Bumbleride Indie Stroller Review.

Bumbleride is also known for its stylish and luxurious standard buggies and prams. Are you looking for an all-terrain stroller that will take your baby from birth up to toddlerhood?

Well, why not check out the Bumbleride Indie stroller. Being one of the best in the market right now and it’s a favourite many. Quality fabrics, materials and excellent design.

It’s an everyday pushchair which according to manufacturers will fulfil many needs. In this article, I will go over the pros and cons.

Compare it to another standard 3 wheel buggy to see its value in the market. Did you know it’s available for twins as well? See on Amazon.


Product: Indie Stroller.

Price: $589.00

Size Of Product: 62 cm × 94 cm × 67-116 cm.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Ranking: 9/10

About The Indie Stroller.

The Indie stroller is new coming out this year and it’s for adventurous families who love to stroll around. This Bumbleride Indie stroller is a stroller that’s suitable from birth up to toddlerhood and its versatility it’s unmatched.  The strollers/pushchairs air-filled tyres and all wheels suspension give your little one the smoothest ride which gives them comfort and they are then able to relax and enjoy a lovely stroll.

Built for an all-terrain, lightweight and compact frame. Kid-friendly without any danger and it’s eco friendly. The fabrics are 100 % recyclable and according to the manufactures, it’s also waterproof. Some of the fabrics are from a recycled fishing net and its PCF is free from water repellent. The fabrics protect your infant from harmful chemicals.

Additional features:

  • Car seat compatible (adapters are sold separately).
  • Bassinet/carrycot is compatible.
  • A lie-flat mode without any attachment, ready for your newborn or toddler to have a comfortable sleep.
  • Adjustable footrest and deep footwell.
  • Large shopping basket with hidden pump pockets, perfect for your changing bag and other things you might want to store in there.
  • A secure foot brake.
  • 5- point safety harness.
  • A UFO45+ canopy, protect your child from the heat.
  • Foldable bumper bar.
  • Wrist straps.

The Bumbleride Indie comes with many features and accessories but not all of them. It’s compatible with many features and accessories you can buy them separately. The car seat adapters are compatible with many car seats from different brands, which makes your option many.

Why The Indie Stroller Is For You.

Do you love new things and things that are in trend? If yes then this stroller is for you. The design and fabrics are new and detailed, it comes with so many things which makes it almost impossible not to want.

Are you that parent that loves to stroll and on different areas then consider the Indie stroller/pushchair? The tyres are air-filled and suspension on all wheels make it compatible with all terrains, therefore giving you the possibility to stroll anywhere. Your choices are unlimited.

It being lightweight makes it also possible for you to carry around, especially with the wrist strap. A lightweight stroller is always good to have when using public transport and other travel options.

Are you fighting to keep our environment safe? You can do more of that with this stroller. The fabrics are chemical-free, which means dangerous chemicals wasn’t used to make the stroller. It protects our Ozon lair and your baby. If newborns or toddlers are exposed to such danger it can bring harm to their health.

Free them from it…

Being able to recycle materials have been talking of the century and this stroller fabric can be recycled and 25 % of its fabrics are from a recycled fishnet. It being waterproof makes the fabrics reusable and long-lasting.

Parents are becoming more aware of their environments and how global warming affects them, so they tend to buy products that bring less harm to our world. Manufacturers are listening to peoples needs and an example of this is the Bumbleride Indie stroller.

It’s quite expensive… but some parents look at the bigger picture.


  • Having are Travel System is possible with the Indie stroller. Car seat and bassinet or carrycot compatible makes it possible to have many options for your little one. This different option gives you and your infant relief and comfort.
  • A footrest for your baby to rest his feet is good for toddlers.
  • The large shopping basket can be used for many things. Changing bags, groceries, clothes, etc. A pocket is included which you can use to store keys, phone, wallet, etc. Like I said the options are limitless.
  • Save your child’s life with this secure foot brake. A foot brake is always reachable which makes it good to have. Some people tend to reach fast with their feet than their hands but not the majority, However, those who do this is a bonus.
  • The sun canopy does not only protect your child from the heat but also other elements, especially your newborn. It shields them from also being exposed to other people. If you have a newborn people tend to approach you. I find this to be irritating and am not alone.
  • The adapter is compatible with many car seats. You can choose from many options and these car seat brands a famous for their quality and design.



  • Although the stroller is compatible with a car seat and a bassinet/carrycot its doesn’t come with it. You have to buy it separately. Meaning it’s not a Travel System. I always put this as a con because for me a Travel System is a better option. Its saves time and money.
  • It’s expensive for a single stroller, but considering it being new and having height quality no wonder.
  • A rain cover is not included so it’s not an adapter.

Bumbleride Indie vs Out n About GT.

Two 3 wheels buggies that I have not seen been compared to each other. They both have similar value in the market and are almost in the same category.

Perfect to use in the city and suburban areas. Day to day strollers that accommodate many lives. I will do a quick comparison and see how well the Indie stroller scores.

Both are standard buggies so they share many similarities and these are:

  • Travel system convertible with cot and car seat.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Bumper included.
  • Big extendable canopy with UV protection. Peek a boo window.
  • Both have lie-flat modes.
  • Air-filled tyres.
  • Footbrake.
  • All wheels suspension.
  • Lockable swivel wheels.


Looking at the Out n About GT features you can also see it has an age range from birth up to 22kg and that’s more than the Indie which is 20kg. Although both are at 4 years.

The GT also has a UPF50+ canopy and not 45. Has one hand more compact fold, is cheaper, has 360-degree rotatable wheels and it’s lighter.

The Indie as mentioned above is available for twins which the GT is not. It also has bigger wheels which are essential to the number of terrains a buggy can handle.

You have less bumpy rides with it and people often confuse it with a jogging stroller. (It’s not). So a better ride with it.

It also has an adjustable footrest with a deep footwell. So perfect for toddlers. It also uses more environmental fabrics and materials.

The Indie offers more colours and a bigger basket. The only big cons are the heavier weight and less compact size. Analysing both, it looks like they both win.

One has something the other lack. Although some will go for the GT because of the price and lighter weight.

Be Eco Friendly With the Indie Stroller.

I mentioned above about parents or people, in general, wanting to be environmental and save our planet. Well, it’s possible to do so with the Indie stroller. It’s not only safe but its design is so attractive to many.

If you have the money for it, then go for it…

But of course, that’s not the only thing you should consider. If you think your baby will like it and if you like the colour and features it comes with then why not.

It’s an investment like any other thing you buy that has a price above £100. Invest well in your things and like I always advise think of the future. If it saves you time and money then go for it. It’s good to think economically doesn’t matter if you have more money than others. Investing your money in something that won’t bring any benefit to you and the people around you will only have a bad effect on you and your surrounding.

What do you think about this brand? Have you heard about it before? Please you are more than welcome to comment on what you think about this stroller


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