Stroller Toys Reviews.

Stroller toys or pram toys can also be used on car seats. To entertain your baby when they are in the car, at home and on the way. For this post, I will review 10 toys for strollers and car seats.

These toys are not chosen by anyone other than me. I will choose these toys based on my experiences with my children and my liking. What they found entertaining and interesting.

So, they might not be nominated or anything. The toys will also be educative involving sensory activities. Toys are not always there to look good and nice, they have to educate your baby or toddler.

Some of these can also be played on the floor. No need to always hang it on the stroller or car seat.

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What Type of Toys are You Looking for?

When it comes to stroller or car seat toys it’s also important to look for certain types that are best suited for your baby and toddler. Especially your baby and these are:

  • Educative Toys. Toys that are beneficial for your baby and toddler. They will have to teach them something. It can be anything. About learning certain aspects about themselves and their surroundings.
  • Big and not tiny toys. When it comes to babies you should have big toys, not tiny ones. They can put it in their mouth.
  • Toys that teach about the 5 senses. Right now their 5 senses are what’s important. So it’s good the toys are available to teach them that.
  • Soft and not hard toys. When it comes to babies soft toys are better, but if it’s hard then make sure it won’t harm them.
  • Non-sound toys. This is a personal preference. Toys that do not have sounds are also better. Too many activities in a toy will confuse children. Let them focus on one activity at a time.

More on these tips view my Strollers arch toys post.

Car Seat and Stroller Toys.

1. East Coast Activity Spiral Toy.

£11.83, Amazon.

The spiral toy is a good toy that can be used on a stroller, car seat or a cot bed. The toy can also be played on the floor if you choose that.

Your baby will enhance their visual, sense of touch and eye to hand coordination. It has features for your baby’s gum, a flapping mirror, a squeaker, rattles, etc.

Many activity toys for your baby to explore the toys are soft and made with nice and colourful fabrics. Click the link to see the image.

2. Hanging Baby Toys.

£7.70+, Etsy (MamasSecretShop).

These toys include small parts but they are simple and not that multicoloured. Hang them on your stroller or car seat and let your baby inspect and even touch them.

They won’t harm themselves with it. Consist of star, clouds and other things depending on what you choose. These are things your baby see when they are outside.

Some are soft and some are hard. Good to feel both and they range in different sizes. It will keep small babies entertained and interested.

Good for teething. The wooden parts can be used for that.

3. Boho Style Pram Clip Toys.

£11.99, Etsy (FABGiftsProduction).

The toys are made from silicone and wood safe for babies to touch and entertain themselves with. The toys clips can be used on strollers and car seats.

These are available to buy in many colours so you can choose the colours you want. Because of how tiny they are you should supervise your baby when they playing on the floor.

Some parts a small too. I will recommend you use them for hanging only. Make it reachable so that your baby can touch them also.

4. Skip Hop Jitter Stroller Toy.

£10.94, Uberkids.

This toy is good to help your baby with their sense. As seen in the images it includes a cloud toy, a teether, etc. The toys can be shaken and it has rattles.

The toy is also chemical-free meaning your baby can put it in their mouth and no harm is done. The toy is easy to hang on your stroller and car seat.

Your baby can also play with it on the activity gym, floor or their cot. So, you have many options to choose from. Its colours are also simple and the fabrics are soft for your baby’s hands.

5. Lamaze Rusty The Robot.

£14.99, Uberkids.

This one for your baby and toddler. They will love to play with it. Comes in many colours to help them inspect different colours. Children are also interested in things they don’t recognise.

This robot is quite interesting because it has many activities going on. It has a mirror, entertaining beads, rings, ribbons and the head can be turned.

As you can see from the image it’s multi-coloured which helps them learn new colours. Because of the attached ring above the toy can be used in many places.

Use on a stroller, car seat, activity mat, etc it’s endless really. Which makes the toy amazing and it will grow with your little one. This toy is multitasked but at the same it’s simple.

6. Say Hello Stroller Book.

£9.44, Boots.

This toy is also something your little one to enjoy playing with by hanging it on a stroller or car seat. The toys encourage many activities and learning skills.

It comes in different textures, colours and has different characters they might recognise. The book contains 8 pages of fun and offers imaginative thinking.

You can also use it to come with stories for them. The fabrics are harmless and safe for children. Good for their 5 senses, more skills, eye to hand coordination, communication, etc.

7. Star and Cloud Pram Toy.


It’s good to take with you when on the go or to play with at home. A mirror, chimes and teether. Simple colours and toy to keep your baby entertained.

Can be hung on a stroller or car seat. The fabrics are soft and non-harmful. You can choose to have a star or cloud toy. Whichever you think will interest your baby more.

Suitable from birth and the toys are big enough to not be swallowed by your baby.

8. Stroller Mobile or Hanging Toy.

£12.5, Etsy (PellyBowsJollyToys).

The toy is made out of wooden and cotton, and it’s also handmade. It’s good to help with your baby’s senses and eye to hand coordination.

The wooden part can be good for teething. It’s safe for the baby to use. Hang it on the stroller, car or give it to them to play. You will need to supervise them.

Although the toy has many colours it’s still simple and will be good for entertaining them.

9. Hanging Wooden Baby Gym Toys.

£22.50, Etsy (MinciaStudio).

These toys are hanging wooden toys that can be used for many purposes. Like using it for a crib, playmat, stroller and car seat. Made out of wood and safe material.

The toys come in different sizes and choices. Click the link above to see for yourself. This image is not the one choice. The toys are smooth to touch and won’t harm your baby.

It encourages sensory play, eye to and hand coordination and teaches motor skills.

10. Personalised Pram Charm.

£14.00+, Etsy (Bitsforbubzy).

Using the clip attached above the toys can be used on prams and car seats. According to the seller, it’s not a toy, so it’s best to keep it on the pram and seat.

It to be used to only entertain your baby visually and nothing more. Your baby will also try to reach, and by doing so they are engaged in a motor gross activity.

Nice and simple colours for decoration. The fabrics are also safe for your baby to be around. The toys are many to choose from.

Contact the seller for more details.


What do you think about these toys? Do you think your baby will love them? One of these can be used for your toddler when they are on the stroller.

You never know they might find it entertaining. Although some of the toys are reported to be safe for baby’s it’s always good to supervise them.

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