Cybex Aton 2 Review.

Are you looking for a good car seat to use with your Cybex stroller? Well, although not that popular these days the Cybex Aton 2 is still an option.

Is cheaper than the new ones and has proven to provide one of the safest rides for babies. For this article, I will be reviewing the car seat with the sensor safe.

I will point the cons and detail the pros. I will also compare it with the original Aton car seat, and with another popular car seat and see which is better.

Let’s get rolling then.


  • Harness clips with sensor safe act as indicators. (Either with your phone or another device).
  • Weighs around 4.3kg which makes it easier to carry.
  • Suitable from birth for up to 15kg.
  • Offers 50% safety crash security.
  • Bounces of 25% impacts.
  • UPF50+ Canopy.
  • It has shells on the side. Energy shells.
  • 5 point harness and included are chest hooks/clips.
  • Comes with a newborn insert that can be removed.
  • Can be installed without or with a base.
  • It has blue guidelines for the seatbelt.
  • Available in few colours.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Washable covers.


Cybex Aton 2 Review: Car Seat Description.

Product: Aton 2.

Price: $276.51 + $64.64 shipping.

Size of the Product: 63.5cm × 43.8cm × 31.1cm.

Delivery: Mainly in the US (International delivery available).

My Rating: 9/10.

The Cybex Aton 2 is an older version and therefore is not as popular as the Aton 5, Cloud Q or Cloud Z. So, it’s that much information provided and if you live in the United Kingdom it can be a little bit harder to find one.

Suitable from birth up to 15.8kg with the sensor safe and your baby will have a relaxed journey. It has a newborn inserter that is suitable for up to 4.5kg.

Inserters are designed to keep your newborn and baby steady, and for them not to tilt forward while accidents happen, or when they are themselves moving too much.

They are cushioned and provides a soft environment for them. These can be removed at will and washed. The seat also offers 5 point harness system instead of 3 point harness system.

Keeping their hips strapped as well. That provides more safety and security. Available to you are harness hooks or clips. When putting your baby down you hang the harness on the clips to get it out of the way.

A very helpful tool, otherwise it will take you ages before putting the baby down correctly. No car seat comes without side impact protection and this one is not an exception.

The inner Aton 2 offers a thick foam side impact that bounces 25% of anything that comes to contact with it. Which is good, and Aton 2 is famous for providing that.

It does not only stay there. You also have the outer shell which covers the seat and keeps it safe. It, therefore, keeps the baby safe.

It also bounces off things coming towards. So-called “energy shells”

More Features.

One thing that this car seat wins over with so many other seats, the crash security. If an accident happens the car seat can give your baby 50% crash security than other cars.

Meaning there are 50% chances nothing will happen. It’s hard and will keep the baby safe. Which is amazing and something to think about when buying car seats.

They are always used for that regularly. Coming back to the design you also have a UPF50+ sun and water protection canopy/Hood.

It will shield your baby from the sun’s UV and keep them dry. It will also cover them well and grant them privacy. The canopy can be adjusted which gives you the option to have it fully open as well.

It can be exciting for bigger babies during summer. Aton 2 offers an ergonomic handle as well.

The handle will make it easy to carry the Aton 2 with ease, and ergonomic handles are known to have smooth surfaces to grab.

Weighing only at 4.3kg, you can take it with you to the grocery shop without the stroller. It also helps when carrying it from the car to the house.

Cybex Aton 5 is available in these colours, Denim, Manhattan Grey, Lavastone Black and Pepper Black. Can be used with or without a base. Now moving on to the sensor safe.

What is the sensor safe? Well, it’s indicators really, which will give information on your baby’s situation on the seat. A tech is attached to the harness clips which will let you know if something is happening.

Meaning if unsafe situations are bound to happen. These alerts can be received by you through your phone or another device.

You don’t always have to look behind or always worry because you have your phone near you. Keeping you and your baby calm.

Aton 2 Stroller Compatibility.

Cybex is known to provide car seats for their brand and all of them are quality seats. Their car seats are also known to be compatible with soo many brands.

The Aton 2 is included in that category, even though is an old version. It’s compatible will all Cybex strollers with adapters. You can also use other adapters to use it with strollers from these brands:

  • Bugaboo.
  • Autlen.
  • Agio.
  • Baby Jogger.
  • Bumbleride.
  • Nuna.
  • Mima.
  • Silver Cross.
  • Thule.
  • Veer.
  • Stokke.
  • Quinny.
  • Uppababy Vista.

Not all strollers from these brands are compatible with the Cybex Aton 2 but these are one of the popular strollers they offer. It’s quite a lot when compared to many car seats.

You can make your travel system match with different brands, and often the car seats from some of these brands are way more expensive. So, buying the Aton 2 can save you money.

Cybex Aton 2 vs Cybex Aton.

The original Aton group 0+ car seat has had a lot of upgrades. Do you know even that one has i- Size installation, but that differs from the Aton 2.

Both share a similar design and have certain features similar, but it has been a major update. Aton 2 is the only known car seat that provides the best safety crash which means is an upgrade and a major one.

It has a UPF50+ Canopy instead of a normal one. Comes with a newborn insert that is removable and it offers 5 point harness system.

Chest hooks or clips on the sides to help out, and it has thicker side impacts. It’s also suitable for a longer time of period. The older version took you up to 18 months while the other beyond that.

Both are suitable with other strollers from other brands with adapters, they still have similar qualities.


  • Usable with adapters even for the Cybex Strollers.
  • Does not offer a peek a boo window and mesh panels.
  • Only bounces of 25% impact.
  • No head hugger.
  • Although it ways lighter, it’s still a bit of heavy for a car seat.
  • It’s not cheap considering is an old version.

Aton 2 vs Nuna Pipa Lite LX.

Both of these car seats are popular and known by many parents, because of how simple yet resourceful they are. Of course, they are not similar in design but they do share some similarities, and these are:

  • Both are lightweight.
  • Offer the older R44/04 regulation safety checker. Meaning no I Size compatible.
  • Foam side impact protection.
  • UPF50+ canopy with adjustment.
  • Head and body support can be removed.
  • Can be used with or without a base.
  • Suitable with its brand strollers and multiple others from other brands.

The differences these two share are many. For starters, the Nuna Pipa Lite LX is way lighter at 2.5kg. Which suits the name perfectly.

This is like carrying a tiny newborn, and they are not heavy at all. The seat is also bigger than the Aton 2 and it’s more suitable with other strollers than the former.

The handlebar can be adjustable and comes with dream drapes. Sun visor with the canopy/hood. As seen above Aton 2 as well has unique features to offer.

It’s suitable from birth up to 15kg which is more than 18 months depending on your child. It has a shell on the side and offers 50% safety crash which more than any car seat in the market now.

5 point harness system with clips on the sides, etc. However, it’s way heavier, but smaller.  analysing both the Cybex Aton 2 is slightly better because of the security it offers.

Aton 2 Will Still Make a Nice Travel System.

Although old and has no I Size but it still will offer your family a nice travel system. Fix it with your stroller and you are good to go.

The Cybex Aton 2 still has a major value in the market and is better than many car seats in so many ways. You will be able to use it for many years, and if you happen to buy a new stroller the Aton 2 is perfect to use.

(Only possible if you buy certain strollers from the brands above).


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