Can You Use Convertible Car Seat with Stroller?

Car seats are after strollers are some of the most important baby products, so when choosing one it should be an important task.

There are many car seats but their usability differs so it can be hard to know them all and to decide which one best suit your baby. In this article, you will know a bit about convertible and infant car seats.

Can you use a convertible car seat with a stroller? Well, if that’s the question you have let’s find out.


What is a Convertible Car Seat?

Well, as the name indicate convertible car seats are car seats your baby end up using when they outgrow infant car seats. These seats can be compatible for your little one from birth, 9 months or 2 years.

It depends surely on the car seat’s height and weight. Convertible car seats are heavier, bulkier, thicker and much larger than normal infant seats.

These are for the most part bought separately and grow with your baby until they reach school age. (This depends on your toddler of course).

Convertible car seats are attached to the car with the seat belt and are often more secure than normal infant car seats.

With convertible car seats, you have more options and it stays longer with families, which is often the best option for many. (Saves you money in the long run).

So, Can You Use Convertible Car Seat with Stroller?

The answer is no. Convertible car seats are only usable with cars. These are heavier and bigger so they are not suitable for strollers because of the reasons above.

So, what’s the solution then? Well, infant car seats are the only seats that are compatible with strollers. These are from newborns up to 2 years.

Some are up to 3 or 4 years but these can be used with convertible seats to give your child the best experience. Some examples are Cybex Cloud Z and Cloud Q.

So which one should you choose then? The answer can differ depending on your current budget and what your lifestyle requires.

To answer that question we first need to look at what pros and cons the infant and convertible car seats have. What differs between them as well.

What’s the Difference Between Infant Car Seats and Convertible?

Infant Car Seats Pros and Cons.

As you might already know infant car seats are intended for much smaller infants. From newborns up to toddlerhood. Some of these car seats can also be used for tiny babies and it depends on the height and weight.

An example is the

Graco Snugride car seat.

All of these car seats have 5 or 3 point harnesses and some are also compatible with bases to make it more secure when travelling by car.

Visit my page on car seats to learn more.


  • You can apply the base before entering the car and it’s easier with a rear-facing car seat. 
  • These car seats are tinier which means they are compatible with pretty much any car.
  • You can attach additional bases to make it easier for relatives.
  • You can use them on the stroller and some are even adjustable.
  • It’s compatible from newborn up to toddlerhood.
  • They are sold with the stroller as a travel system and it’s way cheaper this way. (Also when sold separately).
  • Infant car seats have handles for you to carry and these are adjustable as well.
  • With infant car seats you can move your baby around when they are asleep.
  • Many infant car seats have canopies to protect the baby from the sun.
  • If you have a tiny space an infant car seat can be better, this is if you are using another person’s car often.


  • Has age limit.
  • As your baby grows it can be heavy to carry your baby in the car seat.
  • Some infant car seats required bases.
  • Not all car seats are comfortable up to 13kg, some less.
  • It’s cheaper when you buy a car seat with a stroller than separately.

Convertible Car Seats Pros and Cons.

Convertible car seats are also bought by many parents because for them the pros outweigh the cons and for many, it’s easier to choose this one.


  • Suitable from 9 months or 2 years. ( Some from birth).
  • It’s both rear and forward-facing.
  • You can leave it in the car and not take it out.
  • It’s bigger and more comfortable for your growing baby.
  • Together with infant car seats, you can use the convertible from birth. (Others don’t need it)
  • Some convertible car seats can be used as booster seats.
  • The rear-facing option on the convertible car seat has better weight and height making it possible for your baby to use this position longer. It can be up to 18kg.
  • It’s a long term investment, meaning it will last longer. From birth up to when your baby needs a booster seat. Buying a convertible car seat that can convert into a booster seat means you will only need to invest once.


  • They are often more expensive.
  • Bulkier and heavier. (Take up more space).
  • Can’t be handled easily and are more difficult to take out of the car.
  • You can’t also carry it around with a help of a handle like an infant car seat. (Meaning it’s more suited to be in the car only).
  • Because of the size and the angle, it requires to have it’s not compatible with all vehicles. Can be a bit difficult with smaller cars.
  • Not all are from birth, which means you will need to buy an infant seat first if you are going to use a car.

Convertible Car Seats or Infant Car Seats?

Now with all the information provided which is it going to be? It can be a hard choice, especially if you want to use the car seat on the stroller.

I bet you heard that convertible car seats are better but you wanted to see if they can be used on a stroller? Sorry, to disappoint.

Although it’s good to use car seats, there are two options for you. I chose one of these. You can either buy a travel system and then buy a convertible car seat with a booster seat.

This way you will save money as well. Or you can buy a convertible seat from birth which also offers a booster seat. It’s more expensive but can be a better investment for many.

A carrycot/bassinet is always available for your newborn and if they outgrow it the stroller seat can be used.

The decision depends on your lifestyle and your baby as well. Sometimes you won’t know until your little arrives.


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