Can You Fit a Buggyboard on an Icandy Peach?

Icandy Peach is one of the most famous brands here in the UK and probably Icandys most famous stroller model it’s available in double mode, single-mode and all-terrain.

Many parents would want to attach a buggy board on it to help their journeys with their kids. Because it’s a famous stroller many popular boards are compatible with the Peach.

In this article, I will go over which buggy boards are compatible with the Peach strollers. There are many Peach models so I won’t go over all of them because some are not available in the market.

Can You Fit a Buggyboard on an Icandy Peach?

The answer to that question is yes. Icandy Peach is compatible with a stroller board and many. A normal board is a board with a saddle.

Most of these can be tucked away when not in use. These boards are:

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Lascal Buggyboards.

Lascal Mini, Maxi and Maxi plus (Buy on Amazon) are three buggy boards that are compatible with the Icandy Peach which is confirmed by the Lascal themselves.

These buggies are compatible with 99% of pushchairs in the market. The Maxi and Maxi plus are the same with the only difference being the saddle and age range.

Suitable from 18 months up to 6 years depending on which one you choose.

These boards are more compatible with the newest Peach buggies which are the all-terrain, Peach Blossom and Icandy Peach 5 because these are city and countryside buggies.

Costs about £50-£130.

Read my detailed comparison between these three to know which one is better.  Read an article from Lascal on how to attach the mini to the Peach.

Icandy Peach and Oyster Ride on Board.

Icandy and Babystyle offer a ride onboard you can use on the stroller. These are only for standing and are quite small. Most of the ride onboard comes with Peach buggies.

However, you can buy them separately which won’t cost that much. The ride on boards is good for those who lack space and at the same time, they will help a lot.

Buy Oyster 3 ride onboard on Amazon. Buy Peach ride on here.

Kemas Universal Buggyboard.

The brand Kemas offers a buggy board that can be used by many. It fits 99% of all boards just like the Lascal buggy boards. It has seating and a standing area.

You can also adjust the length of the board from the pushchair and it has good wheels which are suitable for many terrains. Cost about £43.99.

Read more and buy on Amazon.

My child on Board Stroller Board.

This one is suitable from 2 years up to 5 years and has only a standing position. Attaches to most strollers and it’s mostly compatible with lightweight pushchairs.

Although it can be a match to your Icandy Peach. Using it on even terrains it’s better and it’s more likely compatible with old Peach strollers.

Costs about £39.99. You can buy it on Kiddies-kingdom.

Leclerc Baby Wheeled Board.

Another universal board that’s suitable for the Peach as well. You will need adapters to click it on. It has a standing and sitting option and it’s black.

A colour that’s suitable for any stroller. You attach and detach the seat when you are not using it. Read more on the Leclerc Baby site and contact them if you want to by email.

Other Universal Buggyboard Suitable for the Icandy Peach.

There are many more boards compatible with the Peach and you can find most of these here on eBay  As you can see there are many boards which the Peach is compatible with.

These boards are some of the best in the market. There are other quality boards but these are not compatible with the Peach, but mostly with their brand.

Using one of these will not only help your toddler but you as well and as you can see some of these are designed to make you comfortable as well when pushing the buggy.

Which one of these will it be?

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