Britax B Agile Double Review.

Are you looking for a double stroller for your twins or your children of similar ages? Then the Britax B Agile Double is one of the simple double strollers in the market.

It’s a side by side double buggy made to make things easier for families living in the city. Britax most popular stroller the B Agile is a favourite among many parents.

They went double with this one and this buggy has been in the market for years. I decided to do a review of it. Pointing out the pros and cons.

Also compare it with another double buggy to see its value in the market.



  • Side by side double suitable up to 22kg.
  • Multiple reclining positions on the seats. (Straps, pocket).
  • Adjustable backrest with lie-flat option.
  • 5 point harnesses.
  • Cleanable fabrics and materials.
  • Legrest.
  • Big UPF50+ canopy. (Extendable, peek a boo window and mesh panel).
  • Medium size basket.
  • Adjustable handlebar with folded buttons on it.
  • Front suspension wheels, front swivel wheels and puncture-proof tyres.
  • Folded quick and free stands when folded.
  • Travel system convertible.

Britax B Agile Double Review: Stroller.

Product: Britax B Agile Double.

Price: £324.00

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: 104 x 78 x 105 cm (h × w × d). Folded dimensions: 31 x 72 x 78 cm. (Weight: 13.1kg).

Handle height: 79cm – 110cm.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

B Agile Double Seat Unit.

Although the B Agile is an old model it’s still useable and many parents are still interested in buying it. It comes only in one colour and that’s black.

Black is usually a colour that matches many things, so although limited it’s still good. Suitable from birth thanks to the adjustable backrest.

You can recline the seat with straps located at the back. With the backrest, you have a lie-flat position best suited for your twins or children.

The Buggy has a maximum weight of 54kg. Each seat however can carry up to 22kg so that’s around 4 years. At that time your twins or children might be tired of the double buggy.

Britax B Agile Double also offers other reclining options and each seat has its own recline pattern. This means while one baby is sleeping the other one can play or just lie back and relax.

Having their own position will make your children enjoy the ride even more while growing up.

Each seat also has a harness that’s adjustable to suit your little ones while growing up, and these harnesses have chest pads for a soft touch.

The seats might look slim but they are quite wide at 28cm × 24cm (W × D). The seats also offer a footrest although not adjustable it’s still good for tall toddlers.

If the fabrics get dirty you clean it a wipe and it wipes out pretty easy.  With all of these features, your baby is set from birth up to toddlerhood.

B Agile Double also provides a pocket near the seat which carries items weighing a maximum of 1kg. It can be anything small you will need close.

B Agile Double Canopy.

Each seat has its own hood as well. They are big and extendable. With UPF50+ protection these hoods are made to protect your little ones from the sun and other weather conditions.

When extended the middle part of the canopies have a big mesh panel to keep the air flowing which is good for your children during hot summer days.

Small peek a boo windows are also available to keep an eye on your little one. The canopies just like the seats are black and will give enough shade for your babies.

B Agile Double Frame/Chassis.

With an easy-grip handlebar thanks to the material and how it’s built. It’s adjustable making it accommodate so many lives. From 79cm up to 110 makes the Britax double stroller one of the best out there.

It’s a perfect stroller for any height. Suitable for short and tall parents. The frame itself is durable, sleek and also study. Making easy handle along the handlebar.

Weighing 13.2kg the B Agile Double is not the heaviest double stroller and not lightest either, but it’s in the middle. It’s a normal standard side by side stroller.

Lifting it in and out of the car is said not to be a problem which confirms it’s an okay size for a double stroller.

It has an open dimensions of 104 x 78 x 105 cm and folded dimensions of 31 x 72 x 78 cm. Not the most compact double stroller but it’s quite compact and will fit in your boot and your house.

It’s also easier to use when using public transport because the buggy free stands when folded. That way it saves you space.

The folding mechanism starts from the handle. With the push of two buttons, you can fold it. You will also need to pull the straps on the seats so it folds and hearing a click sound ensures it’s folded.

Unfolding it is done through the handlebar as well by pushing and pulling it up until you hear a click sound.

The B Agile Double brakes are located near the wheels and these are easily reachable.

B Agile Double Wheels and Basket.

You have two big back wheels and 4 front wheels but the wheels are in two system mode. Meaning two tyres are linked into a one-wheel system.

These tyres are punctured proof which makes them tackle many terrains. The front suspension on the wheels makes them glide smoothly as you are pushing.

This makes the manoeuvrability much better and you will be able to offer your little ones a safe and almost bumpy free ride.

Front swivel lockable wheels are also included. These are meant to help you to navigate through narrow streets. It can be of importance when strolling through the city.

Lastly, you have the basket. Easily accessible both from the front and back. It can carry up to 6kg of weight and that’s enough for you to bring along all of the important items your little ones will need.

Britax B Agile Double: Accessories.

You can attach a carrycot on the double buggy but it’s only don’t on one seat and according to some it’s not that safe. It’s not a hard cot but a so-called soft cot.

Suitable from birth up to 6 months and it has carry straps you can use. You will need the so-called Click and GO receivers to attach the car seat as well.

This is also only done on one seat. Britax B Agile Double is compatible with all Britax car seats. Which gives you many options to choose from.

Other additional accessories can be cup holders, child trays, rain covers, etc.



  • It uses straps on many things. Straps are not good to recline a seat with because it takes time and it’s complicated.
  • Only used on twins or duos. Not suitable for single babies.
  • The seat only faces forward.
  • The B Agile Double does not have a bumper to keep the babies more protected.
  • The seat units don’t offer fully upright positions so your children would mostly lean backwards all the time.
  • Straps on the seat can’t be tucked away and are soo revealing.
  • It’s heavy and will not be easy to carry.
  • B Agile Double does not come with top quality fabrics and materials and it’s pretty basic.
  • Only one colour is available and for some parents that might be too dark.
  • It does not have all suspension wheels only on the front wheels.
  • Folding takes two hands.

Britax B Agile Double vs Joovy Scooter X2 Double.

Both of these are old models and have almost the same value in the market. They are side by side double strollers made for those who are looking for something simple.

I will do a quick comparison between these two buggies so which of them is better.

Like many double sides by side strollers, these have many similarities and these are:

  • Forward-facing seats.
  • Each seat recline on their own.
  • 5 point harness system with chest pads.
  • UPF50+ canopies
  • Legrest.
  • Medium size baskets.
  • Swivel lockable wheels.
  • Extra storage.
  • Seat units are suitable from birth with a backrest.


The Joovy Scooter X2 is available in more than one colour, has an adjustable legrest, has a bumper bar and it has more storage with two zip pockets.

However, the B Agile Double is lighter, has a peek a boo window, ventilation system, an adjustable handlebar and it last up to 4 years. It has a wider seat as well.

The wheels are much better with the puncture-proof tyres and front suspension. This makes the B Agile Double better and it’s also cheaper around £250 in some stores. maximum can be around 330 pounds.

For the other, it’s around £350. One last thing also the Scooter X2 is not compatible with a carrycot or a car seat so the possibility to have a travel system is zero.

With better features and a better price, the Britax double stroller wins the day.


As mentioned above whether you are having twins or you are buying it for your children the B Agile Double is a simple stroller worth the money according to some parents.

It’s not the best side by side buggy out there, but it’s still good considering the price and production. It aged well. It will be enough to tackle long and short strolls in the city.

It has the manoeuvrability, durability, suitability and storage to last for years.

Will you go with this simple double stroller?


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  1. Hi there, my niece is expecting twins, so we have started doing research as to which double buggy would be suitable for her needs. The Britax B Agile double buggy seemed quite good, but then you listed so many cons about it, that I now have second thoughts. I will though share this post with her to see if it could be suitable for her requirements, as she is the one that will ultimately make the decision.

    • Hey. The B Agile Double is quit old. If she really wants good strollers tell her to check “twin strollers” category. There she will find good ones. I recommend Uppababy Vista V2, or a cheaper can be the Maxi Cosi Lila. Search it up on my site. If you need help let me know. Thanks for reading. 


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