Can a Baby Sleep in Cybex Cloud Q and Z?

Whether you own the Cybex Cloud Q or Z this article can be helpful, or if you intend you buy either one of them.

When it comes to baby’s they sleep most of the day, so it can be important to know whether the car seat you are buying approves your baby sleeping for long period or not.

In this article, I will answer is your baby can sleep in these car seats for a long period of time. How about the car or pushchair?

Also for how long you can use them.

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Can a Baby Sleep in Cybex Cloud Q and Cloud Z?

For How Long Can a Baby Sleep in Cybex Cloud Q and Cloud Z?

When it comes many car seats people advise you to not put you baby in a car seat to for a long period. For most car seats it’s true, but for these two car seats it depends.

Both come with comfortable headrest and huggers and besides they last for 15 months but it can be 18 months as well, depending on your little one.

They are comfortable for any baby to be in. Both car seats have 11 adjustable headrest which makes it for a with your baby, plus these car seats a not stuffed with things.

Its plain and free so that when your baby sleep things won’t come in the way.

For newborns up to 6 months you can place your baby in these car seats for some hours, because they move less. For above it’s less.

Cybex Cloud Q and Z: Car vs Pushchair.

For the Cloud Q your baby can sleep in peace in your car for some hours and this is especially more soo with the base. The base males it it easier.

You can rotate the car seat and also recline it even more to make it safe for you child to sleep. If you intend to buy the Cloud Z ita the same matter.

However the Cloud Z Can also used for toddlers with an additional base. Making it safe for toddlers to sleep in as well.

When it comes to the pushchair the Cloud Q is really good. You can recline it. This makes it the only car seat in the market that has this feature.

With the ability to recline the Cloud Q your baby can sleep feeling safe. It works like a seat unit. For the Cloud Z its still safe to sleep in, but it’s much safer with the harmess.


Although it’s safe for your baby to sleep in these car seats, remember to always supervise them. If they are 6 months plus then more so.

It also depends on the parent as well. I used to let my daughter sleep in her car seat for some hours and it didn’t bring any harm. I of course kept an aye on her time to time.

This happened when we went to visit someone or when she fell a sleep on the way back home. To keep her asleep I let in the car seat.

The Cloud Q and Z are more advance and has longer age suitability, so it’s totally safe.

Which of these do you intend to buy, if you haven’t?

View Cybex Cloud Q and Cloud Z.

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