Britax B Safe Review.

Britax Römer has been providing car seats for families for years now. They are one of the best brands, if not the best brand that’s known for their quality, easy installation and safe car seats.

The B Safe 35 is one does car seat that’s well known by many. In this article, I will detail the B Safe 35 pros and point out the cons as well.

Compare it with another car seat to see its value in the market. Through my search, I have seen some negative reviews and positive reviews of this car seat.

After analysing both you will see if the car seat is worth buying or not.



  • Made from high strength steel.
  • Full body protection/energy shells.
  • Installed with base in the car/Safecenter LATCH.
  • Spring-assisted recline and dual indicators.
  • Removable cover.
  • Ergonomic adjustable handle.
  • Foam padding on the seat and extra-large canopy. ( UPF50+ protection).
  • Travel system ready.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Old R144/04 safety checker.

View this video to have a better understanding:

Britax B Safe 35 Review: Car Seat.

Product: B Safe 35.

Price: £146.00.

Product dimensions: 26.5″ (L) x 17.75″ (W) x 25″ (H) (67.31 cm x 45.08 cm x 63.5 cm).

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

B Safe 35 Seat and Frame.

B Safe 35 is covered with a full-body cover that can be removed and washed which will keep it a bit longer than many car seats. It has head and shoulder pads on the inside.

These are there to support your baby and give them comfort. Surrounding the seat are these energy-absorbing shells. They are made to protect your baby by bouncing off anything coming at it.

Also called side impact protection and these are lifesavers during a collision. B Safe 35 has only one layer of absorbing shells.

B Safe 35 is also designed with a 5 point harness system that has 4 adjustable positions and these have pads. You can adjust them as your baby grows.

You have guidelines showing how the car seat works, which all car seats provide. It has 3 reclining positions.

Now moving to the frame itself. Its made of high strength steel which is there to keep everything steady and durable.

The steel frame helps the car seat base steady. B Safe 35 is designed with an adjustable ergonomic handle. It’s easy carrying the car seat thanks to its shape and nice grip.

Suitable from birth and onwards and according to manufacturers that’s around 1.8kg up to 15kg.

It’s a rear-facing car seat and has the old European safety standard. This means it’s still good and will protect your little one.

B Safe 35 also has a big canopy that will keep the sun’s UV out and minor rain.

You can install the car seat with a seatbelt as well and this makes it easier for some. B Safe 35 weighs around 4.5kg that’s without the base.

The Britax car seat is available in these colours black, red/black, dark grey/black and light grey/black.

B Safe 35 Base.

This Britax car seat is installed with a base in your car. The base has a Safecenter LATCH and this is like the energy shells. It helps the base bounce of any impact.

It helps to tighten and compress to divert any impact towards your baby. Which makes it one of the best. The so-called relax and recline.

Its spring-assisted recline and dual level indicators help with how you place the base in your car.

These indicators and recline help you place the base in the right way so it does not come off. The base weighs 4.08kg which is not that easy to carry.

B Safe 35 Stroller Compatibility.

B Safe 35 is compatible with all Britax strollers, so it means you can use it if you happen to own any Britax stroller. It’s also compatible with two other brands if you have adapters.

These other brands are BOB single and Duallie strollers.


  • Not the cheapest car seat.
  • The harness is stiff and not that easy to handle said, one reviewer.
  • Didn’t get that much score when compared to some car seats.
  • It’s one of the heaviest infant car seats.
  • Only has head and shoulders support and not full-body support.

B Safe 35 vs Graco Snug Car Seat.

Two different car seats and, yet similar in a way. Graco is also known to provide good and quality car seats. The Snug Car Seat is one of them.

Which of these two car seats is better? First, let me share their similarities and these are:

  • Suitable from birth up to 12+.
  • Installed with or without a base.
  • Adjustable handle and ergonomic as well.
  • Available in more than one colour.
  • Big UPF50+ canopy.
  • Aide impact protection with energy shells.
  • Soft absorbing foam fabrics.
  • Washable covers.


What differs is that the Snugessentials car seat is lighter at 3.6kg. It also has the new regulation safety checker which is the R129 Compliant.

This means it offers better safety. Snugessentials also offers body support alongside head support.

However, the B Safe 35 has 5 point harness system and it’s adjustable. The base it offers is much better than the former.

This ensures your baby is absolutely safe. You can use the car seat from 1.8kg up to 15kg which is way more than the Graco car seat.

It’s available in more colours as well and it’s compatible with more strollers than the Graco car seat. Snugessentials is only compatible with some Graco strollers.

One major thing that makes the Graco Snugessentials better is the safety of the seat itself. Because of the newer regulation checker, it has.

Other than that the B Safe 35 is better. You can argue about the weight, but it’s only a 0.9kg difference and most of the time you won’t carry the seat for a long time.

So, It all depends on what you are looking for. Without the base, the B Safe 35 has a similar price to the Snug.


B Safe 35 is not the newest car seat out there and it’s definitely not the safest seat out there, but it’s simple enough and safe enough to protect your little one.

It’s quite simple and suitable for popular brands. If you don’t use it for strollers, it’s a great car seat for your car, especially with the base.

You can use it longer than most baby car seats which is a big advantage. Did you know it’s perfect for tiny babies as well? Not all car seats can carry tiny babies.


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  1. Thank you for the very informative article on the Britax B Safe 35 car seat. I didn’t realize there were higher quality seats on the market. As far as it’s cost, I think we really have to ask ourselves what is really the best for our baby. I appreciate it being compared to another car seat and the ability to have it shipped worldwide. Thanks again! Mel


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