Do All Maxi Cosi Car Seats Fit the Same Base?

Are you looking for a base for your Maxi Cosi car seat? Maybe you want to buy more car seats in the future and you are wondering which car seats the base you have is suitable with?

Whatever your question is, in this article, I hope to answer it.

Do All Maxi Cosi Car Seat Fit the Same Base?

The answer to this question is No. The Maxi Cosi car seats fit different bases and it’s mostly like this with other brands as well. Some bases are compatible with multiple car seats of course.

It is therefore important to you check and know before buying anything. Like you are doing right now. You are on the right path.

So, now that I know not all car seats have the same base, which base should I be getting for my car seat?

Well, find out down below. Let’s see the Maxi Cosi car seats and the bases they are compatible with.

Maxi Cosi Car Seats with Compatible Bases (Current – 2021).

Easyfix Base Compatible Car Seat is:

The Cabrioix is a group 0+ car seat meant only for babies. You can use the seatbelt or base for installation. The base is simple and easy to use

FamilyFix Base Compatible Car Seats are:

  • Cabriofix.
  • Pearl.
  • Pebble.

The Pearl car seat is used for toddlers only but with the combination of the Cabrioifx car seat. You are only able to fix it with the Isofix.

It’s also compatible with the Pebble.

FamilyFix2 Base Compatible Car Seats are:

  • Tinca.
  • Pebble Pro.
  • Pebble Pro 2.
  • Rock.

FamilyFix2 Base is just like the original FamilyFix base. It can also be used for toddlers. The only difference is it is comparable with more car seats.

You also need the car`s Isofix anchors with this car seat just like the former.

FamilyFix3 Base Compatible Car Seats are:

One of the differences with the other car seats is that the FamilyFix3 base is also compatible with a carrycot. The famous Maxi Cosi car cot Jade. It’s R129 compliant.

2WayFix Base Compatible Car Seats are:

This one like the previous above is also suitable for toddlers if you use another seat and some attachment. You will also need the Isofix anchors.

Tinca Base Compatible Car Seat is:

Only compatible with the Tinca car seat and what differs is that the base is lighter and less expensive. So, if you own or are planning to buy the Tinca car seat this is good news.

Buying car seats separately is more expensive, so this will save you money.

FamilyFix360 Base Compatible Car Seats are:

  • Pebble 360.
  • Pearl 360.
  • Coral 360.

This one has the same features as the other Familyfix bases plus it has another useful feature. The base can rotate to any angle you like.

This is very good when placing your baby. If you are in a hurry the base is also very good.


You can view more of these bases on the Maxi Cosi website and you can buy them from there as well. I have done reviews/comparisons on some of these.

Click the links if you wish to view them, and you will also get a link where you can buy these car seats. (Some come with the bases).

Which car seat do you own? If you are planning to buy one, which one is it going to be?

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