Cybex Balios S Lux Review – Cybex Balios S Lux Travel System.

So, your mind has set on Cybex and with their quality designed Balios S Lux stroller. This might not be the case, and you are still looking for answers.

Whether to buy it or not. In this, article I will try my level best to answer your questions. I will detail the pros and point out the cons.

Compare the Cybex Balios S Lux with the older version, and with another popular stroller in the market. Without any further due here we go.

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  • One-hand reclining seat.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Suitable from birth with the suit unit up to 22kg (4 years).
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Stand when folded and fold with one hand.
  • Extended calf rest.
  • XXL canopy with mesh airflow.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • All-terrain wheels and all suspension.
  • Medium size shopping basket (Up to 5kg weight).
  • Removable fabrics for wash
  • Travel System convertible (carrycot and car seat features).
  • Extra accessories included.


Included in the package are:

  • Balios S Lux Stroller.
  • Cot S Carrycot.
  • Aton M Car Seat.
  • Aton Base M.
  • Rain cover.
  • Cupholder.
  • Footmuff.
  • Adapters.

Cybex Balios S Lux Review: Stroller.

Product: Balios S Lux.

Price: £914.64.

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: L90cm × W60.5cm × H110cm. Folded dimensions: L62cm × W48.5cm × H32cm. (Weight: 11.7kg).

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Ratings: 9/10.

After reading through the performance you can already see the quality Balios S Lux offers. Suitable from birth you have a seat unit that can grow with your baby up to 22kg, which is around 4 years.

Around that time your toddler is all done with the stroller and would be busy with other adventures. So, the pushchair is here to stay with your family for a while.

Cybex also offers a seat unit that has the option to face you or the world. When just born babies are advised to face their guardians meaning facing rear up to 6 months, and then forwards which toddlers enjoy more.

You can still put your toddler however you want them. Both options are only there to make things easier, and from experience, you will need both going forward.

Besides having a lie-flat option you also have snooze and upright options. Meaning you can recline the seat and using one hand by the way into other positions.

That way your little bundle of joy will be able to relax even more. You doing this with one hand makes it even easier for you.

The seat also offers a 5 point harness system that has chest pads, which are more located upwards. It’s there to strap the shoulders, buttocks and hips.

With extendable calf rest, things could not get much comfier for the little one. Adjust it however you like to have them nap and stretch their legs.

More Features.

An XXL canopy with airflow makes it even better. Is there to protect them from the sun and protects the child from other minor elements as well.

Moving on to the frame you have a one-hand fold frame, and offers a stand when folded. Meaning it stands on its own when folded.

Excellent for travelling and when using public transport. If you have a chassis that can stand it helps you at the house, or when visiting your favourite restaurant. (Not taking too much space).

It offers a bumper bar to keep the baby protected and secured. An adjustable handlebar for any parents convenience. It’s just perfect stating from experience.

Is not only good for tall parents but everyone. If you love visiting many places then you won’t need to stop going when your baby arrives.

The reason for that is the all-terrain wheels and all suspension wheels. It makes the wheels easier to push and gives them a boost to handle rougher grounds.

Nowadays all-terrain wheels are always requested because of these reasons. You can visit the city, the countryside, take a walk on the beach, etc.

Who would not love that? A shopping basket with the capacity of holding 5kg of weight. The fabrics can be removed to be washed as I stated above.

The Cybex Balios S Lux offers multiple colours. You just need to choose your favourite.

Balios S Lux Review: Accessories.

Cot S Carrycot.

The Cot S carrycot is suitable from birth up to 6 months (9kg) and offers you a pram mode. It offers a more lie-flat position and protection for the baby.

It has a sun visor with UPF50+ sun and water protection keeping baby extra protection. Very good for newborns. A protected bumper is also includetd.

It used to carry the cot and also to keep the cover. It matches whatever colour you choose for the stroller. A deep cot will provide much space for the little one.

Aton M Car Seat with Base M.

The famous Aton M car seat is an I Size which makes it offer the new R129 regulation safety standard. The seat offers 11 positions on the headrest.

Making it easier for babies to lie comfortably. The fabrics are removable and the seat is suitable from birth up to 15 months. By then your baby can fully support themselves.

It’s also only rear-facing. Adapters are included to be used on the stroller. When using the infant carrier in the car the Base M is available for that.

It’s easy to use the base because it only offers a one-click mechanism, and these are indications showing you if you have inserted it correctly.

Footmuff, Rain Cover and Cupholder.

The footmuff is good for the winter and is made with quality fabrics. It’s water-resistance and will keep the child dry. It comes in the same colour as the pushchair and cot. As seen above to match any colour you choose.

With a rain cover to keep the baby dry and protected. A cupholder for your afternoon tea or coffee. Those can be important.

Balios S Lux vs Balios S.

Both of these look the same and offer almost the same features, but they of course differ as the Balios S Lux is an upgrade. While is not that noticeable. The older version weighs 11kg.

The older version is also suitable from birth up to 17kg instead of 22kg. The new one has more design fabrics and chassis.

The older version is reported not to have a one-hand fold, even though it was stated as so, other than that both are pretty similar.



  • Very expensive indeed. Both the single and travel system.
  • Is not double convertible.
  • It’s heavy as well at 11.7kg which is a lot.
  • The canopy does not offer all features and reported to be flimsy.
  • The underneath basket is not spacious although it’s reported to be that.
  • Cybex seat unit offers a lie-flat option but information from some sites, suggest the carrycot offers a better experience for your baby, especially for your newborn.
  • The seat unit is a bit small.

Cybex Balios S Lux vs Uppababy Cruz V2.

Have these been two compared together? I haven’t seen it before, so I said to try it and see which of these two are better. The Balios S Lux has been compared with the Vista before.

Although not really similar in terms of design and such, both of these are favourites among many parents and the reasons for this you will find out.

These are similarities they share:

  • Suitable up to 22kg.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Travel System convertible.
  • Stand when folded.
  • All suspension.
  • 5 point harness system.


What makes them differ is a lot which is, the Uppababy Cruz offers swivel wheels, puncture-proof tyres, SPF50+ sun protection with mesh panels and lockable front wheels.

Crux V2 also offers a large basket with pockets that are capable of carrying 13.6kg of weight. It has a leather made handlebar and bumper bar.

It’s lighter at 11.6kg which is not that much so it’s insignificant for some parents. However, it’s way more expensive and doesn’t offer many colours.

When looking at the Balios S Lux you have a seat unit that’s suitable from birth, and you can either choose a carrycot or cocoon to use.

Alongside with the car seat as well. It has all-terrain wheels, one hand recline, one hand fold, XXL canopy, calf rest and it has removable fabrics.

So, which one is it really? Is hard to choose when considering the different factors. If we only analyse the strollers the Cruz V2 seem to be the winner, but with the accessories both take the same spot.

The only major negative side of the Balios S pram is the wheels and tyres. However, many will still choose the Cybex Stroller because it still offers you quality features and it’s way cheaper.

Cybex Balios S Lux Will Make a Fine Addition to the Family.

Wouldn’t you agree? This bundle has almost everything you will need up until your baby grows. For many families, it’s everything they will need.

It has the colours you want, it’s convenient, durable and has the most important accessories. You will also save money by purchasing this, although it’s still expensive.

Quality strollers like this one are always expensive, so finding the cheapest one out of them can benefit many. The Cybex Balios S Lux delivers that.

Do you think this stroller will be suitable for your family? Which of the strollers above do you like?


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