10 Craft Activities for Toddlers – List of Fun and Simple Ideas.

Craft is something you make with your hands. It can be making a chair, paper aeroplane or any other things you make with your hand. Why is it soo, important that toddlers engage in these activities?

Many toddlers love crafts and even art. These two major activities involve much creativity and it’s fun to do them. Toddlers are always where there is fun.

In this post, I will answer the question above, tell the difference between craft and art and how they are of need to each other. Lastly, I will list activities your toddler can do.

They are simple and some of them require supervision from adults. I have tried similar activities and others I haven’t.

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Why Your Toddler Need Craft Activities?

As mentioned above, craft activities are done by hand. Most of the time it requires imagination, concentration and patient. All of these skills your toddler will learn.

Crafts also involve eye to hand coordination. At this age, your toddler needs to learn this. They are then able to help themselves with other tasks if they master this skill.

Like drinking from a cup, holding a spoon to eat, balance, etc. There are many more things they will be able to do by learning this skill.

Crafts also work to massage their hands. Make it strong and busy. They will be more flexible than people who don’t usually move their hands for activities.

Or those who don’t do it that much. It will remove laziness in a sense. When doing crafts also involves your toddler being busy and creative.

These skills will later help them solve real-life problems or come up with ideas they learned from making crafts. Your toddler will also have fun while doing this.

It’s one of the best methods to keep children busy and happy. Keep them occupied and not watch TV.

Craft and Art Can Go Hand to Hand.

Art is broader which involves making a painting, sculpture or any genre of activities it’s more about what a human feels. So, art and crafts can go hand to hand because someone who is making a craft it’s making art.

Most of the time you paint your crafts activities or display them as art. So, your toddlers will be also learning all about art when making crafts.

Some of these crafts that I will mention are also art, so it goes hand to hand. Our target here is to focus on the crafts which your toddler will love doing.

If you want a craft box for your toddler, get it cheap from Toucanbox. If you want any more ideas.

List of Craft Activities for Toddlers.

1. A Friendship Bracelet and Neckless.

I think we have all done this before with our friends as children. Neckless and brackets are easy to do. This is an idea I have and your toddler will love it.

This one is with beads and a rubber band. Although you can buy already made friendship rubber bands on Amazing or Etsy. This however is something that will be fun for your toddler to do.

The rubber bands should be thin and the beads should be small. Have scissors and glue ready. This is where the supervision comes. You have to do this for your toddler.

Cut the rubber band in the middle. Have your toddler paint small beads with the colours they like and they can also add glitter. These beads should have holes on them, which are available to buy.

Place the beads into the rubber band until it’s full. There should be a bit of a gap around the edges. Take the glue and glue the edges to seal the band.

Walah, there you go. You have created a friendship bracelet. Note that not all rubber bands are suitable for toddlers. Cut a bit of it to make it fit them.

With the neckless, you will need ribbons and use the same method except, the glue. Just tying the edges will do. This is an easy way to make this craft.

It’s also super fast. It will just take your toddler some minutes. Your toddlers will love painting and threading the beads.

2. Scary Masks

How about masks. Making masks can be fun to use at home. They can draw scary masks which is easy to do with some scissors.

Look at the internet for some scary faces, and let your toddler draw an alien or whatever it may be that’s not human and an animal.

The idea here is to draw scary things. If your toddler hasn’t learned to draw yet try to help, and afterwards let them paint or colour the drawing.

With scissors cut the eyes, mouth and nose. Use long elastic rubber bands to tye at the edges. Use thick A4 papers for it to last longer.

Your toddlers can use these masks to play.

3. Make Alphabet Letters with Clay.

Use air drying clay. Sit with your toddler and make the alphabet with clay. You can buy alphabet puzzles to copy from it or draw your alphabets.

Let your toddler draw with A4 paper the alphabet and then cut them out. With these, you can use the clay to form the alphabet. They can use their hands, pencils or needles.

Or also whatever you have laying down-home that’s thin but not sharp. Supervise them while they cut the pieces. This is best done for 4-year-olds and upwards.

Also, do it if you think your toddler can handle it. You can decide what to do. Cut the alphabets that spell out their names or anything of importance to them.

Let the clay dry and let your toddler paint it with a paintbrush. It’s best to buy edible paint, just in case they want to have a taste.

These can be used to hang around the house or play with. Whatever they decide.

4. Design Your T-shirt or Hat.

Do you have old t-shirts or hat’s hanging around the house for your toddler? Why not make a makeover so they can wear it again. It can save money to buy new ones.

It’s also super fun for them. You can buy DIY paper flowers or learn to make them by clicking on the link. Beads and water paint can also be needed.

Your little one can paint the black, white, etc t-shirt with any other paint to give it a new look. After use, glue and allow them to place beads or flowers spelling their names.

If the beads and flowers are simple, your toddler can paint to make it more interesting. It’s all about being creative and giving your toddler tasks to do.

Use the same method with the hat.

5. Toy Makeover.

Does your toddler also have toys laying around and is bored with them? Well, then you can make a makeover to give them a boost and make them more interesting.

Give them edible paint and glitter to make it more interesting. Ask your toddler what they want to do. Often children can come with ideas we haven’t thought of.

Just let them use their imagination and let them give the toy a boost. It will be like playing with other toys when it’s done. Some toddlers get easily bored with certain toys.

If you want to save money then use things lying around the home to make new things. Even if the toys have the same usage it will still excite them.

New colours and added materials will make it seem new, and that’s what your toddler care about.

6. Craft with Bottle Lids.

I read on a site that suggested this. Which I found very interesting in indeed. Use bottle lids as stamps. Have your toddler draw flowers or any other drawing and cut it out.

Glue it on a bottle lid. You can let your toddler soak the lid in paint to make stamps. This sounds super fun and your little one will love doing it.

It does not involve buying anything. Most of these things you have lying around the home. You can use these bottle lid stamps to make art.

7. Craft with Toilet Paper Roll.

I am sure you have heard of this method before or idea. Toilet paper rolls are used by many to make crafts. What you can have your toddler make is a bridge with straws.

This one is easier for them. The other ideas are too advanced for them and it will include you helping them a lot. Prick two holes in the paper rolls and place a long straw in it.

They can use it as a toy bridge in their imaginative plays.

What they can also do with the paper rolls is make a snowman. Paint it white, use glitter and small plastic eyes to decorate it. It’s a super fun craft that I have done before.

These are of course available to buy on Amazon and eBay.

8. Paint Macaronis.

How about painting macaroni and using them to decorate many things. Like a Toy, make a necklace out of it or just use it as a shaker.

Place them in a jar and give them to your toddler to shake. If you have a baby this will create a good sensory activity. Where they will enhance their sense of touch, sight and hearing.

Ask your toddler any other ideas they want to come with. They might surprise you.

9. Colour Leaves.

You might have heard this method before. Colouring leaves. This is safe and doesn’t require your involvement at all. Buy edible paint for your toddler and a brush.

Let them paint many leaves. They can use any paint they want and paint the leaves with different colours using their imagination.

These works will be memorable. Take leaves and glue them on paper with paper glue which is not dangerous for your toddler.

Hang on art or craft on the wall or across the room. A nice way to decorate their rooms and make them interesting to be in.

10. Make A Three with Fabrics

This might sound a bit advance for them. Maybe it’s more suited for your 4-year-old upwards. Your toddler can draw a tree with its leaves and branches.

Or you can draw it for them. To get your toddler more involved let them draw it using books, tv or outside as inspiration. The next step you will need to step in.

Use small headpins to join the cutout piece with the fabrics. Take scissors and cut the pieces out. After you have done that then the rest your toddler will be able to do.

Give them paper glue to decorate their tree on thick A4 paper. This craft can take time but it will keep your toddler busy. It’s more fun if siblings do it together.

It involves a lot of thinking and concentration. Let them decorate their imagination tree.


So, do you like these ideas or not? I will love to know what you think. If you want to share with the rest of us some other ideas please you are more than welcome.

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