Cybex Sirona S Review.

Cybex is a well-known brand that provides some of the best strollers and car seats. Their Sirona S  is available as a convertible car seat and an infant car seat. One of the best in the market.

Suitable for newborns up to toddlerhood. If you have decided to go with a convertible car seat it’s good you know all about the benefits if you have not read about it already.

What makes the Cybex Sirona S good? With a full review, you will find out exactly why this car seat it’s good for you.

Through my research and experience with car seats, I will detail the pros and cons, and try my level best to help you make a decision.

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  • Suitable from birth up to 4 years.
  • Both rear and forward-facing.
  • Used with Isofix connectors and i-Size compliant.
  • 360 degree rotatable.
  • Driving Direction Control.
  • Energy Reduction Technology.
  • Side Impact Protection.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Adjustable seat both rear and forward-facing.
  • Harness holder and newborn inlay.

Cybex Sirona S Review: Sirona S Car Seat.

Product: Sirona S.

Price: £299.99.

Size: H:70cm × W:43cm × D:63,5cm. Weight: 15kg.

Delivery: Worldwide.

Guarantee: 3 years guarantee from Cybex.

Sirona S Age Range.

Sirona S is suitable from birth and it also comes with a newborn inlay which can be removed when not needed. The newborn inlay can be of help too much smaller children.

The Sirona S is suitable for up to 4 years which means this car seat will be with you for many years. Your little one can use it until you buy them a booster seat.

Which are primarily for 5-year-olds and upwards. Depending on your little one’s height and weight it can be less or even more. This age is just the general weight for toddlers at this age.

That’s 105cm in height. Buying the Sirona S will save you money in this regard. You won’t need to change the car seat unlike infant seats if your child happens to grow out of it.

Sirona S Rear and Forward Facing.

Most convertible car seats also have forward-facing options, which is not a surprise that the Sirona S has one. Rear-facing only car seats are only common with infant car seats.

Which is another good reason why convertible car seats are good and more suitable for some parents. The car seat it’s rear-facing from birth up to 4 years.

Which is the maximum 105cm height. The reason for this is because according to advisers it’s safer to have your child this way no matter their age.

So, your little one can be comfortable and safe in a rear-facing position up that age. You also have the forward-facing option from 76cm up to 105cm.

That’s around 16 months of age. At this rate, your child is big and supports themselves. The Cybex Sirona S gives the opportunity to choose what best suits them.

In fact, there’s a so-called “Driving Direction Control” which allows you to check if your little one should be in a forward-facing position or not.

This means if your child does not reach 16 months the Sirona S won’t lock in a forward-facing position. Which is a good way of letting you know that “now is not the time!”

Cybex Sirona S is i-Size compliant which means it has the R29 safety regulation, which offers the best rear and forward-facing positions.

Sirona S Fitting.

Do you have a back problem or a waist problem? If yes, then rest assured that the Sirona S won’t add to the pain. It has a 360-degree angle option.

When fitted on the base you can rotate the car seat at any angle you want to help you reach your little one.

Most car seats are usually placed near the door, but if it’s in the middle the different angles will help make things easier. Although near the door is the best option for you.

It’s as easy as pressing a button to get the different angles. Connecting the seat you would also need Isofix connectors so make sure your car has it

Most cars have this already but it won’t hurt to check.

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Sirona S New Feature and Harness.

Now coming to the part that makes this Cybex car seat one of the best in the market. A new feature called “Energy Reduction Technology “.

This helps reduce any discomfort your child might feel on their neck when they face forward. Cybex also included the harness in it.

The harness helps reduce the pressure by 20% which is more than what most harnesses offer and it’s a 5 point harness system. Keeping the body parts safe and covered.

These new features help out a lot when a crash happens and they guarantee to keep your child safe as possible. The harness will keep your little one seated on the seat.

A harness or belt holder it’s on the side of the car seat which most car seats have. This is very helpful in my experience.

It can be annoying when the harness it’s on the way while placing your little, especially if it’s a small baby.

Sirona S Impact Protection and Adjustments.

Most high-quality car seats have side impact protection to keep your child safe during crashes. The shell has also energy absorption to help with the process.

Together they reduce 20% of any impact. One of the best results in the market. The seat is covered and surrounded by soft and comfortable fabrics.

Whether your child faces rear or forward there are 12 adjustable headrest positions which are good. The positions are there while they grow up.

You also have positions when reclining the seat on the base. 5 positions when facing rear and 3 when facing forward.

All of these adjustments make it easy for your little one to grow with the car seat and be comfortable as well.

Sirona S Colours.

The colours are of huge importance for many parents and the Sirona S offers a variety of colours. You have autumn gold, blue, red, pink, beige and black.

Good colours that match many things.

Sirona S vs Sirona M.

To display how good the Cybex Sirona S is comparing it with a previous model makes it stand out. The Sirona M and S series are almost the same.

You have MS and S2 which are continuations from both individual models. What similarities and differences do these two share and which one is better?

The models are almost identical and other similarities are:

  • Suitable from birth up to 105 cm which is 4 years.
  • Both rear forward-facing.
  • Side Impact protection and energy-absorbing shell.
  • 12 reclining headrests.
  • 5 point harness with a holder.
  • Come win different colours.
  • No canopies.
  • No handlebars.
  • Both are suitable for Sensorsafe.


So, the only difference between these two is the fact that Sirona M does not have an Energy Reduction Technology. To keep your baby’s neck safer.

It also does not offer 360-degree rotatable angles. The harness holder on it is magnetic and the car seat offers a cup holder.  Some colours might also differ.

The Sirona model’s designs differ slightly when it comes to the headrest but other than that the car seats are almost the same.

Of course, you have a price difference as well, with the Sirona S being more expensive.  The winner is the Cybex Sirona S because of the more improved features It has.


  • Only compatible with a base.
  • Slight expensive.
  • Does not have a canopy and a handlebar or carrier.
  • Not compatible with any stroller (This is for all convertible car seats).
  • Not forward-facing from birth, which some car seats do offer.
  • Not included with a booster seat, which as well some convertible seats offer.


What are your thoughts on this Cybex Sirona S convertible car seat? Is it suitable for your lifestyle? There are many positive reviews regarding this car seat which come from many parents.

It has the most important features a car seat should have and a little bit extra to keep your child safe. It also lasts years, so although expensive it’s worth the money.

Well, this is according to many. Measure the pros and cons to see if the Cybex Sirona S is exactly the one you need and want.

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