Can a Baby Sleep in Cybex Priam Carrycot?

One of Cybex’s most famous prams is the Priam stroller, which is known by many. The Cybex Priam Lux carrycot is the carrycot that’s compatible with this amazing stroller.

Some babies sleep in their cots for hours and they look comfortable in them. You would be wondering if it’s actually okay to let them sleep there overnight.

This can be very helpful for some parents.

Can a Baby Sleep in Cybex Priam Carrycot?

The answer is yes, you can let your baby sleep in the cot. The reason is that the cot is designed in a way to let your baby sleep freely.

It’s big, padded and the sides are safe as well. Suitable from birth up to 9kg which is around 6 months. As mentioned above it’s the Lux and S Lux carrycot which are some of the best out there.

Depending on what Priam stroller you have the cot for them is usually suitable for the night. You can also get a stand to connect it to.

Keep your baby close to you during the night.

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Benefit with Baby Sleeping in the Cot.

Your Baby Sleeping in the Cybex Priam Carrycot Saves You Money.

If the cot can 100% be slept on you can save money by not buying a normal cot. For the first 6 months, your baby should sleep on an even surface without any blankets and pillows.

The Lux cot has a soft mattress, and canopy and the fabrics can be washed. This helps you save the money to buy a bed for your child later when they outgrow the cot.

Helps Them Get Used the Cot.

Your baby spending time on the cot during night and daytime will make them get used to it. This means they will be more comfortable sleeping there.

During night time they won’t complain and feel strange and during day time it will be easier to make them sleep in it because they feel safe.

So, there’s a benefit in letting them sleep in the cot. The Lux and S Lux cot are designed in a way to keep your baby comfortable during summer and winter.

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If you want your baby to sleep in the pram cot, then go ahead. It’s something that will make things easier for you. I personally didn’t try this but I might in the future.

Remember to keep your baby out of the cot when they are not sleeping. It’s important for their development. Now that you found out, what will it be?

Tell us how your baby feels?

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