Cosatto Pram Reviews – Cosatto Wow vs Cosatto Wow XL.

Cosatto is also a brand that’s climbing up, to catch up with many big names. In this article, I will be doing a comparison between the Cosatto Wow and Cosatto Wow XL.

View the differences in every aspect, both pros and cons. Let’s see if the Wow it’s still worth buying.

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Cosatto Pram Reviews: About the Cosatto Wow Pram.

£599.99. ( Price included with car seat). 

Product dimensions: Open dimensions: H96cm × W58cm × L89cm. Folded dimensions: H31xm × W58cm × L82cm (Weight: 8.1kg). 

The Wow Cosatto Pram is designed just like Giggle and many other Cosatto prams with different designs and patterns on the fabrics.

Available in different patterns. Suitable from birth with the cot, or it’s also a travel system convertible with the car seat.

Offers a big hood with UPF100+ protection for both the seat unit and carrycot.

The cot comes with an apron and soft mattress. It’s said to be used sleeping overnight and is usable for up to 6 months.

After those months your baby can begin to use the seat unit. From now on your baby will be on a journey up to 25kg.

This is about 5 years of age which is quite a lot. Softly padded seat with excellent detail design patterns that will feel safe to seat on.

Made for children to enjoy sitting there and it’s also light to push weighing only 8.1kg as seen above.

To make your little one feel protected you have a soft padded bumper bar, the bar is removable and a 5 point harness with chest and tummy pads.

Quite comfortable if you ask me. Most offer chest pads only. An inserted head hugger is also available for the baby’s comfort. It will keep them on the seat.

The wow has the option to face you or the world. Whichever you prefer. Besides, the seat liner can be removed to wash. Keeping it clean and new.

More Features.

Still on the seat. It offers multiple reclining positions and has a legrest that’s also adjustable. It’s made to suit children of different heights.

Cosatto Wow offers a complete fold with the option to remove the wheels.

Carrying downstairs or putting it in the boot will be much easier.

It offers all suspension, all-terrain wheels and rubber thick tyres to make it suitable on any terrain.

To make navigating through the city much easier you also have lockable swivel front wheels. Perfect for tiny places.

A large shopping is underneath that’s easy to reach both from the front and back.

Not forgetting the leather made handlebar. It offers an adjustment and will make pushing easier for all, and lastly, foot-operated brakes.

Many car seats are available to use with the Cosatto Wow and many of these are I-Size, which will give you an excellent travel system.


Cosatto Pram Reviews: About the Cosatto Wow XL Pram.


Product dimensions: H99 x W62.6 x L103.5 cm.(Weighs: 14.8kg).

The new upgraded Cosatto Wow XL is also suitable with a cot and car seat. Useable from birth up to 9kg which is around 6 months.

The Cosatto Wow can be transformed into a double buggy with up to 50+ configurations. Combining the single and double modes with the three seats available.

With the single-mode Cosatto Wow XL is suitable for up to 25kg, but when using the double mode is up to 15kg.

Giving each child 15kg which gives it the maximum of 30kg of weight.

15kg is around 3 years of age and even by then most toddlers are tired of the stroller. It offers a higher position seat than usual.

Creating a better bond with baby, and for your child to also have more views.

The cot comes with a carry handle, apron, soft mattress and washable fabrics, and it can be attached and detach with one hand.

Offering also overnight sleeping place with ventilation panels for breathing easier.  UPF100+ sun protection with sun visor and it can be adjusted.

The seat unit has deep fabrics which make sitting softer.

It can face you or the world. With a 5 point harness that comes with chest and tummy pads. Reclining positions on the seat.

This can be done with hand and you also have a one-hand adjustable leg rest for more comfort.

More Features.

Moving on to the chassis it offers a removable bumper bar and an adjustable handlebar.

Multiple terrain wheels, and puncture-proof tyres as well with all suspension wheels. Lockable swivel wheels as well.

Large basket for the groceries It can be folded with ease offering a compact fold with the wheels off.

When folded it auto-locks to make it convenient. You won’t need to struggle keeping it together. Foot-operated brakes.

The Cosatto Wow XL come with two travel companions, which make your child want to sit on the seat even more.

The Differences Between the Cosatto Wow and Cosatto Wow XL.

1. Design and Style.

So, when it comes to design they both offer pretty much the same. With multiple colour patterns.

You are available to buy patterns involving flowers, birds and other animals. The colour patterns are dark and can also have bright options.

They do share the same style considering it’s the same model, but here come the differences.

When looking at the Cosatto Wow XL canopy you have not only UPF100+ but also ventilation panels and the hood is adjustable as well.

It also has an extra sun visor giving more shade to your baby and toddler. It also has a higher position seat than the former which grants a better view.

A major difference to the other one. A not that major difference with the seat except now with the Wow XL both the seat and calf rest can be adjustable with one hand.

When folded the latter also has an auto-lock, unlike the older version. One major difference is the double convertible option.

Giving it a new style. The option to have 50+ configurations is a bonus on its part, which makes it also heavier.

Unlike the Wow which has a light design and easy to carry around.

Cosatto Wow XL brings along a travel companion inserted with the design as well. Both have soft padded bars and leather made handlebars.

2. Wheels and Tyres.

The tyres and wheels are pretty much the same. You won’t miss out on those whether you choose the Wow or Wow XL.

Both have removable wheels as well to offer a more compact fold.

One difference a person can argue is the “all-terrain wheels” vs “multiple terrain wheels” All-terrain means every terrain while a multiple can mean many but not all.

So, the Wow XL didn’t come with all-terrain, which makes the former better on that part.

3. Basket Capacity.

The Cosatto Wow XL has a very large capacity by just viewing the images above you can see that. while the former does offer big storage as well.

Basket storage is good, the bigger the better it is for parents. The Wow XL has more than 5kg of storage to use.

Both baskets are also reachable using both sides, so you won’t have to go forward or back to take something out.

Although when using the double mode on the Cosatto Wow XL it’s a different story. It will provide a tandem pushchair which will make it almost impossible to use the basket.

It can also depend giving that the storage is big.

4. Weight Difference.

Cosatto Wow is no doubt super lightweight compared to the former. An almost 5kg difference in weight and this is only for the single Wow XL.

The double would be much more and heavier. So, the weight also counts a lot when comparing strollers and you will have it much easier carrying the Wow, than its latter.



Which One is Better?

Why the Cosatto Wow Pram Can Be Better.

Let’s first start with the price is much cheaper than the latter, and even comparing with other brands is much cheaper.

When looking at Nuna or Silver Cross you will be spending hundreds of more pounds if you buy the same features.

It offers all terrain and all suspension wheels with lockable swivel wheels and it’s still at this price!

Comes with 5 point harness with pads and a deeper seat with washable fabrics. Facing you and the world. I can go on and on about it.

The weight also comes into play when thinking about all the positive things it has.

If you live in a flat with many stairs or you are someone who uses public transport a lot then the Wow pram is perfect for you.

Although not the latest it’s easy to carry. It’s also compatible with car seats, so you won’t lack on that part as well.

Offers the same colour patterns as the former.

Why the Cosatto Wow XL Pram Can Be Better.

A double convertible stroller is always a better option for many, and this one being able to convert can make it better.

Up to 50+ configurations, which is more than Silver Cross Wave which has 30+

It has a higher seat position and reclining it will only take you one hand. A one-hand adjustable leg rests as well. it offers 2 positions.

When you are busy holding your coffee or whatever with one hand, you can just use the other to do the job.

No need to putting it away or something. The calf rest is also excellent for toddlers, especially tall toddlers.

Their legs won’t wiggle around and the calf rest is perfect for taking naps.

A ventilation panel on the hood makes it easier to breathe during summer, and if your baby or toddler has a problem breathing this can help.

Air would be circulating regularly and the adjustable canopy will also allow the child some privacy or an open wide view.

Bigger storage is perfect for those parents who love buying groceries. If you don’t have a car this storage unit will be a lot of help.

An auto fold will keep the chassis steady as mentioned above, which will make it easier to store and place it down when you out.

If you are not keen on buying your baby a pram toy then the travel companions are there to keep the baby entertained.

Which One Wins?

There’s no doubt that the Wow XL is better because of the many more improved features and the new ones. This is even counting out the double mode.

Although expensive and heavy, it does offer more things that will make the journey with your little one much better.

Does the Cosatto Wow Still Get Chosen?

Yes, and many would choose the Wow because as mentioned above the weight and price.

For many pushing a heavy stroller is a nightmare, so they will stick to a lightweight even though it offers fewer features.

If you think about it, the Wow does offers many things and choosing it won’t be any different for some parents lifestyles, and that’s why it bought by many.

You can use a buggy board if you have a second child if you want to use it for two kids. Universal boards are available to buy.

Potential Cons.

For starters the Cosatto Wow pram is still expensive, so for some, that’s the number one con. Don’t offer peek a boo windows which can be helpful if the seat unit is facing forward.

Both are not available in plain colours instead only multiple pattern colours. For some parents, that’s too many colours.

Many would prefer one pattern or so.

Cosatto Wow Pram or Wow XL Pram.

So, what is it going to be? Are you buying the double converter or just the single version? When you are a first-time mum is not easy to choose, well not always.

I wish I knew the things I know now, then I would have chosen differently. Whatever you choose both of these offer excellent features, style and design.

You can use them on almost any terrain and anyone can help push it.

Fabrics are made to last long, and you won’t get cheaper than this when comparing with bigger brands. If you are looking to save money these are some of the options for that.



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