Combi Pushchairs – Combi Urban Walker vs Well Carry.

Combi does sell pushchairs but I found out that two of them are famous among many parents.

They are known to have big pushchairs that are comfortable from birth up to 4 years and that have a lot of features.

Are you looking for a lightweight stroller for your little one? Then Combi is here to answer your questions.

These strollers are two simple pushchairs that are a bit old fashion if you compare them to many strollers, but they offer any features.

These are the Combi Urban Walker and Combi Well Carry. View other simple, yet quality pushchairs.

About Combi Urban Walker.


Dimentions: 84cm x 48.6 cm x 102.5cm.

The Combi Urban Walker is a lightweight stroller that’s parent facing, and it’s suitable from birth up to 20kg that’s roughly 4 years depending on your little one. It’s compact and comes with many things because it has features that are mostly found on heavy pushchairs.

Urban Walker can be changed into a parent facing position with just a quick reversible handle and it’s perfect for parents who want their baby or toddlers facing them and the world.

Use just one hand to open or fold the stroller and it can be done within seconds. You can therefore hold your baby while doing it, no need to place your baby somewhere else which can`t be easy when you are out.

For example, taking the train or bus. It can be sometimes frustrating having people glance at you waiting for their turn to enter.

Another great feature of this Combi Urban Walker is that it can stand on its own when folded. No need to bend to fold or unfold and it does not fall which can be annoying at times. The Urban Walker is easy to move when folded, just use the wheels and handle for help. it’s available in cream and black.

The Urban Walker is compact fold allowing it to fit your boot and car. The handle is padded and soft which allows an easy grip for your parents. Sometimes it can be needed.

It also offers reclining positions and 5 point harness system. Have your baby in a lie-flat mode, sitting mode or a play mode. The harness is there to keep them safe and secure.

The canopy is big and has a peek a boo which enables you to view them when they facing the other side. The bumper can be removed and attached allowing you to place and take your child with ease.

There’s a handbrake too, which can be easier for parents. A leg rest, height-adjustable bar and an extra-long seat are all there to give your little one the comfort he or she needs.

The fabrics are also easier to breathe near, and you have a huge underneath for all of those groceries.

About Combi Well Carry.

Price: £99.95.00,

Size Of Product: 85.5cm x 49cm x 105cm.

This Combi pushchair is lightweight and gives you the ability to use just one hand to open and close it. The Well Carry pushchair is ideal for those parents who are always on the way or are in constant use of public transport. It’s suitable from birth up to 20kg, that’s 4 years depending on your child.

Weighing only at 6.2 kg means that this ultra-light pushchair can be carried up and down from stairs, carried out of cars, in and out of trains and planes without any difficulties. Besides it being extremely lightweight it has padded seats and an easily handled frame to give your little one the comfort and safety they need.

You can carry the pushchair and your baby by yourself without anyone’s help, no need to ask for help from strangers. It’s an absolute win situation for you.

When it comes to the folding part you just need one hand and then you are done. Open and fold with your one hand, and like the Urban Walker this can also stand on its own when folded. It’s available in blue and black.

The Well Carry allows you to move it with ease when it’s folded. It will fit well in your boot, however, the size is. You also got yourself a curved handle to allow stable steering of it.

Want to keep your baby more secure? Then you got yourself a 5 point harness system to keep them safe. Just like the stroller above you also have:

  • Multi-position seat reclining.
  • The large canopy and peek a boo.
  • Flexible front bumper bar.
  • Large basket.
  • Hand brake.
  • Front suspension.
  • Extendable legrest.
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Soft breathable fabrics.
  • Extra-long seat.

The Difference Between These Two.

1. The Well Carry Looks More Modern and Narrower.

It was not easy to find any differences when it comes to these pushchairs because of their similarities, but the Well Carry does look newer and slimmer.

Which makes it more useful in the city. The stroller looks also lighter than the other one, but they are both lightweight no doubt.

2. One More Difference.

When it comes to nitpicking the difference in features there are no more things to point out, but the colours on the strollers can differ. Many parents choose pushchairs because of a certain it has. Other than that there’s no difference between these two.

Which One Is Better?

Both of these are identical when it comes to features, but their looks a bit un similar. So, someone might choose base on the looks and not the features.

The Well Carry Combi stroller is, therefore, better when it comes down to choosing one. Like I mentioned above it’s more modern and its weight is perfect for any traveller.

There are those parents who still choose the Urban Walker, and I have seen its popularity among parents which also explains the different taste we parents have.

Potential Cons.

These pushchairs have the same pros and cons. The pros are listed above and they are many which make them ideal for many parents around the globe. I will therefore list the cons. No matter how perfect a pushchair seems to be there is always something that is lacking.


Not a Travel System. You can`t have a car seat or carrycot fixed into it. If you are a parent who is more comfortable with using carrycots then these pushchairs are not for you.

Many parents love to use the car seat including me on the pushchair. The reason for this can be many. It’s easier to transfer your baby from the pushchair to the car without needing to carry them.

It’s also easier to carry the car seat into your house if your little one is sleeping without waking them up, and there many more reasons.

No rain cover. Even though the pushchairs have large canopies that will protect your baby, but it’s not always enough when its raining or to protect them from other elements. The rain cover also shields your pushchair and shopping basket if you have things on it.

The design may not look fancy or compelling. The Combi pushchairs look very simple in design to compare to for example Bugaboo pushchairs, and for some mothers, it’s all about the look.

The colours are basic and a little bit boring. Both of them have black and then one has cream and the other blue. No more options. Parents might look for bright colours such as orange, pink or red.

No More Stress.

Have you ever stressed over asking strangers for help to carry your pushchair downstairs or in and out of public transport? If so then you needed not be worried anymore.  If you are a first-time mother you should consider buying pushchairs that are easy to fold and move around.

These fit in tiny spaces, so they are also for those parents who love to travel or are on the way. Easy brakes, multiple reclining options and large basket make it easy for you to go out without a worry.

So go out and take a stroll with your little one without a worry in the world.

Can these be the strollers you are looking for? They do offer many things.


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