Didofy Aster 2 vs YoYo 2.

Both the Didofy Aster 2 and Babyzen YoYo 2 has been listed on Madeformum’s site for being some of the best lightweight buggies.

Of, course these have different spots. Didofy Aster 2 is awarded for having the best lie-flat seat and the Babyzen YoYo 2 is the best lightweight buggy you can use when travelling with a newborn.

These are some of the most popular buggies in the market, it’s even more so for the Babyzen YoYo 2 which has been praised by many.

If you are wondering which one to go for, then in this article I will go over the similarities and differences between the Didofy Aster 2 and Babyzen YoYo2.

I will also state the cons these two have.

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Similarities Between the Didofy Aster 2 and Babyzen YoYo2.

Didofy Aster 2 and YoYo2 Seat and Canopy.

These lightweight buggies are being advertised as the buggies you will need because they offer soo much. Both are suitable from birth with multiple reclining options.

According to Madeformums Didofy Aster 2, does offer the best lie-flat mode, which means your baby will enjoy it more than the YoYo2 maybe.

The seats are up to 22kg which is around 4 years give or take.

Both seats are designed with premium cushioned fabrics to make your baby and toddler comfortable. Both Aster 2 and YoYo2 have 5-point harnesses.

These have covers to keep them clean. You also have a legrest that’s adjustable on both buggies. A legrest would be a lot of use.

Keeping your toddler’s legs from dangling.

You also have a footrest which is not adjustable. This is mostly useful for your older toddler where they can relax their feet.

Being quality strollers these also have premium fabrics which can be removed and washed.

The canopies are extendable and have UV50+ which keeps the sun away, and it’s water resistant. Behind both canopies, you have a peek-a-boo window.

These windows have covers as well. You can keep an eye on your baby, but also give them privacy when they are busy.

It’s the best way to keep an eye on your child when they facing forward without having to go front all time, especially if you have a busy child.

Reclining the canopies will also give your child a full view of the world.

Didofy Aster 2 and YoYo2 Handlebar.

These are similar in the way that the handlebars are made or stitched of leather which gives the strollers a premium or quality look.

The handlebars are also not adjustable. These are just standard, but the height is different although not much. Didofy Aster 2 has a 105cm handlebar height.

The YoYo2 has a 106cm height. If you are 176cm these heights are quite good. If you are a bit shorter or taller the heights are still good to my best knowledge.

I did research on this, so it’s good. It can be a bit high if you are short and can be a bit hard to handle if you are much taller.

Although these heights are in the middle, which is the case for buggies that do offer adjustable handlebars. Ranging from 85cm-120cm. (Estimation).

Didofy Aster 2 and YoYo2 Chassis/Frame.

As stated above both have some quality fabrics and leatherette details on the strollers. What makes these buggies good are the weight.

Both are 6.2kg according to the manufacturers which makes these also flight-approved. It means you can bring them along in the plane when flying.

This also makes them ideal for travelling on holidays or taking a long day trip by train. Aster 2 and YoYo2 are folded easily.

However, the differences which I will go over below. These also have baskets underneath like most buggies do, and do have smaller baskets compared to standard buggies.

This is the case for all umbrella strollers. The baskets have the capacity to carry 5kg of weight, which can be many baby products.

Most essential you will need during your journey. You have all suspension on the wheels and like all lightweight buggies, the wheels are small.

The strollers on their own are only forward-facing, which is why the peek-a-boo window comes in handy. It’s great that both offer this.

Both buggies have foot brakes which some would prefer more than hand brakes. Puncture-proof wheels are easy to manoeuvre on many terrains.

Harder terrains such as mud and sand can be difficult because of the wheel size and these are not all terrain. Both also offer swivel wheels.

This makes it easy to manoeuvre narrow terrains.

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Didofy Aster 2 and YoYo2 Accessories.

These are also compatible with so many accessories which some lightweight buggies don’t have. These accessories are:

Babyzen YoYo2 has its own brand of these, which it does share with the other YoYo models. So you can get the whole packet with these strollers

Showing again, that these are different from many lightweight buggies, and why these made it to Madeformums top lightweight strollers.

Differences Between the Didofy Aster 2 and Babyzen YoYo2.

Differences Between the Didofy Aster 2 and YoYo2 Seat and Canopy.

The Didofy Aster 2 has a longer seat with a legrest above. It has a ventilated seat and canopy. Keeping the air circulating during hot days.

Aster 2 also offers more fabric texture on the seat and as stated above it does have a more lie-flat seat. Alongside the legrest, your child will be relaxing comfortably.

While the YoYo2 has more cover on the side of the seat. The harness is designed differently from the former, but both are 5-point harnesses.

YoYo2  has one feature behind the canopy that’s very useful, which is a big zip pocket, or a pocket bag. This means extra storage.

You can put there your phone, keys or your baby’s nappies, cloth, etc.

Super helpful for many, especially during a long day out. It’s also very near you in case of emergencies.

The YoYo2 legrest can be detached when not needed to make place for more room.

Differences Between the Didofy Aster 2 and YoYo2 Chassis/Frame.

Didofy Aster 2 has a bumper which can be detached and the YoYo2 does not have any. (This is known to be a trait for all YoYo models).

With a bumper bar, you can keep your child safer and many parents love to have it, me included.

This means if you put your child on the YoYo2 you have to attach the harness, even if you are in a rush. With the Didofy Aster 2, you can relax a bit.

Babyzen YoYo2 has a wrist wrap on the handlebar. You can use this to safely push the buggy. It also helps you steer it better, especially on harder terrains.

Very useful for many.

Both are flight approved, but the YoYo2 it’s cabin approved. This means you can put it in the cabin and it also has a strap which you can carry it with.

That’s not the case for the Aster 2 buggy. You don’t have a strap to carry it with, but you can use the bumper bar, although it’s not that easy.

You can still have it as hand baggage, which you can store on the flight. When folded the Didofy Aster 2 has these dimensions 55 x 47 x 25 centimetres (L×W×H).

These are the dimensions for YoYo2 when folded 52 × 44 × 18cm (L×W×H). As you can see the YoYo2 is more compact.

This is also helpful if you have a tiny space at home or in your boot. In a standing position, you have these dimensions on the YoYo2 106 × 86 × 44cm.

For the Aster 2, you have these 105 × 82 × 55cm.

Differences Between the Didofy Aster 2 and YoYo2 Wheels and Folding Mechanism.

The wheels are designed in different ways. The Aster 2 has the design of typical stroller wheels., while the YoYo is known for its special design wheels.

Didofy Aster 2 has a much more easy fold. A so-called “magicfold” which the manufacturers call it. It’s one of the best features it has.

You only need to push one button on the handlebar and the whole stroller collapses.

This can also be done by using one hand while the other hand is busy with other things.  That’s not the case for the Babyzen YoYo2.

You need two hands to fold it and it might not be easy for all. Here is a video demonstration:

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Didofy Aster 2 and YoYo2 Compatible Carrycots and Car Seats.

As stated above both are compatible with a carrycot and car seats. The Aster 2 is compatible with the Didofy Aster 2 carrycot, which cost about £180.

YoYo2 is compatible with the YoYo bassinet and the bassinet also matches other YoYo models. Buy on Amazon.

When it comes to the Didofy Aster 2 car seat compatibility it’s many. With these car seat adapters you can attach it to these car seats:

Maxi-Cosi cabriofix, Maxi-Cosi pebble, Maxi-Cosi pebble plus, Maxi-Cosi Pebble Pro, Maxi Cosi Pebble 360, Maxi Cosi Tinca, Cybex aton, Cybex aton M, Cybex aton 5, Cybex aton Q, Cybex Aton Q Plus, M, Cybex cloud Z, Cybex cloud Q, Cybex cloud Q plus, Besafe izi go, Joie i-gemm. (There are more than these. Call Didofy for more info).

The YoYo only offers one type of adapter which are compatible with these car seats:

  • Clek Liing
  • Cybex car seats
  • Maxi-Cosi infant car seats
  • Nuna infant car seats

It’s almost the same amount of car seats. All of these brands of car seats are of course the best in the market. So, you are not missing out that much, whichever you choose.

Because the Aster 2 has the potential to be compatible with many more, then maybe it’s better.

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Didofy Aster 2 and YoYo2 Colours and Prices.

You have a black and bronze frame on the Didofy Aster 2 and then you are able to choose from three colours. Black, grey and olive.

For the YoYo2 you have a black and white/silver frame.

Additional to that you can choose from 9 colours and these are: black, grey, light and dark brown, blue, red, turquoise, light pink and green.

More colours with the YoYo2. Aster 2 costs about £299 stroller only.  If you buy the cot, adapters, a car and other accessories you are looking at £700+

Which is not cheap, but cheaper than the YoYo2 bundle.

Babyzen YoYo2 costs about £499 stroller only. £200 more than the other. If you want to buy a cot, car seat, etc you are looking at spending £900+.

This is just an estimation. It’s quite expensive, but I guess with the features these come with it can be worth it for many.

Which One Is Better?

The answer does depend on what a person considers important.

I would argue that the Babyzen YoYo2 and Didofy Aster 2 are the same if you analyse all of the advantages and disadvantages. YoYo2 has a detachable legrest and a pocket behind the canopy.

When folded it’s easy to carry and it’s recognised by many airlines. It has more colours, etc. At the same time, you have the Aster 2.

It has a ventilated seat and hood, easy fold, might be compatible with more car seats, flight approved and cheaper.

It’s a matter of what you consider to be important. I personally would go for the Didofy Aster 2 because of the easy fold and cheap price, well cheaper price.

You will miss out on the more compact fold YoYo2, wrist wrap, more colours and the amazing design, but you will save money.

Besides the Aster 2 has a bumper bar which it does come with. (Bumper bars are important to me).

Who Will Go for the YoYo2?

If you didn’t choose Aster 2, then YoYo2 will be your choice.

If you don’t have a tight budget, want something unique and nice, want more colours to choose from and want more storage then the YoYo2 is definitely for you.

It also offers the best experience for your newborn and toddler. A reason for it being one of the best strollers on the market.

So, the answer to the question above is different for many.

Just because the YoYo2 is very popular and a favourite among many does not make it the first choice for all.

Didofy Aster 2 and YoYo2 Cons.

These have many pros so the features are really good, but there are some cons as well and these are:

  • Both the Didofy Aster 2 and YoYo2 are quite expensive, especially the Babyzen YoYo2.
  • The wheels are small and can be hard to push on hard terrains or difficult ones.
  • These can be flimsy sometimes, but it’s due to their weight.
  • Small basket storage.
  • When folded the YoYo2 does not stand on its own.


There is a lot to take from these amazing lightweight buggies, and because this is a huge investment it’s important to know many of its features and benefits.

In my humble opinion whichever you choose from these, you will get a nice experience. I have seen many positive reviews, and of course, people differ when it comes to lifestyles.

Didofy Aster 2 vs YoYo2. Which one will it be?

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