Can You Feed a Baby in a Car Seat?

This question is asked by many. I remember asking it myself when I first got my baby, and there are many reasons why this question is asked.

I have seen many answers focusing more on those parents who travel. That’s not always the course why parents ask these questions.

Can you feed a baby in a car seat if you are travelling or if you are home and relaxing? Is it good for long or short travels? Can you use the car seat as a seat for your baby to eat?

So, babies are newborns up to 2 years old when they begin to toddle around. So this question concerns all of these ages. My answer to this will be based on my own experience and the research I did.

Can You Feed a Baby in a Car Seat?

The answer to this question depends on your situation and your baby’s age. It’s not really a straightforward answer because many factors come to play.

Can You Feed a Baby in a Car Seat While Travelling?

If you either use breastfeeding or bottle feeding for your baby and when travelling it’s not recommended to feed your baby because of many reasons.

When you are driving you are not there to supervise your baby so it can be dangerous to give them a bottle to feed. What can happen is that they can choke on the milk, the bottle might hit them, they won’t be able to remove the bottle if they get full, etc.

There are many consequences to having the bottle around. In case of an accident, the bottle will become much heavier and can hurt your baby badly.

Certain air gaps between feedings can make the air enter your baby’s mouth and this can cause irritation which will upset your baby’s tummy later in.

You will then have to deal with a crying baby. After your baby has done eating you won’t be able to help them burp which is an important process.

Stopping the car and doing it outside the car seat is much safer. So, how about breastfeeding and solid food?

Well, the same applies here. Breastfeeding is impossible to do in a car seat even if you are the parent who’s not driving. So, I don’t really understand those who have done it.

Giving your baby solid food while driving is not safe either and you won’t be able to because your baby is located behind.

According to studies if too much milk stays in your baby’s mouth and for a long period of time it can cause teeth decay. Which is not good for your older baby.

How About Feeding Older Babies?

Many Babies are able to handle bottles when they are around 6 months old, but people still advise not to use the method.

For much older babies, I personally think is okay for them to use the bottle for maybe 10 minutes or so. Either to drink water, milk or if they eating fruits.

When you are lonely with your baby and driving is not always possible to stop so there’s no harm in feeding them while in the car seat for a short while.

If they are big enough and if the food is light and harmless. They will get dirty yes, but not get hurt.

Feeding Baby in a Car Seat by Partner.

So, whether it’s a small baby or a big baby if you have help then it’s easier. Although breastfeeding and bottle feeding newborn babies in the car seat are still not recommended while the car moves because you never know what might happen.

If it’s a bigger baby then your partner can do it for a longer period of time. I do believe when it comes to solid food it’s fine. If they are using a spoon to feed the baby.

Tips for Feeding a Baby in a Car Seat.

  • Pack all that you need when you are travelling. Your little one’s bottle for formula milk or breast milk. Some extra bottles, etc. Have the bag near you or your baby so that you can use it at any given time.
  • Have brakes and park to feed your baby. When the car is moving is not advised to have the baby seated for more than 2 or 3 hours straight. Take baby out and feed them. You can also go ahead and tap them on the back for them to burp Stretching your little one can also help them relax and calm down. It’s important you feed them until they are full otherwise you will have more breaks (Which happened to me).
  • Pack soothers or tethers for the trip. Just for the trip, you can buy tethers or soothers as they are also called. It will help keep the baby safe. Buy on Boots.
  • If your baby is old enough to have bottles, remember that 10 minutes of feeding won’t hurt them. Apply bibs on them to help keep them clean. These are 12 months old babies.

Can You Feed Baby in a Car Seat While Home/Not Moving?

I used to have my baby relax on the car seat at home or when we are go to others. I of course supervised her. Babies that can’t sit upright should not be fed on the seat, but doing it for a little while won’t hurt either.

You will hold the bottle, control it and then help them burp afterwards. This is not for newborns of course. Besides bottle feeding, you can also give them solid food.

For a baby who can sit it’s easier to feed while on the sit. You only need to remove the carry handle of the way and then you are good to go.


The answer to can you feed a baby in a car seat is a yes and no answer. This depends on your situation and on your baby as well. Newborns and tiny babies should not feed while in the car seat, but for others, it’s much safer.

Is also better to be safer than sorry, if you give your baby the bottle maybe something won’t happen, but the chances are bigger.

It’s better to plan the trip if it’s a long journey. If you have given birth recently many medical nurses advise you not to drive or if you do not that long.

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