Bugaboo Turtle One vs Nuna Pipa Next.

Here you have two car seats that are made by the same brand, Nuna. The Turtle as you can see it’s owned by Bugaboo.

Quality and tip car seats in the market that are compatible with some of the best strollers out there. In this article, I will be comparing these two infant seats.

The similarities and the differences this two share and also reveal the cons as well. I hope this article will help you make up your mind.

For this article, I will focus on the Pipa Next i-size.

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About the Bugaboo Turtle.

The Turtle is designed with high-quality fabrics and materials. Suitable from 40cm up to 85cm which is around 15 months (13kg).

It has so-called memory foam on the sides to provide absolute protection against crashes and it has also been tested by Nunas advance tech.

Its forward-facing and has a light shell. The insert is adjustable and made out of wool which makes it comfortable for your sleeping baby.

An ergonomic handlebar and hood with mesh peek a boo window. Dream drapes are available for more sun cover.

It also has a sun visor. The Bugaboo Turtle harness system to keep baby safe and when used with a base it’s an i-size complaint.

You also get a 3-year guarantee from Bugaboo.

About the Nuna Pipa Next.

Known for its super lightweight the Nuna Pipa Next is an i-size complaint that makes it better. Suitable from birth up to 13kg which is around 15 months.

With an adjustable headrest and soft foam to keep your little one comfortable. A re-thread harness system as well to make things easier for you.

A UPF50+ canopy with dream drapes. flip out on the window to have fresh air and memory foam on the sides to keep your baby safe.

Leather made carry handle for comfort, looks and quality. The base for the Nuna Pipa Next has built-in wings on the sides to it keep safer. It works like the side protections in the shells.

Similarities Between the Bugaboo Turtle and Nuna Pipa Next.

Turtle and Pipa Next Seat and Shell.

When looking at the main seat both have headrests and huggers. They are adjustable and easy to use. Suitable from birth up to 13kg which is around 15 months.

Better than many car seats which are only up to 12 months. Both have a harness system with chest pads. When it comes to the shells both are similar as well.

Side impact protection on both and because they are i-size complaint means it’s even more absorbent. Both are also rear-facing.

Turtle and Pipa Next Canopy/Hood and Handle.

Looking at the Bugaboo Turtle it has UP50+ protection just like the latter. With peek a boo windows and dream drapes. Both canopies have sun visors as well.

Made with soft fabrics and they are adjustable as well. The only similarity with the handles is that both are ergonomic and easy to use.

Turtle and Pipa Next Seatbelt and Base.

The Bugaboo Turtle and Nuna Pipa Next can both be used with the seatbelt and base. This makes them suitable for all lifestyles.

Using the base it’s actually better. Both also offer the same type of base.

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Differences Between the Bugaboo Turtle and Nuna Pipa Next.

The Differences with the Turtle and Nuna Pipa Next Seat and Handle.

For the Pipa Next, the fabrics are in 2 sets. You have a headrest and a body rest as well. They are softer on the Pipa Next than the former.

Pipa Next offers 10 adjustable positions which makes it more suitable for bigger and taller babies. Bugaboo Turtle has one set of body and headrest.

Both handles are good, but the Turtle it’s black and a bit bend. For the Pipa Next, it’s steel or chrome and has a leather part in the middle.

Turtle and Nuna Pipa Next Weight and Dimensions.

Bugaboo Turtle has this weight and dimensions:

  • Length: 66 cm
  • Width: 43.8 cm
  • Height: 58.9 cm
  • Weight: 5.1 kg

When it comes to the Nuna Pipa Next this is the weight and dimensions:

  • L 67 – 86 x W 44- 59 x H 72- 118 cm
  • Weight: 2.8kg.

Because the Pipa Next can be adjustable makes it much bigger in some situations. Although the weight is much less than the Turtle.

Pipa Next is ideal to carry when shopping or buying groceries. It’s made easy to carry upstairs as well. That’s much harder with the Bugaboo Turtle.

This makes it much better, and of course, it’s newer.

Turtle and Pipa Next Colours and Price.

The Turtle has black and grey melange colours. For the Pipa Next, you have black, dark grey and grey melange colours. Only the darker grey is the difference.

Pipa Next has more colours to offer. For the Bugaboo Turtle i-size, the price is around £219, and for the former £230. As of now £11 indifference.

For many, it’s not much, although the Turtle saves you more money.

Turtle and Pipa Next Stroller Compatibility.

These are the strollers that are compatible with this Pipa Next:

You will need adapters on these car seats and view the list properly. Visit Nunas webpage to see which adapters are needed.

For the Bugaboo Turtle are these:

As you can see it’s only with the Bugaboo brand, unlike the Pipa Next. This makes the former better.

Which One is Better?

There’s no doubt that the Pipa Next is better than the Turtle One although both have quality fabrics and materials. It’s compatible with more strollers and these are also strollers from other brands.

It’s more likely to use by more families. It’s bigger than the former but also much lighter. Carrying it is like carrying a bag of potatoes.

The body frame, colours and look is better as well. Although it’s a bit more expensive than the former it’s still worth it for some.

Turtle One has many pros and it’s an excellent car seat, but it’s only compatible with Bugaboo strollers and not other brands. It’s made by Nuna for Bugaboo only.

If you own a Bugaboo stroller then the Turtle One can be a cheaper option, although it’s quite heavy for a car seat.


One big con for the Turtle One car seat is that it’s only compatible with Bugaboo strollers. It’s very limited. Both car seats are expensive and this is more so if you buy them singly.

If you are buying a Bugaboo stroller or Nuna stroller buying a travel system is much cheaper. If not the expenses are too much. Turtle One is heavy as well.

It won’t be easy to carry. The colours both offer are dark, and for someone who wants light colours, there ain’t any. These are the only cons.


Although both of these are excellent car seats, the Nuna Pipa Next is a bit better and more suitable for families all over the world.

Even though it’s expensive it’s lighter and has more features to offer. Being one of the best car seats in the market. Alongside Cybex car seats.

Whichever you choose your family will have a nice experience and because these are quality they will last long.

The pros outweigh the cons in many ways so they are worth buying.

What are your thoughts?

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