Bugaboo Comfort Wheel Board Review.

Stroller boards are important to have if you have toddlers. They can help you out. If you have two kids, a baby and a toddler you don’t need to buy a double stroller which can cost more.

Your toddler will be pleased because they can use to board to the board stand or sit, depending on what you buy. Sometimes it offers both options. When your toddler is tired they can sit and still be able to enjoy the journey.

Product: Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board.

Price: £104.00

A Place to Buy: Amazon.

Guarantee: No

My Ranking: 10

The Wheeled Board.

The Bugaboo Comfort Wheel Board can be fixed on any Bugaboo stroller/pushchair. It’s for 3-year-olds + and can be used for sitting and standing as I mentimed above.

You will need adapters to attach the board on all of the strollers/pushchairs except the Bugaboo Bee 5 and Bugaboo Fox. For these two models, you do not need the adapters to attach. It can easily be fixed on without them.

The Wheeled Board offers your toddler to be comfortable and enjoy a good ride whether they decide to sit or stand. When your toddler uses a board they are freer to move around and they can play with their sibling even more.


The design is good. You have two separate places where you can sit and stand. The standing place is spacious and not too tiny which enables your toddler to move a little bit around. They are not stuck in a tiny space where they have to stand still the whole trip.

That can be a bit frustrating for your child. The material looks safe and comfortable to stand on and it can be cleaned after usage. Which you will need to do.

Even the sitting area is designed to be comfortable and cosy. Your toddler can sit there and be safe for them to enjoy their ride more. The seat is not too high and is not too low.

If it’s high it won’t be safe for your toddler and if it’s low they can’t see the view and there will be most likely no space between them and their sibling. It will be too narrow for them to relax and be free.

The seat is perfectly designed for toddlers, it’s not tiny so that they won’t have much space to sit and it’s not too big so that they can fall off.

The board comes with comfortable positions. You can set it on the right or left side of the stroller to get more space and push the stroller/pushchair.

It also features suspension for when you are strolling bump-free and when you are not using the board you can just push it aside or detach it.

You have the choice to not remove it even if you are not using it. It can be something that can save you time if you are in a rush. It also means that you can fix it on from home and push it aside until your toddler needs it. No need to carry it under your basket or hold it to fix it later.

You save more space on your basket and your hands are freer for you to push or hold something else. It has a ridge for traction so your child can sit safely and cosy which is what we all want, so there won’t be any disturbances on the journey.


  • Suitable for all Bugaboo strollers/pushchairs.
  • Black in colour. Matches with any stroller you buy.
  • The wheel and seat are removable. This is good if you have a tiny space. You can just remove them and store them in a different place. You can even clean it better when it’s removed. It will keep the materials clean and new.
  • A standing and sitting stance for your toddler. You will save money and at the same time make it easy for your toddler when you are out and strolling.


  • The board is only suitable for Bugaboo strollers which is not good for those parents who don’t have a Bugaboo stroller. So, it’s useless if you don’t have it. It also makes it less valuable even though its quality is high and the brand is famous.
  • It’s expensive if you compare it to other brands that offer the same product.
  • It cant be used on a jogging stroller because it’s not safe. This is for all stroller boards.
  • It does not have a strap or a harness to keep your toddler safe so if you start jogging or running your toddler can fall off.

For Standing And Sitting.

Is your toddler fussy and are they stubborn? If so, this board is good for them and even you. They have a place to sit and stand. They have two options and not one.

Some boards only offer a standing stance and not a sitting one. Your toddler will only be able to stand and sometimes it can be tiring and they will want to sit.

If you have a toddler that’s tired they are usually fussy and won’t listen so you will need them to relax so that they can behave. Having both options have a benefit to you and your toddler.

Some of the strollers it’s compatible with; Donkey 3, Donkey 2, Fox 2, Lynx, Cameleon 3 Plus, Bee 5, Bee 6.

What do you think about this stroller board? Would you agree that having both options is good for you and your toddler? Can you name 4 reasons why you would buy this stroller board?

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