Britax B Agile 3 Review.

Britax or also called Britax Römer is also known for its pushchairs besides their amazing car seats. One of their famous strollers is the B Agile.

For this review, I decided to go for the B Agile 3, which differs from the B Agile 4. (The wheels are 3 on the other one and 4 on the older version plus some minor differences).

What’s makes the strollers likeable? The detailed pros and cons of it. I will also compare it to another 3 wheel stroller.



  • Suitable from birth up to 15kg.
  • One hand easy fold.
  • Lightweight chassis.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • Legrest can be pulled upwards.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Comes with click and go revers to convert into a travel system.
  • Adjustable canopy and pocket built behind it. (Detachable as well and mesh ventilation panel).
  • Swivel lockable wheels.
  • Quick-release wheels.
  • Big shopping basket underneath.
  • Soft handle to push with.

Britax B Agile 3 Review: Stroller.

Product: B Agile 3.

Price: From £150.

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: H 100cm x W 58cm x D 90cm. Folded dimensions: H 30cm x W 58cm x D 71cm. (Weight: 7.8kg).

Handle Height: Lower than 101cm.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

B Agile 3 Seat Unit.

Britax brings you this standard and simple pushchair to make life easier for those who want just that. The B Agile 3 is available in two colours and these are black and red.

Simple yet liked by many. Being one of the few the stroller offers a completely lie-flat mode and having a backrest that goes back fully.

This makes the seat according to manufacturers suitable for newborns. It’s useable up to 15kg and that’s roughly 3 years for most toddlers.

It also has other reclining positions to make your toddler comfortable. It’s adjustable with straps behind the seat and offers 3 reclining options.

A 5 point harness system to keep them safe and it has lighter but still soft pads.

B Agile also comes with a bumper to keep baby or toddler from falling in certain situations. The seat unit has a legrest although it’s not adjustable it can be pulled upwards.

Making your child comfortable while laying down. The seat looks quite roomy and sizeable to be in. This is what most parents want for their children to play freely.

The seat is detachable for you to place a car seat or a carrycot.

B Agile 3 Canopy.

The canopy or hood is quite big and roomy. The B Agile 3 canopy offers adjustable features so you can control much of the outside which your sleeping baby would feel.

It can be detached if you want it out the way as well. The canopy has a peek a boo window behind that also works as a ventilation panel to keep air circulating during summer days.

In addition to that, you have another bigger panel and this is located on the top and the middle part of the canopy. Behind the canopy at the back, you have a pocket with zipping. This is made there, for extra storage.

When going out you place there your items, like keys, etc. It’s quite reachable and near.

The hood is the same colour as the seat unit, making the B Agile 3 a one colour pattern stroller, which most prefer.

B Agile 3 Frame/Chassis.

Many have reported the chassis being durable, sturdy and offering good maneuvrability. It’s ready to push around and handle because of how it’s built and also the weight.

Weighing 7.8kg you won’t first notice the stroller is lightweight and easy to handle. The B Agile 3 is one of the easiest strollers to fold.

On the seat there’s a lever you need to pull and this makes the pushchair fold automatically and it locks when folded to keep it that way.

You are also able to change not to have it locked for parents who don’t like that. It folds flat and is compact for you to store at home and in your boot.

It will also be great when travelling or visiting your favourite restaurants.

When in open mode the dimensions are H 100cm x W 58cm x D 90cm. The width is quite wide for big toddlers as well. When folded the dimensions are H 30cm x W 58cm x D 71cm.

Making it not the most compact stroller, but compact enough for many.

B Agile 3 also offer a soft handle to grab and push. It offers swivel lockable front wheels to make pushing narrow streets easier.

Suspension on the wheels also makes it easier to handle on rougher terrains. The wheels can be detached for a better compact fold and easier to handle.

Puncture-proof foam tyres also help to handle rougher terrains. Made for the city and some other lifestyles. The brake is on the right wheel and its flip flop friendly.

An underneath basket is available for your baby’s essential things. Looks to carry at least 5kg. Which is enough for what you might need for the day.

Britax B Agile 3 Review: Accessories.

Carrycot and Car Seat.

With the CLICK AND GO adapters or receivers you can use two car seats that are compatible with the B Agile 3 stroller. One of these is the “Baby Safe Plus SHR II Car Seat”

You can also transform the stroller to pram mode with two different carrycots. You have the hard carrycot mostly meant for winter and it will protect your baby.

Covering them and giving them warmth or you also have the soft carrycot. Whichever you choose it’s meant to protect the baby from birth up to 6 months.

Additional Accessories.

Other accessories that are available to buy is of course a rain cover. You can buy universal rain covers. The B Agile 3 can match with a tray.

You can use it for toys or when your child wants to eat or drink. Another can be a cosytoy to match with it. Meant to keep your child warm and accompany.

A footmuff is also available for the buggy.



  • Only suitable up to 15kg and not more.
  • A single stroller and convert.
  • Faces only forward.
  • The handlebar is adjustable and the height seems to not suit those that are 177cm and longer. Besides the material is not the best.
  • Only suitable with Britax car seats and it’s only two.
  • The seat unit does not have an upright position (It reclines a bit).
  • Only available in two colours as well.
  • Not the cheapest for a single stroller.

Britax B Agile 3 vs Baby Jogger City Mini GT2.

I decided to compare it to a new model and a pushchair wanted by many. The City Mini GT2 is also a 3 wheel pushchair that’s similar to this one in many ways.

I will only compare the main features and not focus on every detail. Enough to see how well the B Agile 3 stands on its own in the market.

Like I mentioned they do share similarities and these are:

  • Both are travel system convertible.
  • Big hoods with peek a boo window, ventilation panel and adjustable.
  • Forward-facing only.
  • Reclining seat.
  • 5 point harness system is the same.
  • Suspension on wheels and puncture-proof tyres.
  • Swivel lockable wheels.
  • Wide seat unit.
  • Legrest.
  • The sizeable basket.
  • One-hand fold and auto-lock mechanism.


Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is suitable for up to 22kg which is around years, so you can use it one year more.

It also has a bigger hood, 2 peek a boo windows, 6 adjustable positions on the handlebar and has a bigger hood. It’s however heavier and cost much more money.

Although the B Agile 3 is an old model and lack some quality it’s lighter, cheaper, has bigger back wheels, folds easier, the canopy has a big ventilation panel, detachable canopy and the wheels are removable.

It also has an extra pocket behind the hood which the former lack. The thing that makes the City Mini GT2 better is the handle, bigger hood and the more compact fold.

Other than that it’s equal to the B Agile 3 or the former is even better in some features. City Mini GT2 is quite expensive around £400 for the single stroller only.

It’s still better for some, but the B Agile 3 is worth buying for many.


Britax B Agile 3 is still being searched and popular among many because of the features and the quality it offers. It’s a normal lightweight stroller that will make life easier for the family.

The lie-flat makes it possible for you to use the stroller without spending more on the main accessories, although the carrycot offers more comfort for a newborn.

It has the canopy, wheels, weight, fold and storage to give you a worthwhile investment. Although it’s an old model it does stand out a lot compared to many.

Britax is also known for its quality car seats and strollers how old they may be. So you know this will be good.

What is it going to be? Do you think the B Agile 3 is perfect for the family?


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