Bugaboo Ant Review.

Are you a traveller and love travelling? Well, if you then you can still do what you love with a baby on the way. Bugaboo Ant is Bugaboos lightest stroller and was just made for does who move a lot.

I will go over the cons and pros and tell many things about this buggy. I did a review on it with the Uppababy Minu Uppababy Minu vs Bugaboo Ant.

Check it out and see which one is better. It can also be a way for you to see the pushchairs worth.

Product: Bugaboo Ant.

Price: £379.00

Boxed Weight: 1100g.

A Place to Buy: Kiddies-kingdom.Click here.

Guarantee: Yes, 2 years guarantee.

My Ranking: 9/10


Let’s look a little bit into the Bugaboo Ant stroller. 50% of the materials are recyclable, its for parents who love to help with the environment. The lightest and most compact stroller out there, and at the same time, it comes with many features.

An easy and nice design that makes your journeys with your little more comfortable and smooth. Comes with a height-adjustable handlebar, UFO+50 canopy and the Ant has an all wheels suspension making it easy to carry your baby’s weight.

The stroller comes with two boxes and you will be receiving these items:

  • Chassis
  • Front and rear wheels
  • Basket
  • Sun canopy wire and clamps
  • The seat and headset fabrics
  • Sun canopy
  • Wheels caps
  • Side panels

Let’s delve more into details and see what each part have to offer.

 The Canopy.

The UFO+50 canopy is extended, which makes it a perfect fit for your newborn who needs more protection. The sun canopy not only protects from the sun but also wind and any other weather

The stroller is suitable from birth up to 22kg, that’s 4 years old depending on your toddler. The fabrics are 100 % polyester and you can remove the sun canopy and wash it. It gives you a nice look, but you should wash it separately at 30 degrees.

The colour of the inner later later of canopy differs from the pushchair/stroller. Its colour is many, you can choose from pink, blue, yellow, etc. It’s also slim makes it fit into tiny spaces. Perfect for the city.

The Seat And Fold.

The Bugaboo Ant stroller seat is more than lightweight, its so tiny which again makes it fit into tiny spaces. The fabrics can be removed and washed, no need to buy a new stroller or spend time cleaning. Just put it into the washing machine and let it do the work.

Remove the seat and put a car seat and turn it into a Travel System. The Bugaboo Ant can face you and the world, whatever you prefer. Integrated footrest for your toddler who will need it when they are tired or just want to rest their feet.

An ergonomic seat, which can be both flexible and provide support for your little one. The colour of the seat is grey, but at the same time has a fancy look. What makes the Ant stroller incredible is the 5 reclining position and it has a backrest for your baby’s or toddlers comfort. The backrest helps your little one to sit upright and support them in their early ages.

When it comes to the fold, its easy and no time-consuming. When folded the size of it is 55 × 38 × 23. When folded it can be a push in a trolley like – form for travel and it also can be fit in the cabin of an aeroplane. When folded is small so its best for public transport and other places.

Wheels And Basket.

All-wheel suspension and the rear wheels are 6 inches and the back wheels are 5 inches. The wheels can be removed to allow for a more compact fold. Time to time you can remove the wheels to clean them, it will keep them clean and the materials will last longer. You should clean them only wiping, don’t soak them in water, it can be damaging.

Cleaning the wheels will make the stroller last even more. An accessible rear basket and underneath basket makes it easy for any parent out there. Whether you use for grocery shopping, shopping bags or your baby’s changing bag.

The basket provides an 8kg storage for your things.

The Lightest And Most Compact, Can You Believe It!

By only viewing the stroller for yourself you can straight away notice the stroller looks soo lightweight/slim. Lightweight pushchairs are always compact and easy to store and travel with. The Bugaboo Ant is what we call a unique stroller for being the most lightweight and compact stroller out there.

So, can you believe it or not? Well is believable with today’s manufactures that are so bent on providing the best out there. The Ant’s suitable for every baby and toddler out there and every parent. Use for the city and countryside. With it, suspension wheels its possible for muddy places and rough places. Use it for public transport, on vacations, put it in your boot and anywhere you go.

In any situation you might be in the Ant is there to provide comfort.  It’s suitable for the most used car seats by parents. With that said, there are always cons to strollers. It’s not a Travel System but can be turned into one with the car seat but unfortunately, a carrycot/bassinet is not suitable.

Carrycots/bassinets are important for your newborn, it allows them to lie flat as possible and they are bigger and bulkier. It provides a more comfortable environment for your little one. The package does not come with any of the important accessories, so you will need to buy them.

To be honest those things are no cons for the stroller itself but rather the lack of it can make some parents consider their decisions. There might be some additional features you want on it but is lacking, an example can be back pockets for keys or toys and somewhere to put your baby’s bottles.

What do you think about The Bugaboo Ant Stroller? Is the price reasonable and would you go for it or recommend it to a family member? If not please state why?

If you know someone who bought the stroller/pushchair, state how it went for them. If you have anything else to add or ask please do, in the comment section below.

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