10 Coloring Activity Books for Kids.

Colouring activity books for kids are many, but what is best suited for your preschooler. For this post, I will only focus on 2 to 4-year-olds.

When it comes to them the books should be simple and only consists of things that are easy to colour. Like for example ABC or the numbers.

Not a princess or other drawings. It’s for them to just explore the colours better and have fun while doing it.

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How Coloring Books Can Help?

Well, I am not an expert and I don’t exactly how these books can help all, but I do know how they helped my toddler. Colouring books can help your toddler in many ways.

It can be used for them to learn the colours, recognise whatever they are colouring and has fun while doing them.

Like I stated above for now it’s not for them to colour in the lane, but it’s a practice. It’s uncommon for children at this age to colour in the line.

I have tried showing my toddler many times, but she always does what she wants. Proving that is it important to follow the rules?

For now, the books are here to teach them about the colours, images in the books and also it’s for them to have a fun activity.

Why These Books?

These Books are chosen because of how simple and easy they are. The pages are not filled with many images of things that your preschooler it’s not familiar with.

For this post, I decided to only focus on things such as food, alphabets, letters, vehicles, animals and shapes. Other items too may be there. The point is for them to colour things they are used to seeing.

I also find these things simple and easy to colour. Although they might not even colour within the line, it will be easier for them.

I also will only recommend books I know small children will love. The books are also available to buy from online shops that deliver around the world.

So, it’s perfect for your little one and even for the whole family. Join in and entertain your little one.

1. Shapes and Colours Wipe-Clean Book, £2.00

The book is suitable for 4-year-olds and older. It’s perfect for your children. You can write and then wipe it which means the books can be used for longer.

It’s a good start to learn about shapes and colours before school. It will teach them the basic skills they will need to know before school.

A fun activity book for those small hands.

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Colouring Book, £2.00

Bring the caterpillar to live with this colouring book. It offers many images and exciting things to colour, so your little ones hands will be busy.

Suitable for your 3-year-old, but maybe it can also be for your 2 years old depending on how your child is. Every child is different so, they might find it interesting and capable to do it.

If they love the reading book they will love this colouring book.

3. CBEEBIES My First Art Pad, £2.00

Does your child love Cbeebies characters? Then these A3 colouring pages can be something they might find interesting. Its fill with 20 characters they can colour.

Using colour pencils, crayons and pens your kid can become an early lover of art. It’s full of activities that they will love to do, and it will keep them busy.

If they have siblings it’s a good way for them to spend with their siblings. Being inside can be boring, so a nice activity book can make things exciting, and even educative.

4. Fisher-Price Alphabet Activity Book, £2.00

This book is full of excitement because it’s packed with activities to do. Your little one will love this book. Teach your children the alphabets with this book colourful pages

Let them figure out and colour many images to make learning fun and easier. It’s one of the perfect books before school. If you make learning for your children fun, they will find it easier to learn.

It includes many activities your kid needs to solve making it also a good book for siblings to spend time with. Suitable for your 3-year-old upwards.

The book has images of vegetables. A good way for them also to learn about different vegetables.

5. Fisher-Price Numbers Activity Book, £2.00

Just like the book above, but this one is for the numbers. Also includes activities and many images for your child to colour. Making learning easier.

Learning the alphabet and numbers are important at this age, so these colouring activity books I recommend you to buy.

6. ABC Learning the Alphabet and Sticker Book, £2.00

Another activity book for your preschooler to enjoy. This book not only consists of colouring but also stickers. 50 stickers that are reusable for your children.

Let your little one learn the alphabet by colouring and also using the stickers to make the activities more fun. Another variant from the books above.

Kids at this age are interested in stickers and will love to do any activity that involves stickers. So, you make your kids interested in learning, and getting engaged.

This sticker book will also create a bonding time for siblings.

7. My First Vehicle Colouring Book, £3.99

What is your kids favourite vehicle? A car, a truck or an ambulance? Whatever it is this book offers your little one many vehicle options for them to colour.

They are in many different sizes and it also involves learning new vehicles they didn’t know about. A good book for the whole family to use

The images are not too complicated so, it will be easy for your little one to colour them. Age suitable is 1 to 3 year old but I believe even your 4-year-old will still find this interesting.

8. Big Letters and Alphabets Colouring Book, £5.75

Suitable for even younger children. The letter and numbers are big which makes it easier for your 2-year-old to colour the images.

The book makes it even easier for kids at this age to learn numbers and alphabets. You have both of these included in one book.

It can be easier for some children to learn faster than separating it. It’s an easy and simple book for those little minds.

9. My First Big Book of Colouring, £6.96

The book has many images of different things. A balloon, car, animals, etc. It’s suitable for your little one. It’s an activity book that will teach your kid many things at the same time.

The book will keep them busy and make it exciting for them to learn about these animals and items. Having different things in a book means using different colours.

You can use crayons, pens and pencils to make them familiarise themselves with these colouring options.

10. Very Easy Flowers for Colouring, £4.99

The book has many flowers and it’s suitable for 1 to 11-year-olds. Meaning your kid will grow up with this book, well if they don’t finish colouring the pages.

If it’s finished you can just buy another one, and another until they reach that age. Flowers are always fun to draw and kids love seeing different flowers.

My kid loves flowers and always get excited when she’s out. Teaching them about the different flowers will make it easier later on, and what better way is there to teach than colouring?

Well, it’s not the only way.


What do you think about these books? Will your little one enjoy colouring these books or some of them? Pick 2 books you think your preschooler will love to have.

Tell me all about it in the comment section. I will love to know your choices. Using colouring books is not easy either. It can be as hard as choosing books to read.

If you are a first-time parent it can be difficult to find out which one is perfect for your young child. I believe using things they are interested in, and what they should learn should be your priority.

If they love cars and flowers then choose easy colouring books with these. Also, choose the alphabet and numbers books because they must learn at this age.

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