Can You Fly with Cybex Priam?

Travelling with a young kid or a baby can be a bit stressful so anything you can help do to help you along the journey is useful. Baby prams or strollers can be something many will need abroad.

However, can you fly with your Cybex Priam? The stroller is quite chunky and is not really the ideal buggy many airlines accept.

There are two answers to this question. Do you mean to bring the Priam in the aeroplane’s cabinet or just bring it on your journey?

I will go over these answers and give you some tips on how to manage your trip.

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Can You Fly with Cybex Priam?

Cybex Priam in Aeroplane Cabinet.

As mentioned above the Priam is chunky so it’s a standard pram with big wheels, heavyweight, etc. These types of strollers are not ideal for the cabinet.

It won’t even fit even if you only bring the frame itself and the airline won’t allow you. I have travelled in the past with my chunky Mothercare Journey pushchair and I wasn’t allowed to bring it in.

The best you could do is to bring it to the gate, but they would have to store it where the baggage is. However, this was not always allowed on all of my trips.

So, it does depend on the airline. What’s the best option? Well, a lightweight buggy. Depending on the airline and place, not all lightweight buggies would do either.

You need to get buggies that are meant to be used for this purpose as well. I travelled twice with lightweight buggies and each time it was different.

It’s best to take with you a travel buggy. The best ones I can think of are all the Babyzen YoYo pushchairs and the Bugaboo Ant buggy. 

These are also perfect for any other outings when you are back. So it won’t be a waste of money. So, the answer is no, you can’t put your Cybex Priam in the cabinet.

Bring Cybex Priam on Your Journey.

Yes, you can fly with the Cybex Priam. It’s free to check in your stroller frame and all the other accessories included. What you would need to do is to plan for it.

Detach all parts and pack these in your travel baggage and then buy a stroller travel bag where you will put the frame which you can check-in.

Buying a baby carrier can help you to carry your baby until you arrive on your journey. (Visit my other site if you are interested in buying a carrier).

If you intend to use the stroller until the gate then bring the bag with you so that you store the pushchair in there. Don’t just store the pushchair without any cover.

It will damage it and even if it’s a car seat. That is if you are not bringing the car seat on the plane.

Bringing your Cybex Priam along on your journey It’s very important, especially if it’s winter and your little one is very dependent on a stroller.

If you plan on going out a lot this can also be a good reason to do it. Bring a baby carrier and a travel bag to make things easier for you and your partner.


There is more information on how to travel with kids using the stroller in this article I wrote a while back. If you are travelling during summer then, I would recommend you buy a lightweight buggy.

Travelling with the Cybex Priam would not be easy because it’s a bit heavy and can be a burden after some time.

If you don’t want to buy an expensive lightweight like the yoyo and ant buggies, then buy a cheap one which you would use for the duration of your trip.

Chicco Echo (Buy on Amazon) which cost about £89 is a good cheap option. Silver Cross Zest (Buy on Amazon) is a bit more expensive, however, better than the Echo but cheaper than the Bugaboo and Yoyo.

You can buy these second-hand on eBay. The Zest’s a better option because you can still use it afterwards.

Did you find this article useful? If anyone has used the Priam buggy before for travelling then give some tips to help others.

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