Can the Silver Cross Wayfarer Turn Into a Double?

This is a question many British parents wonder about. Silver Cross is one of the top leading brands when it comes to making pushchairs and many of them are of top quality.

If you are interested in buying, you will, of course, wonder which can convert into double, travel systems etc. The Wayfarer is among their most searched buggies.

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Is it Possible to Turn the Silver Cross Wayfarer Into a Double?

The answer is no. The Silver Cross Wayfarer is a single buggy suitable from birth up to around 22kg. It’s a travel system convertible though which makes it good.

Excellent design, etc. It’s not manufactured to carry more than one child with the frame, but like many strollers, you are able to buy a stroller board.

Attach the board between the wheels and you can have two children with you. Boards can suit the ages of 2 up to 5-year-olds.

Then, Which Silver Cross Strollers Can Convert?

Still, planning on buying a Silver Cross buggy? If yes, then you are able to buy a tandem buggy. Unfortunately Silver Cross doesn’t offer a side-by-side stroller.

Currently, they are only selling the Silver Cross Wave and Silver Cross Coast, which are two tandem pushchairs. Very quality and one of the best in the market.

If you are still interested in buying the Silver Cross Wayfarer, buy it on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Can the Silver Cross Wayfarer Turn Into a Double?”

  1. Hey thanks for this information!

    I had a visit on the wayfarer pram and I must say it definitely fits what I was initially looking for in a stroller. Boots do have some cool travel equipment that I wasn’t aware they sold, but now that I do I shall pay them a visit.

    I’m not bothered about it not being travel friendly or that it doesn’t have the peek a boo system as long as it can get from baby to preschool that will be fine!

    • Hey. Good to know you like the the Silver Cross Wayfarer. Boots have many things to offer for your baby and family. Thanks for reading.  


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