Chicco Bravo vs Graco Modes.

Chicco and Graco are two famous brands that are often compared to each other. They both offer quality products to parents all over the world.

The Bravo and The Modes strollers are quite famous and are favourites among many parents. What could be the reason for it? Maybe they offer modern fabrics and materials?

I will only review and compare the single strollers, to try and find out which of them are better. Let’s see if I will come to that conclusion.

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Chicco Bravo.

Products: Bravo LE, Bravo Primo Air.

Prices: $229.99 = Bravo Air, $249.99 = Bravo LE, $359.99 = Bravo Primo Air.

A Place to Buy.

Delivery: Multiple Places.

My Ranking: 9.5/10.

Video of Chicco Bravo Primo Air, view Youtube for more videos:

The Chicco Bravo strollers are for famous being the strollers that offer a quick fold. It can also be transformed into a Travel System. A 3in1 Travel System with the carrycot/bassinet and car seat.

Ideal for families all over the world with its many features and accessories. You will get to enjoy your journeys more with all of the things you need.

When folded the strollers/pushchairs can stand on their own and they have one fold mechanism. If you want to use the car seat or carrycot/bassinet just removed the seat. A removable seat can make you save space. Space can be something you may need when a baby arrives

Attach the car seat with the help of adapters. The Bravo model comes in different styles so, you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle.

You can choose the fabrics and features you think will give you a cosy and smooth ride. If you want some details included or removed then these strollers/pushchairs have it.

So depending on what you choose you will get different features, but all of the unique strollers have large canopies/hoods, adjustable handles and child and parent trays.

These are the models:

  • Bravo LE  and Bravo Air – Child tray, adjustable handle, Large Canopy, parent tray, basket and Reversible and adjustable seat.
  • Bravo Primo Air – Foldable child tray, adjustable and easy-grip handlebar, parent tray, basket, reversible and adjustable seat, rubber tyres, fabrics from Italy and breathable 3D Air backrest.

Graco Modes.

Products: Modes Nest, Modes Pramettes, Modes Element.

Prices: $299.99 = Nest, Pramlettes =, $179.99 = Element

A Place to Buy:

Delivery: Multiple Places.

My Ranking: 9.5/10

Video of Graco Modes Nest, view Youtube for more:

Graco offers 3 models of Modes strollers that offer families the chance to choose the stroller that fits their lifestyles. The 3 option offers features and accessories that you will love.

The first is the Modes Nest which offer a 3in1 Travel System. Have your baby or toddler face you with the different height positions.

All Graco car seats are suitable for the stroller. A large basket is underneath which gives you a place to store many things. A big canopy with a peek a boo and adjustable handlebar is included.

Reversible and adjustable seat. A child and parent tray that have cupholders. You will have a perfect place to put your baby’s bottles and also a place for them to put their food and eat.

One hand click mechanism to fold the stroller and when folded it can stand on its own. The Pramettes and Element design offers the same feature and accessories. They are designed differently with the change of the shape and sizes

The only difference it’s that only Nest is the only stroller that offers the height reclining option, the Pramettes have a smaller basket and the Element has a bigger basket underneath. Their prices also differ.

Similarities And Differences.


  • They both offer different options. They offer 3 options.
  • Both offer 3in1 Travel Systems, although 2 car seats models are suitable for the Chicco Bravo strollers. For the Modes strollers, all the Graco car seat models are suitable.
  • They offer quality and modern features and accessories.
  • The strollers have similar prices, it’s not the same prices but they are both cheap and affordable.
  • They are made of the same materials. If not exact but similar. The same quality. Although Chicco offers leathery fabrics on the handlebar.
  • Both models are lightweight and you can remove the fabrics to be able to store the strollers and save space.


  • Although they have the same features, the Graco Modes strollers offer unique features so does the Bravo strollers. Like the cupholders and the height adjusted the seat. The backrest, rubber tyres and the adjustable easy-grip handle for the Bravo strollers.
  • Their designs differ
  • Chicco Bravo offers more quality fabrics from Italy and the strollers have additional features that the other model don’t offer. Like the backrest and rubber tyres.


I can’t think of a con to write because the strollers have many features and accessories. When you only buy single strollers without any accessories it’s quite cheap, but if you buy all of the accessories then it can be expensive for some parents.

Some of the stroller models have a small basket underneath which can be a con for many parents especially for those who love grocery shopping.

Not all of the models offer sunshade with the carrycot/bassinet. It won’t protect your little one from the sun’s UV. Well, not completely.

Convenient And Variety.

The Chicco And Graco Bravo stroller models offer convenience and variety. They both offer different options to suit your daily life and each option has its unique features that make your journeys with your little one exciting and interesting.

They also offer convenience. Wherever you decide to go the strollers have the features and accessories to make it possible and easier. They also can grow with your baby with the 3in1 Travel System options.

Travel Systems are always good to have. Even without the accessories the strollers/pushchairs give a good impression because of their design and look.

Most parents are looking for strollers that are convenient and offer a variety of choices to make their daily activities more relaxing and enjoyable. Your child or children is/are already stressing your life, why should you add more stress to it? Always look for the stroller that works for you and your child. Don’t look for strollers that work for others because peoples lives and situations can differ.

After comparing them the Chicco Bravo stroller seems more likely to take the first position. Its fabrics have higher quality and they offer more features. The Graco Modes strollers are also good and I prefer both of them, but the Chicco Bravo strollers impress more.

Have you heard of these brands before? Comment down below which of these strollers you prefer and why.

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