Cybex Cloud Q vs Nuna Pipa Lite LX.

Cybex and Nuna are also known for their car seats, but these are mostly car seats that are more expensive and the age suitability for the most time is above 12 months.

The Cybex Cloud series has been popular since it came out. One of them is the Cloud Q which is older than the Cloud Z.

Nuna is only known for its Pipa car seat series. For this comparison I chose the Nuna Pipa Lite LX being one of the famous updates from the Pipa car seats.

Because of their popularity no wonder why parents are searching for answers, especially if they a new to the field. Wondering which brand is better.

In this article, I will compare the similarities and differences these famous car seats share, and also the cons they share. To conclude with, which one is better.

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About the Cybex Cloud Q.

The Cybex Cloud Z is indeed a quality car seat with soo many things to offer. It has side impact protection, the so-called LSP.  With a sensor safe the side impact protection extends and provides more than 25% of impact protection.

This is more than what many car seats offer. It basically reduces the chances of your baby getting hurt if the car collides with something.

Suitable from birth up to 18 months according to manufacturers, but the normal is usually 15 months which is around 13kg. It offers 11 positions on the headrest.

This provides almost a lie-flat position for your newborn. You can adjust it however you like. A harness system with chest pads and adjustment as well.

The Cloud has an adjustable ergonomic handle and a big canopy that’s extended. Provides UPF50+ protection. It can be used with an Isofix base.

Cloud Q can be used with a belt as well.

About the Nuna Pipa Lite LX.

Another amazing car seat with many things to offer. The Pipa Lite LX is suitable from birth up to 13kg and comes in a few colours.

You have a foam head and body insert that will give a comfortable place for your baby to sleep and relax. These covers are also removable and washable.

Like all car seats, the LX has side impact protection to keep the baby safe and it bounces many forces coming against it. Pipa Lite LX also offers UPF50 protection on its canopy with dream drapes as well.

Keeping baby away from the sun, wind and rain. It’s perfect when you are out and about strolling.  An adjustable ergonomic handle as well.

A 3 point harness to also keep your baby safer. Nuna wanted the Pipa Lite LX to be lightweight for families across the globe to enjoy.

Similarities Between the Cybex Cloud Q and Nuna Pipa Lite LX.

Cloud Q and Pipa Lite LX Canopy, Handle and Age Range.

Some of the similarities these two share are the features above. For the canopy, both have adjustable ones. This means you can use them in full size.

Both have UPF50+ protection from the elements and you can also tuck them away if not needed. Meaning they can be reclined behind the infant seat.

The handles are almost the same. Both are quality made with a rubber grip which means they are designed a little different to some and it makes them easier to grab.

It’s smooth and sleek which makes it easy to handle. They are also adjustable so you can keep them away if you are using the pram.

Both have levers are on the sides. The age range is the same as well. Cybex Cloud Q and Pipa Lite LX are suitable from birth up to 13kg which is around 15kg minimum.

However, manufacturers have said the Cloud Q can take you up to 18 months. Which gives it an advantage.

Cloud Q and Pipa Lite LX Harness and Inserts.

Both harnesses are 3 points and have a buckle to attach to. So it’s a click and release way. Both come with chest pads to make your baby more comfortable.

Cloud Q and Pipa Lite LX have a body and head inserts. These are adjustable so they can grow with your baby. They are also washable to keep them longer.

The only difference being that the Pipa Lite LX has thicker inserts than the former.

Cloud Q and Pipa Lite LX Base vs Seat Belt.

You can use a base with both because they are both Isofix compliant or you can use seat belts. The infant seats have one on each side where you place the belts.

Having these options will make things easier for some parents. Not all cars are big enough to handle a base. (Although the Cloud Q is much better with a base).

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Differences Between the Cybex Cloud Q and Nuna Pipa Lite LX.

A Difference with the Cloud Q and Pipa Lite LX Handle and Canopy.

Pipa LX handle design is a bit different from the former. Its made of aluminium and has a rubber material like grip in the middle although they share similarities

The Cloud Q it’s made out of rubber-like material and has a better smooth and sleek feeling than the Nuna car seat. Another difference is the canopy.

Cloud Q offers a bigger and more extendable canopy. Covering your baby up even more. However, the Pipa Lite LX comes with a dream drape that covers and reaches almost your baby’s feet/legs.

Although dream drapes can be bought separately. It seems the Cloud Q wins in both features.

Cloud Q and Pipa Lite LX Body Frame.

Now let’s talk about safety. Looking into the side impact protection the Cloud Q has one of the best in the market along with its counterpart the Cloud Z.

As mentioned above it bounces off 25% of all the forces. Making it harder for your baby to get harm. Its side-impact protection is thick and has multiple layers to keep the baby away from danger.

With the sensorsafe it helps even more. For the Pipa Lite LX, it does have side impact protection and this will keep the baby protected but it’s not as safe as the former.

Cloud Q scored 5/5 when it came to the safety it can provide for your little one. Besides the perfect LSP, you also have the headrest.

It’s adjustable up to 11 positions and this is why the Cloud Q can take your baby up to 18 months. This is also done with just one hand.

Pipa Lite LX does not offer an adjustable headrest but relies on the inserts only which are better than the one’s Cloud Q offers.

Another advantage the Pipa Lite LX offers is the underneath design of the seat. It’s a bit curved and has a more standing ground. This makes it easier to swing your baby back and forward.

Cloud Q and Pipa Lite LX Weight and Dimensions.

For the Cybex Cloud Q is around 5.6kg. Dimensions are L670mm × W440mm × H395mm. For the Pipa Lite LX, it’s around 2.5kg and the dimensions are L 69 x W 44 X H 57cm.

As you can see the Pipa LX is bigger in dimensions but much lighter. It’s easier to fit the Cloud Q in your car and have a little bit more space at home but it’s heavier.

Being one of the heaviest car seats makes it not easy to carry. Pipa Lite LX is much lighter and easier to carry which accommodate more people.

Cloud Q and Pipa LX Lite Colours and Price.

When looking at the colours for the Cloud Q it’s different. It has an upgraded version called the Plus and a Jeremy Scott update as well.

For the normal one, it has Stardust black, Midnight blue, Graphite black and autumn gold. The Plus versions add Manhattan grey and autumn gold bit the plus versions (darker red).

It also has other two editions. Called fashion edition and the colours are Rebellious, Koi Crystallized and Hide and seek butterfly.

For the Jeremy Scott versions, you have Cherub pink and blue. 12 colours in total, but for the normal Cloud Q, it’s 4.

Looking at the Pipa Lite LX you have three colours it’s graphite, frost and caviar. This makes the Cloud Q much better. It offers only one more colour for the standard Cloud Q.

The prices of these two infant seats differ as well. It’s £242 for the Cloud Q and that’s the minimum price. It does depend on the site.

Nuna Pipa Lite LX cost about £250 without the base. The reason for the price is because it’s a more new update. It came out not that long while.

For the Cloud Q, it was in 2016. They essentially have the same price.

Cloud Q and Pipa Lite LX Stroller Compatibility.

Cybex Cloud Q is compatible with many brands. These are the strollers it’s compatible with:

Pipa Lite LX is only compatible with Nuna strollers, but it’s all of them.  Again, the Cybex car seat wins.

Which One is Better?

After analysing both throughout, the Cloud Q is better in soo many ways. Its an older model but it’s still better than the former. The car seat offers better safety, durability, etc.

It scores high in many tests and not only that it has the same price as the Pipa Lite LX. It exceeds when it comes to the frame, headrest, stroller compatibility, colours, etc.

The only downside is the weight. It’s too heavy and almost weigh the same as an umbrella stroller. This makes it one of the heaviest car seats.

With all of these features, it comes at the top and takes number one.


These expensive car seats no doubt are not affordable to some, so people usually buy them together with the strollers because of its cheaper that way.

Cloud Q being 5.6kg is a big con for many. Both car seats have the old EU regulation which is the R44/04, so they are not I size compliant.

Pipa Lite LX is only compatible with Nuna strollers so that’s a big con and makes the Cloud Q more suitable for many.


They differ more, but both in their way are quality seats and will offer your family months of comfort and journey. Your Baby will feel protected and sleep in relaxable fabrics.

Both are suitable for at least 15 months and that will give your little one enough time to move on to the seat without any pressure because of their height or weight.

Rest assured that whichever you choose you will have a nice experience. What will it be? The Cybex Cloud Q or Nuna Pipa Lite LX?

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  1. These both look like great car seats. I like the fact that they both can be used from birth to 15/18 months. The price of a quality seat can be a strain to anyone’s budget so it’s nice to know they can be used for a longer period of time. I also like the fact that they both can be used with bases.  

    Does the dream drape on the Nina Pupa Lite offer UV protection?  Or is that just in the canopy? Are these products available for shipping to the US?

    And just a side note: Your Nina Pupa Lite link comes up for a priam, not a car seat.

    • Hey Cynthia. Thanks for reading and letting me know about the link. I must have missed that, so I fixed it now. Both are available to buy internationally via Amazon or eBay. 

      Both are indeed good, but the Cloud Q seems to be the winner.


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