Bugaboo Fox 2 vs Lynx

Bugaboo is known for its expensive strollers and prams, and every time a pram comes out it gets favoured by many. The Fox 2 came out in 2020 and was updated with new quality features.

Bugaboo Lynx came out in 2019 copying the original Fox Pram, it’s smaller in size and weight. Both are almost identical and if you don’t look closely you won’t notice.

However, they do differ and in this article, I will go over their similarities and differences so you have it easier when choosing which pram to buy.

Before I get to that let me summarize their features with a quick review.

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About the Bugaboo Fox 2.

Suitable from birth up to 22kg which is around 4 years or plus. You can either use the carrycot which is up to 9kg (6 months) or car seats from different brands.

The seat unit offers multiple reclining positions, 5 point harness system with chest pads, etc. A big canopy with mesh ventilation panels and peek a boo window.

It has a higher seat unit that’s forward and rear-facing.

Big back wheels for better performance. Suspension on all wheels and puncture-proof tyres. You can remove the front wheels to use on sand, etc.

One-piece and two-piece fold, and when folded the frame stand on its own. A more ergonomic designed stroller/pram. A bumper that can be removed is included.

A handlebar that’s adjustable with wrist loops to help steer. Steering can be done with one hand. The basket underneath can carry up to 10kg of weight.

Comes in many colours, frames and has premium fabrics like all Bugaboo strollers. The Fox is made to be used on any terrain because of the wheels.

About the Bugaboo Lynx.

Suitable from birth up to 22kg which is around 4 years. Compatible with carrycot from birth up to 9kg and with car seats from multiple brands.

Forward and rear-facing seat unit with 3 reclining positions and it has 5 point harness system with chest pads.

A big canopy with mesh ventilation panels and peek a boo window.

Suspension on back wheels only and all of the tyres are puncture-proof with rubber tyres. Usable on many terrains. You have a one and two-piece fold.

Stands when folded. A removable bumper bar and a telescopic handlebar. An underneath basket that takes up to 10kg of weight.

You can steer the Bugaboo Lynx with only one hand. It’s available in many colours. This one is designed to be lighter and more suitable to use in the city, while still maintaining the Bugaboo luxurious look.

Similarities Between the Bugaboo Fox 2 and Bugaboo Lynx.

Seat Unit and Canopy.

When it comes to both of these factors there are practically the same. Both seats are from 6 months and up to 22kg. Both have a 5 point harness system with chest pads.

A big canopy with mesh ventilation panels and peek a boo window. It’s to keep your child comfortable during hot days. The copy is UPF50+ Made to shield from the sun and it’s water-resistant.

Both seats offer forward and rear-facing and both also have 3 reclining positions. The only difference they share in this it’s that the Fox 2 has a higher seat.

Gives more bonding with your child.


Both the Bugaboo Fox 2 and Lynx offer medium-size deep baskets that are reachable from the back and front. These can take up to 10kg of weight as stated above.

When using the carrycot and seat unit both are easily reach making them good. (Not all prams have this possibility).

The only difference being the Fox 2 has ventilation holes in its basket the other it’s fully covered. The holes allow fresh air to come from all sides.


When buying the Fox 2 it always comes with its carrycot and Lynx not usually. It only does if you buy the full travel system. Otherwise, it comes separately.

As seen above both have the same carrycot as well. Suitable from birth up to 9kg 2hich 6 months. It can be less or more depending on your little one.

They also are big and have mesh panels and peek a boo window. It’s good to keep an eye on the baby. You also have a stand for the carrycot suitable for both prams.

The only difference with the carrycots is one is suitable for overnight sleeping. This is the Bugaboo Fox 2. You can use its bassinet for it.

According to Strolleria the Lynx carrycot is too shallow which enables it to be used only on the suitable for the stroller. Although the same this makes the Fox 2 bassinet better.

Car Seat Compatible.

Both are compatible with the Bugaboo Turtle from Nuna. Which is one of the best there is. They also share compatibility with other car seats from other brands and these are:

The only difference is that the Fox 2 is compatible with Chicco car seats as well. You will need adapters to attaches each of these with the exception of the Bugaboo Turtle.

Frame and Folding Mechanism.

There are similarities in these factors as well. Both frames are sleek and well designed. Almost identical in their design but they do differ.

You steer the strollers with one hand, not only because of the smooth handles but also because of the wheels.

When it comes to folding they both offer one-piece and two-piece folds. They can be folded with and without the seat unit. Both have removable bumper bars.

Both offer telescopic handlebars but differ in height.

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Differences Between the Bugaboo Fox 2 and Lynx.

Bugaboo Fox 2 and Lynx Colours and Style.

So, when it comes to the colours and style the Fox offers more colours and style than the Lynx. It comes in three boxes and there contains the frame, canopy and fabric set.

The Fox allows you to change the colours and design depending on the season you are in. Lynx offers these colours:

  • Black with aluminium frame
  • Steel Blue with aluminium frame.
  • Blue Melange with aluminium frame
  • Fresh White with aluminium frame
  • Black with black frame
  • Grey Melange with black frame
  • Light Grey Mineral Collection with aluminium frame

(Taken from Strolleria).

With the Fox 2, you can use a black frame and am aluminium just the Lynx and just as it can also have grey melange or black fabrics.

When it comes to the canopy it offers these 6 colours:

  • Grey melange.
  • Blue.
  • Red.
  • Black.
  • White.
  • Pink.

So, you do have more colours with the Bugaboo Fox 2 and these colours are beloved by many families. It takes the firt spot here as well.

Weight and Dimensions.

The Lynx is smaller so it does have a smaller weight as well. It weighs 9.6kg with the seat unit and frame.  The Fox is a little bit heavier around 9.9kg. This makes the Lynx one of Bugaboos lightest prams alongside the Bee models.

This makes the Lynx easier to travel with and carry. Now looking at the dimensions. Lynx has 79 (l) x 60 (w) x 99 (h) on its open dimensions.

Two ways of folding: 87.5 × 53 × 31.5cm. One way of folding: 60 × 60 × 84cm. Bugaboo has a one-piece fold with 47 x 60 x 90cm dimension. The open dimensions is 104 x 60 x 108cm.

This makes the Fox bigger as stated above. As you can see the folding dimensions also differ. The Fox does have a more compact one-piece fold.

It makes the latter easier to store in a tiny place.

Handle Height and Wheels.

When it comes to the handlebar both offer telescopic ones as mentioned above. However, you have 87cm up to 106 with the Bugaboo Fox 2. 99cm up to 114cm with the Lynx.

This makes the Fox 2 more suitable for short parents, while the Lynx is more for taller parents. Although both have a good height for parents.

Fox 2 seem to win because it’s more suitable for the average human height. Looking at the wheels the Fox 2 offers slightly bigger wheels.

It has 21.5cm with the front wheels and 30.4cm with the rear wheels. Lynx has 17cm front wheels and 28.9cm rear wheels. Not that noticeable.

Bugaboo Fox 2 has suspension on all 4 wheels which the Lynx lack because it only has 2. This means the Fox 2 offers better manoeuvrability.

It’s more made for the suburban lifestyle. You can remove the front wheels to push on the sand, mud, etc. It makes pushing easier.

So, it accommodates more lifestyles than the former does. The chassis also makes the Fox 2 give better manure. It’s steadier.

Fox 2 offer a better experience with the different terrains.

Folding Mechanism.

Both have almost the same folding system the only difference is that the Bugaboo Fox 2 has easier folding and unfolding mechanism.

When folding it you only need to press the triggers which are more ergonomic designed and it can have a unique folding twist. This unique fold makes it possible for you to fold while standing.

Unfolding also can be done easily as well. With Lynx, you need to push a button and press the triggers at the same time. This is reported to be harder than it sounds.

When unfolding the Bugaboo Lynx you also need to go down to do it. So, again the Fox 2 has shown to be a top-quality stroller.

This makes it easier to use when travelling or getting in the house if you have stairs. Placing it in the boot as well.

A difference in the Price.

Depending on the colours and frame of choice the prices differ with both prams. The black frame is more expensive and the grey melange is also more expensive than the other colours.

When looking at the price in general Bugaboo Fox 2 is more expensive than the former. It costs around £998.00 with the carrycot. If you add other accessories of course the price is a lot more.

The Lynx pram is £795.00 which is much cheaper, but again with the additional accessories, it costs more.

Buy the Bugaboo Fox 2 accessories and Bugaboo Lynx accessories. 

Which One Is Better?

There’s no doubt that the Bugaboo Fox 2 is better than the Bugaboo Lynx. It has better manoeuvrability than the former which makes it accommodate many more lifestyles.

It has a better one-piece compact fold. A higher seat as well to create a bond with your little one. I can go on and on. From the description above you clearly see it’s better in many ways.

Although it has also many similarities with the Lynx. It’s more expensive and heavier, but if you want a more quality stroller then you will need to compromise on the price.

The Lynx it’s Still Favoured.

People also go for the Lynx which is understandable. It’s cheaper, lighter and it’s smaller with open dimensions. If you only intend to use it for your toddler then it can be better.

The lynx can handle uneven grounds and it has many features the Fox 2 offers so it’s not that much indifference. You take it if you want to buy a less expensive pram.

It means less manoeuvrability but it’s still there. So, the Bugaboo Lynx has its own fans.


Although both the Fox 2 and Lynx are good they both are expensive which they share with all Bugaboo prams. This makes them unaffordable for many.

Unlike the Bugaboo Donkey, models, they are not convertible. It’s only for single babies. The seat units don’t have a legrest or footrest which is better for toddlers.

They are rather bulky as well with a canopy. The baskets are not the biggest. They don’t have swivel lockable wheels which makes it easier to push through narrow streets.

Both are standard buggies, although a bit standard they are still not easy to carry.


To summarise it all these are both quality strollers and according to some are worth having. Although expensive they will both offer a good experience from birth up to toddlerhood.

If you want a more adventurous stroller and an easier stroller to handle then the Fox 2 is the one.

Less pricey and smaller makes the Lynx suitable for those families who live in tiny spaces and want something cheaper.

So, both these depends on your style of life.

What do you think? Is it either the Bugaboo Fox 2 or Lynx?

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  1. Two such similar prams, but with slight differences. Because they are so similar, and the differences are not a game-changer for me, I think I would go for the slightly cheaper one which is the Lynx. I have learned my lessons from my first child, time goes so fast and they grow so quickly that there is no need to have the fanciest and best baby products because all too soon they have outgrown them.

    • Hey. I like how you think. Going for the fanciest is not always the best option. You have many strollers that are of high quality and still affordable. Thanks for reading. 


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