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Product: Echo Stroller

Price: £65.00

Size Of Product: 47 x 105 x 82 cm

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Guarantee: Not Shown

My Ranking: 8/10

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About The Echo Stroller.

Stylish suitable from birth to 22kg. Its a modern and stylish with an attractive coordinated colour. The backrest can adjust in 4 positions and that includes a full recline. A padded seat gives your little one comfort and the rear part of the canopy is removable.

A rain cover is included in the package and seasonal hood can be folded which provide shelter to your little one on sunny days or rainy days. This can be important if you live in sunny and rainy areas. The Chicco Echo stroller is lightweight and easy to carry. It has a side handle which you can use its folded.

It’s only weight 7.6kg which makes it possible to carry with just one hand. Every detail of this Echo stroller has been looked into, from the embroidered seat to the look of the wheels and brand is branded on it. It also comes with a leg rest, lockable front wheels, shopping basket, 5 point harness, chassis tubes and shoulder straps.

Why The Echo Stroller Is For You. 

I have reviewed many lightweight and standard strollers that have the same features and accessories, but some of them may lack certain features and accessories.

So, is this stroller for you? Let’s find out…

Many describe this stroller to be a designed stroller that meets the demand of dynamic mums searching for a modern stylish product. Is this true? Well yes, it is.

The Chicco Echo stroller fabrics are modern and the style matches today’s needs and demands by mothers all over the world. The stroller is also simple but the same time has the features that a required for your baby and toddler. Its 4 reclining positions make it possible for your newborn to sleep flat and be protected with the help of the seasonal hood that completely covers your newborn.

The stroller also comes with a strap that you can use when folded. Do you go out in public? Like public transport, if so then this feature is extremely good for you. Public transport can sometimes be crowded and people may glance at you with an irritated glance for taking a lot of space and that can make you angry or even irritated yourself. If you want to avoid this just fold the stroller and carry it with you.

Sometimes your toddler might want to walk around and there might not be space to go around, it will be easier to just fold the pushchair and take a stroll. There a many benefit to these features, I will be having a long list for it, but I just wanted you to see some of the benefits that might benefit you.

The chassis tube makes it possible for you to use a car seat and carrycot on it, you need to buy this separately of course, but the possibility to have a Travel System is there. Many standard pushchairs don’t usually have this possibility.


  • The possibility to have a Travel System because of the chassis tubes.
  • A rain cover.
  • A seasonal hood.
  • 5 point-harness.
  • Lockable front wheels. This can give a more manoeuvre which gives your little one more comfortable and it can also grant more safety.
  • Legrest.
  • Shopping basket. If you love to go out and do grocery shopping and don’t have a car then the shopping basket is a good option for you. You won’t need to carry a separate bag for shopping.
  • The Echo stroller is suitable for 22kg, that’s around 4 years. Which can be good for some parents. You toddler might love the stroller too much and will use it to that age.
  • It’s cheap. This can be a good pro for many parents, I know it is for me.


  • The Chicco Echo stroller is not a Travel System, does not come with a car seat or carrycot. Some might consider this to be a con, like me. The pro is that it can be transformed into a Travel System like mention above.
  • No any additional features and accessories, like the nappy/diaper changing bag.
  • The handle is not attached. if you want to hang your changing bag on its not possible. This also means that the handle can`t be adjusted. Adjusting the handle is good quality. It allows anyone to use the stroller base on their height, or for many adjusting, it can make it easier to push when going up or down on a slope. This helped me a lot when I used my baby’s pushchair. So, it’s a good pro. However, some parents do not mind this.
  • The shopping basket is not that big, which means you can`t use the basket for groceries at the same bring your baby’s changing bag. Well, you can do that, but you have to carry the bag. It can be heavy sometimes so do consider that.

Every Detail Matter.

Many manufactures nowadays are paying more attention to the details than they did before, and this gives the stroller/pushchair a more stylish and modern look. Is a good business strategy, which makes parents all around the world get attached to certain brands. Like the brand’s Bugaboo and Cybex.

Some parents do consider the details when buying many things, it doesn’t only apply to strollers/pushchairs it can be clothes and even toys. Details make things look more attractive and the buyer see it as something that has more quality.

The Echo stroller doesn’t have that many features and accessories but the stroller is designed very detailed. From the embroidered seat, the hood to the wheels. The wheels have the Chicco brand embedded on it, with every detail. Not only the wheels but also the seat and hood. It’s a good way to promote a brand and make it more popular.

The handle is also designed differently from comparing to other strollers. Usually, the handle is attached but this one is separated which can be good for some parents. The older strollers have this feature.

So, if you are more into a detailed design then this stroller might be for you.

If you want to share your thoughts you are more than welcome to do so, leave a comment below.

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