Bugaboo Stroller Bag Reviews.

Do you have a Bugaboo stroller and it didn’t come with a bag? Well, a changing bag. It can sometimes happen that you have found the right stroller with the right price, but something is missing.

A bag, or maybe you are tired of using the same bag and want a new one. It can be boring for some parents and they will want to change things a little bit.

We all know we can`t survive without nappy/diaper changing bags. Well, we can survive, but you get the point. You also want a simple but at the same time a modern, and fancy bag that offers many features.

For this review, I will be reviewing two bags, and state the pros and cons. I won’t do any comparisons this time. I will leave it all up to you. I know you will do the right choice for you and your baby or toddler.


  • Performance.
  • Bugaboo XL Bag.
  • Bugaboo Changing Bag.
  • Cons.
  • Essential To Have.

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Bugaboo XL Bag.

  • It’s bigger than the average changing bag and adds 15kg more space.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Detach and attach when you are ready to leave.
  • Straps.
  • Front pocket.
  • The buttings materials are magnetic.

Bugaboo Changing Bag.

  • Multiple pockets inside.
  • Reasonable size to use for your baby’s or toddler’s things.
  • Has a strap to attach and detach from the stroller.
  • Changing mat.

Bugaboo XL Bag.

Product: Bugaboo XL Bag.

Price: £124.95

Guarantee: 2+1 years guarantee. (If you buy it here)

A Place to Buy: Boots. Click here.

Delivery: Multiple options.

My Ranking: 9/10.

The old model of this Bugaboo Stroller Bag was much smaller and was average, but the new design and model it’s bigger. It takes up to 15kg in weight.

This means you are more likely to fit in there even your clothes or other personal things. It can be heavy and tiring or frustrating to carry two bags.

Put all in one bag and carry it or better yet hang it on the stroller, and you are free to go. Attach it to the stroller frame/chassis when you a ready to go, and detach it when you are home. Easy and simple.

Not too complicated. Remember those days when you hang your bag on the handlebar? Well, they are over because the bag is not bulky and you won’t need to be disturbed while you are walking.

I still have my bulky bag and I still hang it on the handlebar. It bumps into me every time I use it. Rather frustrating. Hopefully, I will change it and buy a new one.

The front pockets on the bag a good to use for the phone, or valuable things. It’s easily reachable. The outside and inner fabrics are soft and quality designed. It will last longer and the colour is basic but modern.

More Available features.

More pockets are designed inside and the buttons are magnetic. If you have anything else to store in the bag the inner pockets will be of good use.

Having an inner pocket will also make it easy to arrange and organise your things. Makes it easy to find what you are looking for. You don’t want a mess.

The magnetic buttings make it easy to close and open the bag. If you are in a hurry this feature will help you a lot. A wipe lining comes with it.

The bag is compatible with these Bugaboo strollers and for some of these you will need to have adapters:

  • The Bugaboo Fox stroller (adapters are not needed)
  • The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus ( adapters are needed)
  • The Bugaboo Buffalo (adapters are needed)

The bag can only be used or hung when the seat is installed. For the most time, you hang the bag after you have placed your baby or toddler on the seat. So, I don’t think this will not be an issue.

Bugaboo Changing Bag.

Product: Bugaboo Changing Bag.

Price: £109.95.

Size of the Product:  L x W x H: 49 x 12 x 35 cm / 19.29 x 4.72 x 13.78 inch

A place to Buy: Boots, Click here.

Delivery:  In Europe Only.

My Ranking: 10/10.

This Bugaboo Stroller bag comes with hooks that are designed with it. It enables the bag to be attached and detached easily. The bag is quite open and big.

On top of the bag, there is a big opening. It’s easy to access with the zip. When the back is opened you will have four inner pockets. These pockets can be used to organise your baby’s nappies/diapers, wipes, clots, etc.

There is also a bottle holder. No need to mix it up with the other things. Just open the bag and grab it. If your baby is crying, and waiting anxiously to be fed you don’t want anything coming in the way.

Otherwise, you will be hearing screams for minutes. I think you already know the feeling. Better yet, why not place it outside of the bag?

There is an outside bottle pocket. Easy to access and use. Make life easier mum or dad! A matching changing mat is included with pockets.

The handle is designed with leather and the strap can be adjusted. Leather looks expensive and fancy, it will match any Bugaboo stroller/pushchair you have.

Adjust the bag to find the right angle that best suits you. Have the bag more near you and reachable. A wipe-clean lining it’s also included.

The bag comes with hooks for the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 only, otherwise, it matches with any other Bugaboo stroller.


Bugaboo XL Bag.

  • The bag is expensive, maybe not for all.
  • It does not come with a changing mat.
  • It’s only suitable for certain Bugaboo strollers not all.
  • This Bugaboo Stroller Bag offers limited colours.
  • You will need to have adapters to install the bag on two strollers.

Bugaboo Changing Bag. 

  • This one is much cheaper than the other one, but it still is expensive to others.
  • You will need to have hooks to install it on the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 (cons for those who have this model).
  • Only 3 colours are available.

Essential To Have  – 2 Choices.

Many might not think the changing bag is essential to have, but I do and many parents agree with me. The bag is convenient and makes your life easier.

If you always have to use your shopping basket and, or a normal bag then it won’t be easy. Your things won’t be organised and you will spend more time on unnecessary things.

These two bags will help your daily strolls with your toddler to be more joyful. That is if you already have a Bugaboo stroller.

See other nappy/diaper changing bags.

So, the question I have been anticipating. Which of these two do you prefer? Can you state why? I would love to know. If you want to ask anything else please feel free to do so.


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