Can I Turn My Egg Pram Into a Double?

I was searching through Google to see what questions my fellow parents were asking, and I came across this one. Can I Turn My Egg Pram Into a Double?

It’s a simple question, yet important to know. In this short article, I will try and answer your question by giving you as much information as you need. To make things easier for you.

Turning My Egg Pram Into a Double: Which One Do You Have?

Yes, you can turn your Egg stroller into a double mode but which one do you have? If you have the original egg that came out in 2015 then no.

The one that came out in 2018 can be converted into a double stroller. This one came out with many new options to help mums out.

If you have the new one then all you need are some adapters and you are good to go. Unfortunately, the first egg pram can’t convert into a double.

However, you can buy a stroller board so you can carry up to 2 children. Most boards are from 2 years and some up to 5 years.

Choosing the Right Adapters and Configurations.

So now your second baby has arrived and it’s time to covert your single egg pram into a double so that your current toddler can also join the ride and have fun. (It’s relaxing for you as well).

Well, all you need is what’s called tandem adapters. These adapters will allow you to have 6 configurations and it’s a mix of the three accessories.

A seat, car seat and carrycot. These are the configurations:

  • Upper world facing seat unit, world facing lower carrycot;
  • Upper parent facing infant car seat (requires multi car seat adaptors), lower world facing tandem seat.
  • Upper parent facing carrycot (height adaptors optional), lower world facing carrycot;
  • Tandem parent facing infant car seats (requires multi car seat adaptors & lower multi car seat adaptors).
  • Upper parent facing infant car seat (requires multi car seat adaptors), lower world facing carrycot;
  • Upper world facing seat unit, lower world facing tandem seat.

As you can see with each configuration which car seats adapters are required, and you find all of this on

The tandem-seat is only available in these colours: Monument Grey, Quartz, SE Jurassic and SE Just Black.

With these configurations, your children will be able to bond, but they will have privacy and be a bit separated in some positions. For them to fight will be harder.

Converting Your Egg 2 Pram Into a Double.

If you are new to this a video is the way. Reading text can be confusing sometimes. Watching someone show it to you it’s easier. Watch YouTube videos on how you can convert your Egg 2 into a double.

With these configurations, it can carry twins, two children of different ages or even two toddlers. You can also add a third with the stroller board.

If you don’t own an egg 2 stroller and you were just looking for answers, I suggest you read my full review on it.

If you already know the ins and outs of it, then I suggest buying it from Kiddies-kingdom. There you will also find many accessories that match the stroller.

To know the price of all these visits the site. Knowing will help you budget better.


Now with all of that settled you are on your to a new journey. Be comfortable and buy something that’s within your budget and that will make things easier for the family.

The Egg 2 pram is one of the top prams in the market so it will last very long. Did you find this article helpful? Let me know.

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  1. Thank you for answering this question for many. Many people wonder if they can convert their egg pram into a double. So basically anything before 2018 is a no go. Noted, that means it is time for an upgrade for me. Do you know where I can find the best egg pram that can convert into a double at a low cost?

    • Hey. Yes it’s very helpful for many. I did a review on the Egg 2 which I linked in the article there you will find a link where to buy the buggy. eBay is a great place to buy cheaper strollers, but its most likely second hand. If you need further help let me know. Thanks for reading. 


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