Bumbleride Speed Review.

Are you an active parent and do you want to jog with your little one? Then what you are looking for is a jogging stroller. Find out why jogging strollers are the best here. Bumbleride offers parents all over the world different types of strollers so that they can enjoy strolls or jogs with their families.

The Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller is one of the jogging strollers that’s a favourite among parents for being modern and offering quality features and a nice jogging experience.

Let’s read through the details and find out why parents love this stroller.

Product: Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller

Price: £579.99

Size Of Product: 99cm L x 63cm W x 89-117cm H

A Place to Buy: Pramworld.co.uk

My Ranking: 9.5/10


This amazing jogging stroller is an all-terrain stroller that offers you the ability to jog with your baby wherever you like and enjoy it while doing so. The package comes with the Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller, pump, UPF50+ canopy, 5-point harness stroller, wrist straps, foldable bumper bar and bell.

This stroller/pushchair is “Eco friendly”. The fabrics are designed in a way so that they are recyclable and they are produced with less energy. If you are fighting for our environment to be better which we all are then you will love this.

Bumbleride offers you 3 modes of transportation with these jogging strollers. You can switch between running, jogging and walking. It’s safe and secure and very convenient. Comes with good wheels and excellent fabrics for your daily use.

The Seat.

The fabrics are eco friendly. You can recycle them and are made with less energy. You will be preserving energy and at the same time, it offers excellent fabrics and materials.

The fabrics are also made with less water. Maybe you have a different lifestyle? Whatever it is this stroller matches it. If you feel like jogging, running or simply walking on different days then a stroller like this will be of use.

You cant always be active and some days you need to just relax and enjoy a quiet walk. You maybe can’t afford two strollers either so, why not just buy one that has all of it?

A 5-point harness is attached for safety and comfort for your baby and toddler.  There’s a wrist strap to better hold and control your stroller.

Airflow backrest and it’s suitable from 6 months upwards. It’s also suitable for car seats. Car seats used for strollers are usually suitable up to 12 months which makes it easier to use the jogging stroller.

The Frame.

The handlebar can be adjusted to suit your or your partner’s height and even the grandparents. All wheels suspension and punched tyre for a smooth walk, jogs and runs. You can take your daily activities anywhere you like. An all-terrain wheels.

The frame is built with aluminium and the fabrics are polyester which makes it last for many years. The Frame is extremely lightweight which makes it easy to push when you walking, jogging or running.

If it’s raining and you want to run or jog is good to have a lightweight pram so that it won’t be heavy to push it on any terrain. The colour on the material and fabrics are designed well so that they won’t fade when washed.

The Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller is spacious with its basket underneath and a pump. The back of the stroller has pockets that are good for cups or other things you want to store in there. Good for joggers and runners. It’s good to have a place to place water and which’s also near you.

Even with the bumper bar attach the stroller can be folded with ease. A footbrake is just near your reach making it convenient for who the stroller is built for. It’s easy to control the speed.


Are There Any Cons?

I would not see any cons in this stroller but, of course, if I need to look at it from your point of view. It’s not a Travel System as in it lacks the car seat and carrycot/bassinet. You will need to buy one of these if you tend to use the stroller before your baby is 6 months.

It’s not safe to run or jog with small babies but from 4 months it’s good, maybe jogging but not running. Buying an accessory will cost you money and that add to your expences. The Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller is already expensive.

A nappy/diaper changing bag and rain cover will also be needed, adding more to your expenses. The stroller is plain and black. There are no bright colours but only simple ones. This might be a con for many parents.

Even with a jogging stroller, people will want it bright and eye-catching. It will also be nice to walk around in the city with it so having it bright will make you stick out.

Any Difference To A Normal Stroller/Pushchair?

Is it different from a normal stroller? With a normal stroller is not easy to run and jog with because of how it’s designed. Most normal strollers have 4 wheels and are square build making it hard to use while running.

The fabrics and materials are heavier but this stroller is lightweight making it easy to use., yet it has all of the features that a normal stroller have.

The price can also differ. If it was a regular stroller it will be cheaper, but it also depends on the brand. This brand, in particular, has cheaper normal strollers.

Another difference is that this stroller offers 3 modes of transportation. Whether you feel like walking, jogging or running you decide. All of these means of transportation can be done in just one stroller.

If you buy a normal stroller and decide to jog or run then it’s best to buy this kind of a stroller to use. You will save money and time and even space.

Are you a runner and a jogger? If yes then this stroller might be the one you are just looking for. How do you think this jogging stroller will help you if you decide to buy it?

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