Cybex Priam vs Icandy Peach All Terrain.

Cybex vs Icandy it’s the keyword many parents have been typing for some years now. The reason for that is these two are some of the top leading brands when it comes to pushchairs.

The Cybex Priam and Icandy’s famous Peach series are some of the best out there. In this article, I will compare these two prams, the Cybex Priam 2020 and Icandy Peach All-Terrain.

Their similarities and differences. Which is the best buggy out of these two? I will list some cons to share. I hope in the end you will get the answer you are looking for.

Whether to buy the Peach or Priam.

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About the Cybex Priam.

The Cybex Priam designed in 2020 was made for many lifestyles. An all-terrain stroller with all suspension wheels, swivel lockable wheels and puncture-proof tyres.

Two-wheel mode is available for use on sand or other tougher terrains.

A reversible and reclinable seat unit with soft cheat pads on the 5 point harness system. One-hand fold and recline for easier use.

A big XXL sun canopy with UPF50+ sun and rain cover. Ventilation system during hot summer days. Leather made bars and the handle is telescopic.

You also have an underneath basket with the capacity of carrying 5kg of weight. A 4in1 travel system is not that common.

You can have the frame/chassis in Chrome, black and Rose cold. Suitable from 6 months up to 17kg with the seat unit.

About the Icandy Peach All-terrain.

The All-Terrain came out in 2019. It’s suitable from 6 months up to 22kg and have a weight limit of 25kg. As you can see with the name it’s an all-terrain buggy.

A travel system as well with the carrycot and car seat. The Peach  All-Terrain has a reversible and reclinable seat unit with 5 adjustable 5 point harness system and soft cheat pads.

Cushioned seat unit and a big UP50+ canopy with peek a boo window and ventilation penal. All suspension and swivel lockable wheels.

You can have three or four-mode wheels. The basket underneath can carry up to 10kg of weight. You have leather made bars and the handlebar is telescopic.

Excellent stitched design on the pram. One last thing the Icandy all-terrain is a double convertible stroller. Made for the city, beach and countryside.

Similarities Between the Cybex Priam (2020) and Icandy Peach All-Terrain (2019).

Priam and Peach All-Terrain Seat Unit and Canopy.

You have similarities and differences in these categories, let’s first look into the similarities. Both seats are from 6 months up to toddlerhood.

You have multiple reclining positions. The Peach All-Terrain has 4 reclining positions. These seat units also offer 5 point harness systems that have chest pads and are adjustable.

Quality designed with detail look and the seats can face forward and rear. Both also offer backrest meaning a lie-flat mode for napping babies and toddlers.

You can recline the seats with just one hand to make it easy for the one handling the buggy. Adjustable footrest or also called calf rest is included.

Both have big canopies with UPF50+ protection, peek a boo window and ventilation panel.

Priam and Peach All-Terrain Frame/Chassis.

Both offer leather made bars and the handlebars are telescopic meaning they are height adjustable to suit tall parents. The bumpers are removable and can rotate.

Both have a version of the aluminium frame or chrome chassis. The strollers are standard buggies so it means their weight is similar and exceeds 10kg.

These can also have non 4 modes, meaning three or two (I will explain more down below). Looking at the wheels both have all suspension wheels.

It makes the wheels glide smoothly without any bumpy rides. With the swivel lockable options, you can navigate the pushchairs through the city’s narrow streets.

Punctured tyres make it possible for any pushchair to push through difficult terrains, and with the combination of all of these, the strollers are ready for many terrains.

When it comes to the fold, manufacturers have stated that both can be folded with one hand.

The Priam and Peach All-Terrain have foot-operated brakes to help those who are quick with their feet.

Buy Cybex Priam 2020 On Kiddies-kingdom. 

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Differences Between the Cybex Priam (2020) and Icandy Peach All-Terrain (2019).

The Differences with the Priam and Peach All-Terrain Seat Unit and Canopy.

Cybex Priam is only suitable for up to 17kg with the seat unit which is around 3 years or plus. For the Peach All-Terrain, it’s up 22kg which is 4 years.

So, there’s 6 months or 1-year difference. Cybex Priam offers a more ergonomic lie-flat position which is more comfortable and better.

Peach also has a maximum weight of 25kg.

The Peach All-Terrain has a pocket back of the seat for your own personal use. Priam offers a table height seat unit. This is excellent if you visit restaurants.

When it comes to the canopy the Peach offers a sun visor to extend the canopy even more for further protection against the sun.

Peach has steel material between the canopy materials, which the Priam does not have. Making their design different. (You can view this on the images displayed).

The Differences with the Priam and Peach All-Terrain Chassis/Frame.

Both have telescopic handlebars but the height differs. Peach All-Terrain offers a height from 94cm up to 105.5cm, and for the Priam 2020 version, it’s from 100cm above.

Priam has a two-mode wheels system which means it’s easier to use on the beach. A very similar features to the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 plus.

You can use the Peach All-Terrain as a three-mode or four-mode stroller. The modes can make it easier to use in some places.

Peach all-terrain offers a bigger basket with the 10kg capacity vs the 5kg capacity the Priam offers. Priam also offers a 4in1 travel system.

This means you can add a cocoon besides the seat, car seat and carrycot. With the folding system, Peach has an auto-lock mechanism which many parents find useful.

It makes it easier for the stroller to keep the folded position. The Icandy Peach All-Terrain offers chunky bicycle tyres while the Priam ones are plain and thin.

This can make the Priam easier to store with the wheels taking less space.

With the Priam, you have a Chrome, Black and Rose Gold chassis. The Icandy pram also offers to carry straps in case you want to carry the frame upstairs.

One final difference and it’s big, it’s that the Peach All-Terrain frame can convert from a single stroller to a double stroller. This means it accommodates more families.

Priam and Peach All-Terrain Weight and Dimensions.

Priam weighs around 12.6kg and has open dimensions of L95 x W60 x H40 cm and folded dimensions of L84.5 x W49 x H29 cm.

The Peach All-Terrain has a weight of around 9.3kg with the three mode wheels, and 11.5kg with the four wheels mode. The open dimensions are L55 x W52 x H99 cm. The folded dimensions are L70 x W61 x H42. 5 cm.

The Peach All-Terrain is light with the three modes and super easier to handle, and it is still lighter than Priam with the four wheels mode. This makes it stand out.

When looking at the dimensions the Priam wins with this one. It has a more compact fold, which means it is easier to fit in your boot, house or place in public places.

Priam and Peach All-Terrain Colours and Prices.

When it comes to the Cybex Priam you can mix the three chassis (Chrome, Black and Rose Gold) with these colours:

  • Black/Stardust.
  • Blue.
  • Brown.
  • Red.
  • Yellow.
  • Grey.
  • Mountain blue.

For the Peach All-Terrain 2019 version you have these colours:

  • Forest/Dark brown.
  • Light Grey.

As you can see the Priam offers more colours and these are some of the best colours parents favour.

The Icandy Peach All-Terrain cost around £972 and for the Cybex Priam, it’s around £946. Making the latter a little bit cheaper, but similar price range.

Priam and Peach All-Terrain Car Seat Compatibility.

With adapters, you can attach Maxi Cosi Car seats (Pebble Pro, Plus, Cabriofix, etc) to the frame of the Priam. You can also use car seats from Cybex on brands.

Cloud Z and Aton Series. View The side to view all the car seats you can use with your Peach All-Terrain.

Which One is Better?

It’s hard to decide, but the Icandy Peach is better although it’s one year older and a little bit more expensive. It’s a double convertible which already makes it have an advantage.

It can handle up to 3 children. The seat unit is also better and can take up to 22kg and has extra storage. It’s lighter and comes with straps so you can carry it.

The three mode system can be used on any terrain, but the Priam the Two-mode system is only useable on sand. The car seats it’s compatible with seems to be more.

The handle height fits short parents and also tall parents as well. It’s a good fit for the average human height. It also has more weight capacity for carrying items.

Although it performs better with the fold dimensions, colours, frame options and in some minor features. Priam is still good, but the heavyweight and lack of conversion make it stand out less compared to the Icandy stroller.


The only cons these two share are the prices and weight. These are very expensive and not affordable for many parents.

They are heavy as well. For the Peach, the three mode stroller is fine and not heavy. For the Icandy All-Terrain, the colours are few and are not enough to choose from.

Other than that there ain’t that many cons.


What will it be parents? Have you decided yet? It can be difficult especially if both suit your lifestyle. There are many factors to consider but to make things easier think of your and your babies needs.

These are expensive, but with them, you will be able to take long walks almost anywhere, suited for many lifestyles and come with quality materials and fabrics to last for years.

Let me know down below which of these you are going for.

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