Preschool Cooking with Activities – Teach them new skills.

Are you in lockdown and you want to do cooking activities with your toddler? Well, it’s not always easy to figure out what to cook with the family. In this post, I will list ideas for you, and with links that will direct you where you can view the recipes. I always try and list … Read more

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How to Make a Cake, Recipe – Fun Activities for the Whole Family.

Do you want to make a cake with your family, and you are looking for good recipes? Well, there are many variants of cakes out there and many recipes too. For this post I have researched recipes I think your family will love to try out  I have baked one of these cakes by using … Read more

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26 Easy Baking Recipes Kids – All Hands On Deck

Are looking for recipes for baking with your kids? Well, there are a handful of recipes out there and it can be overwhelming. Baking with our kid’s it’s something that’s fun and a good way to spend time with them. In this post, I am focusing on small children. 2 to 4-year-olds, although these recipes … Read more

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