will also answer other frequently asked questions some parents might have.

Hopefully, this help answers your questions.

1. Why Did You Choose Books to Help with the Potty Training?


” I chose books because I already read to my daughter a lot and she enjoys and understands what is happening in the books. 

I was reading online about potty training and books were recommended to explain to the child “


” Books are a good way to teach children, and my toddler was already listening to me reading for her, so I thought maybe it might work.

She usually always try to copy characters in a book and always brings me her books for me to read to her.

I tried the books after I put her on the toilet twice and she didn’t react “

2. At What Age Did You Start and What Was the Reason for That?


” 2 and a half years because she was ready for potty training”


” I started when my toddler was nearly 3, around 2 years and 11 months. The reason for that was actually I didn’t have time at that moment to start with her.

I wasn’t ready for myself, and I didn’t see any signs earlier on that she was ready for potty training. As I think it’s important to listen to some signs “

3. Did it Help Your Toddler? if Yes, How?


” Yes it really helped her to understand how to use a potty, also while she was sitting on the potty it kept her busy until she finished “


Yes, the book I bought for her did help and is still helping her with the training. I most of the time bring the book and read it to her while she’s sitting on the toilet. 

It entertains her and seeing the images helped her understand what a boo and a wee is. She could relate to the book and understood what she needs to do.

The book also encouraged and cheered when she did a good job. She loves the book and is always excited when I bring it to her “

4. Can You List the Books You Used and Explain in a Few Sentences How Each of These Helped Your Toddler?


” I used only one book which was called ‘Potty Superstar -Toddler Triumphs’. It helped my daughter especially as she could relate to the character a lot, she felt she was her friend and she wanted to copy her “


” I bought two books for her. One was a board book and she just ripped it apart (I guess she didn’t like it). I didn’t end up using the board book.

The other one was a normal book and it’s called “Princess Polly: Potty Training”. 

The book is about a princess who is going through the process of choosing a potty, pants and you follow her on her journey as she uses these.

Princess Polly does have some accidents but that’s okay, but also she learned to wee and poo in her potty.

Her family is there to share and support her. Mummy, Daddy, Big brother and her baby little sister. 

The book has a cheer button on the side to cheer your toddler if she does a good job.

My toddler loves this book and is always excited to hear about Princess Polly. She related to the character and she was pointing out what was happening.

It helped her out “

Other Frequently Asked Questions.

Other asked questions can be when to start with the training. Well, is there really a time for that? Toddlers differ. My friend’s child was quick to learn and didn’t take her that much time.

When it came to mine it’s the opposite. My toddler is still stubborn and is wearing nappies. The reading is helping her out.

Now the only thing she needs is time and continuous reminders.  For some it takes time.

Some parents might also be asked to list good books, well I will only list three which are:

” Princess Polly: Potty Training”  Buy on Amazon).

” Potty Superstar: Toddler Triumphs ” (Buy on Amazon).

” No More Nappies: A Potty Training Book ” (Buy on Amazon).


So, do books help with Potty Training? Well, yes they do if your toddler is used to being read to, and she relates easily to characters.

It also depends on the book you buy. It should encourage them and cheer for them. Can your toddler relate to the character in many ways?

If yes, you should definitely keep reading. Your toddler’s age also plays a big part. At the age of 2 years, not all toddlers can sit listening to you reading a book.

Their attention span is not that long so books might not be the solution for all toddlers.

As I said before, it all goes down to if your toddler loves books. Another piece of advice is if toddler damages books easily, don’t buy potty training board books for her or him.

Just focus on the normal books.

Was it hard when you started to potty train your little one? How do you think your toddler will react to potty training books?

Let me know, I would love to read about it. If you need any further help do let me know

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  1. Very useful little article about using books with your toddler to learn how to go to the toilet 🙂

    At first I thought you read books about it, but in the article you actually explain that’s not the case, you actually give a book to your kiddo whilst they are potty training. I like how you highlighted that it only works if the tofdler is already interested in books and how those moms quoted have been reading to their kids from the very beginning. Because potty training or not, I think all kids should be introduced to books, they are amazing after all!

    THanks for your post!


    • Hey. I am happy you liked my article. It’s important that your kids are already used to books otherwise I don’t think it will work. 

      You are right about that. Books in general are good for kids. Thanks for your thoughts. 


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