10 DIY Sensory Toys for Babies – Simple, yet Creative.

Are you looking for a way to entertain your baby? Well, as you have searched, sensory toys or activities are one of the most important stages for your baby at this age.

Almost all toys can be used for sensory play and activity. It involves the senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. DIY sensory toys are more simple and often involve homemade or wooden toys.

You can make your DIY sensory toys for babies at home without spending anything, and that’s the beauty of it. Toys for free I guess.

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In this post, I will only list homemade ideas you can do for your baby. I will also recommend at the end two toys you can buy from Etsy if you are interested.

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What Sensory Toys Means for Babies.

At this age, your infant is interested in anything that moves. They want to touch, taste, see, smell and hear. Hence, the 5 important senses.

Anything they learn will implement in their daily lives. If they taste a lemon, smell it and see which means they recognise it. Babies are smart.

Base on that next time they will decide if they want to taste it or not. It might not be for smaller babies but definitely for bigger babies.

These sensory toys are there to help babies enhance the senses they are already feeling. With it, they will be able to know different sounds, fabrics/materials and colours

They might not know a major difference right away, but it will click. During toddlerhood, they will be more aware of the things they are playing with.

I have seen this transition in my baby. Giving toys or teaching them from early on will affect them well. There are many more positive effects. Click on the link above to learn more.

DIY sensory toys are what deals with day to day life. These toys are made from scratch and your baby will learn to feel the things we eat, touch every day and view.

What it feels like to be around things they see us use. Which is a good way to make them comfortable with it don’t you think?

DIY toys are also safer to use. They have fewer chemicals or none at all than toys that are made or manufactured in a factory. Like I stated most of these toys are items lying around the house.

List of Ideas/Toys.

1. A Jar of Coloured Macaronis.

Why not colour some uncooked macaroni or if you don’t have that then pasta. Colour or paint it with different colours and put it in a jar.

It can be any jar you have at home. See what your baby can handle. A plastic jar is much better because it’s less heavy and won’t hurt them if they happen to drop it.

What this will do is to help with the senses of sight, hearing and even touch. How the macarons are going up and down with mix colours.

The sound of it inside the jar. Try different materials of jars from time to time to give them different sounds.

2. Jar with Water and Glitter or Beads.

Here is another idea of what you do for your baby. Put water in a jar with glitter or beads. It’s more about the visual part. Let your baby wonder what’s happening.

They will love having this around to look at. The water with shiny small colours or big non-shiny colours. Place it near the macaroni jar and let them inspect it.

Right now my baby is starting to notice different toys, and I have noticed what interest her more or less.

3. A Necklace Made Out of Beads.

How about also making a necklace out of different sizes of beads and colours. This will create a sense of touch, sight and hearing the most.

Beads are harmless if they are threaded and they are plastic, so they won’t harm your baby. It is favoured not to put in their mouth, even though it is not that harmful.

This is a simple DIY and you can always use it. No mess around or loud noises.

4. Edible Paint.

How about placing edible paint for your baby at home with a paintbrush and paper. Or they use their hands to do art. Although babies don’t know what they are doing, art can be anything.

Just let them be free and do something messy. Put a mat underneath for them to not mess up the whole place. It’s for their sense of taste.

They will also be using their hands. Teaching early eye to hand coordination. Watch them work with their hands, and they might even discover new aspects of themselves.

Which sensory activities are all about.

5. Bubbles.

Bubbles are also fun for babies. Whether you decide to place a bin near them with water and soap or any other way it’s still interesting.

Although having it near them will make it better. Place in their toys and let them use their hands to explore. This one is good for almost all their senses.

Hearing, sight, smell and touch.

6. A Bin of Mud.

Again, place a small plastic bin with mud. It can be messy but the idea is to for them play with the elements. I think babies love these activities.

With it, they discover soo many things that will benefit them later on. What’s this on my me? Can be one kind of the questions wandering in their minds.

They will be exposed to different smells, touches, and sights. It’s a nice sensory activity your baby will love to do. This is one of the reasons why many toddlers love gardening.q

7. A Bin of Sand and Toys.

A bin of sand and toys is another way of entertaining your baby and letting them discover their surroundings. Put toys in the sand and see how your baby finds them.

It’s more intended for bigger babies. What can also happen is your baby discovering how the toys vanish. That’s quite interesting and will make them wonder.

It will make them dig around and feel the sand.

8. A Rattle Shaker.

A rattle shaker can be bought online, but you can also make one at home. Instead of putting macarons in the jar why not put rattles.

You can also buy wooden jars or make them yourself if you are a carpenter. Although you don’t have to be one to make it. With a jar, you can place the rattles inside, and give it to your baby.

An easy way to introduce to the different sounds. Rattles are always nice to have around. My baby is very interested in them. Use normal plastic jars if you don’t have wooden ones.

9. Stacking Boxes.

Do you have small wooden boxes at home? You might have one your toddler or child have from school. If these are just laying around you can use them as stackers for your baby.

Make sure they are not harmful and are not heavy. Instead of buying new ones, they can use these. Give the boxes a boost by colouring them, etc.

10. Sponge with Water or Edible Paint.

We all have sponges lying around our houses. Place one sponge, bin with water or paint and see how your baby explores. You can mix the paint with the water to make it more interesting.

Recommended DYI Toys.

1. Sensory Box.

£14.99, Etsy (TeenyTreasuresGifts).

A sensory box of DYI Toys made out of wooden and fabrics. The box includes a Rattle maraca, organza scarf, wooden tethering ring, egg shaker, a sensory ball with spikes, a foil blanket, Bubbles, 2 ballons and 2 feathers.

The box has a few toys to entertain your little one. They are simple and easy to use. One or two toys a day at a time. Good time for them to discover and understand each toy.

2. Boys/Girls Wooden Maracas.

£7.99, Etsy (TeenyTreasuresGifts).

The maracas are available to buy in pink or blue for your baby girl or boy. The material is made with non-chemical elements and it has soft hearing sounds.

It will help with their eye to hand coordination, hearing, listening, control, etc. Your baby will discover many aspects about themselves.

What DYI Sensory Toys for Babies did you like? Have you tried one of these yet? How about the toys? Do you think your baby will find it interesting?

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