Baby Car Seat Buying Guide.

By law, you must have a car seat for your baby or baby’s when you’re in the car. This also can apply to other parts of the world but I don’t know for sure.

I do know that some countries don’t have it as a law. Car seats are very important for providing safety for your baby or toddler.

The seat saves them from dying when accidents occur. The baby car seat can also be used as an accessory for your pushchair/stroller, only the baby car seats can be used not the toddlers.

It’s common for mums to place the car seat instead of the carrycot on the pushchair/stroller and I have done this until my baby was 1 year old.

It’s easier and it’s less stressful.

Car Seats As Accessories.

All car seats come with straps and some even have 5 – point seat harnesses, which provides safety for your baby when they are on the car seat that’s fixed on the pushchair/stroller.

The car seats have a handlebar that can be adjustable, and they have soft materials where your baby can lie down without having any discomfort.

The baby car seats have also hoods that can be big which shades them from the sun.

All of the accessories which are used on carrycots can be used on the car seats, for example, rain covers (the car seats have their rain covers), blankets, arch toys, sun shades, etc.

The only difference is that the car seats can be smaller, have less room than carrycots.

It also depends on your baby and the size of the car seat. My baby was tiny, so she could use the car seat until she was 1 year old.

Some babies can’t and if they have a special condition that requires them to have carrycots then car seats ain’t an option.

I used the car seat and carrycot and they, of course, advise you to use carrycot because it’s better especially if you have a newborn, and this is true.

You can then change to the car seat when your baby is 2 months plus when they are a little bit stronger, and use it especially when you’re going out for a short while doing shopping or taking a short stroll, not when you’re going out for a whole day.

I used the car seat for both because it was easier for me but I don’t recommend you doing it.

I did this because it was easier for me to carry my baby inside the house without waking her up if she was sleeping.

My stairs prevented me from and taking the whole pushchair/stroller in at once. You can place the car seat on the floor or carpet, but it’s not easy doing this with carrycots.

You might wake your baby up and mine did when I tried it.

They, of course, advise you not to let your baby sleep on the car seat, which is true, but I kept an eye on my baby.

I just didn’t want to make her up. If you have kids that become grumpy and cause havoc if they don’t sleep enough you’ll understand.

The car seats do not always come with pushchairs/strollers, you may need to buy them separately.

Here are some of the best ones for your baby. I did a number of lists and reviews on car seats:

Some of the Best Car Seats Out There.

How to Choose the Best Car Seat.

I will keep this one simple and easy. As mentioned above car seats don’t always come with the stroller.

You only need a list of things to choose the best car seat. These tips are given base on my research and my experience.

It’s best to choose a car seat that’s suitable from birth at least 18 months instead of 12 months. Your baby might be bigger than the usual weight of 12 months olds.

They might end up still needing the car seat. A convertible car seat is also good which saves you money. Meaning with the use of a base you connect it with a Group 1+ car seat so they can use it up until toddlerhood.

A car seat that’s compatible with a base and also a seatbelt it’s better. The new regulation safety checker is better as well.

This is the R129 regulation safety checker. Which provide a better rear-facing experience, a more durable car seat and the side impact protection bounce of things better.

It’s indeed better. A baby car seat that also offers deeper inlays, head hugger and body and head adjustment will make it more comfortable for your baby.

An adjustable handlebar and hood with a ventilation system are also better. The most important thing about car seats is safety.

So, always think about how safe a car seat is when buying it.

The ones I recommend above are top quality ones and many of these come with the stroller or alone.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How Long do Babies Use Car Seats for?

This one is one of the most asked questions parents tend to ask

Even I did ask this,  and I will share what I discovered. So how long your baby uses a car seat depends entirely on their weight and height.

Mine used her car seat until she was 1 year. Some might go above this and others might go less.

It also depends on the car seat you have. Is it a convertible car seat which is usually from 6 months up to toddlerhood?

If yes, then your baby can use them longer than 1 year then you of course need to buy group 1+ to use it for your toddler.

Normal car seats can go up to 15 months and 18 months as well which mean your baby can use it longer than a year if they weigh and have the height that specific car seat is made with.

This will give them time to grow out of it comfortably.

Does a Car Seat Go Behind Driver or Passenger?

Many sites have stated that car seats should not be placed behind someone sitting. So, is a no for behind the driver and passenger.

Also not in front of an airbag which means not anywhere near the front seat as well. So, what’s left is the middle seat at the back.

Install the base there or use the seatbelt to attach the seat. It’s should face the rear and plus is a comfortable place for your baby as well.

Away from the windows which when cold can be a nightmare for your baby as well. (This is important for newborns).

Even when it’s hot outside keeping them covered in the middle is better and safer. There can be less damaged when places in the middle.

How Do I Know What Kind of Car Seat My Child Needs?

Because we are talking about babies, I won’t mention other age groups. As mentioned above normal car seats from birth up to 12 months are the best.

Some are from up to 15 or 18 months. You also have convertible car seats from 6 months which you can get if your baby at that age is big.

That’s up to 2 or 4 years. All of these car seats should be rear-facing because that’s in case of any accidents. View this page for more information. 

Easy usage.

Car seats are important whether you use it on your baby’s pushchair or not because it provides safety for your baby.

It’s therefore important that you buy the one which’s compatible with your pushchair.

This is always a good choice because it enables you to use it for comfort and ease.

It’s less heavy, easy to carry around and can be placed anywhere without any damage to the material. Consider buying one for your pushchair.

How long did you use your baby’s car seat, if you had bought one before? Did you use it a lot on the stroller? Please share with us.

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