Cybex Priam Review.

Cybex is a well-known brand to parents and because of its quality products and for offering all stroller/pushchairs types. They are also known for having expensive products, So it might not be for everyone.

Travel Systems are always good to buy when you are purchasing for newborns, What does the Cybex Priam Travel System has to offer?

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Product: Priam Travel System.

Price: £599.99.

A Place to Buy: Uberkids. Click here. 

Guarantee: 3 years guarantee for the car seat and 2 years guarantee for the pushchair/stroller.

My Ranking: 9.5/10


This Travel System comes with the Anton M car seat and the base M proving a relax and comfortable environment. With the Chrome Chassis, the stroller can be used from birth.

Multiple reclining positions on the seat and quality products. A harness attaches to it and an extended canopy to cover your baby or toddler.

Can be folded with ease. The stroller is a 4 wheeler that is used on any ground and a well punctured. Large size basket for your shopping and carrier for your baby’s things.

The car seat colour matches with the stroller and its a small size making it fit into tiny spaces and good for storage.

The Canopy And Frame.

The UPFO 50+ canopy is extended and gives a full cover to your toddler or baby. It protects from the weather, like the heat, wind and when it’s not heavy raining.

With the help of some sky attachments, the stroller can somehow protect your baby from other weather condition and insects. It can also be transformed into a 2 wheel mode for warmer weathers. Whatever you are doing this stroller has a solution, except jogging.

The frame its slim and nice designed for the perfect seat, carrycot/bassinet and car seat which ever you want to use. The material is Aluminium, a well known and good quality material thats used on many strollers.


The Seat And Fold.

The seats have multiple reclining options which makes it one of the strollers that are more suitable for your little one. Reclining can make it easy for your baby or toddler sleep, nappy change when you have nowhere to put your baby or toddler.

Do you have plans to go for a day time meal with your toddler at a restaurant? Then if so, this stroller can be used as a highchair if you fix the seat rear-facing. No need for you to get a highchair or for you to leave your favourite restaurant if they don’t have a highchair. The height it’s perfect.

There are soft inlay fabrics in the seat that a comfortable for your baby and toddler, plus the soft harness protects your child.  The handle and number bar are covered in leather which gives it a nice and comfortable look. The handlebar can be adjusted to suit any height. Making it easy for whoever is pushing the stroller.

The leg rest can also be reclined in many positions, whether your child is sleeping or sitting down they will be able to rest their feet comfortable and enjoy the stroll of their life. The stroller is both rear and forward-facing and is folded both ways.

The pram can be easily folded with just one hand and click, and can de so with or without the seat attached. It folds to a slim size good for storage in the boot or your house. It’s easy if you travel in public transport or are away on vacation.

The back wheels are bigger than the front wheels, which makes the travel more smooth, for yours and baby’s comfort. The stroller has some bright colours, this contributes to the fancy look of the design making it eye-cathing for many parents out there.

The Aton M Car Seat.

The Aton M car seat is designed to make your baby’s head, neck and chest allied when they are on it. It reduces the chances of your baby’s head falling forward. It also protects their necks because it’s not strong to hold the head. It reduces suffocation.

A Y-harness system is designed to make it suitable for your baby and even premature babies. The canopy can also protect your little one from the elements. The package comes with the Cybex base M, its good for when when you want to use the car seat in the car. It fastens the seat well and protects your baby extra if any accidents occur. The base can be used until 4 years old, with just a one-click installation.

Cybex base M can keep your baby rear and forward-facing. The Aton car seat has 11 reclining positions which makes it possible for your child to grow up with it. The car seat is truly one of a kind.

Are There Any Cons?

Are there any cons to this amazing Travel System? Well yes, like I always write cones are always there even if its minor. This travel system does not come with a carrycot/bassinet. Carrycots/bassinet are better options for a newborn because of its 100%  lying position.

The Cybex Priam Travel System does not come with the necessary accessories like the nappy/diaper changing bag, rain cover. It means you will need to buy these separately, although it’s not too expensive and hard to find.

It’s not mentioned if the wheels are removable or not. If they are not removable it makes it harder to store even though the stroller is lightweight and slim when folded. A strap is not included as an additional feature. The straps make it easier to carry the stroller, if not with your hand then shoulder. When your hands are free you can carry other things.

Pockets behind the seat are not designed with it and a holder for cups is not designed with the stroller, these features are not that important but if you add this it makes the travel system more amazing.

Remember the more features are added to a stroller the more it will benefit you and your little one, some of them might not be too important, but they can make your journeys more relaxing and enjoyable.

However, if you analyse the stroller by itself, it’s good. Excellent quality on the fabrics and material. Good design thats modern and colourful. It matches wherever you and your family decide to visit. Whether its the city, countryside or abroad. The colours and design are in trend in every season, whether its summer, winter, etc.

Do you fancy this Travel System? Which of these features are more important, you think?


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