BOB Stroller Acessories Reviews.

Hello parents. Time for another review on accessories which are also important to our daily lives. For this review, I have chosen to only review accessories for the BOB stroller, not uniquely only to it. It will be accessories that match well with their strollers.

A well-known brand to many parents and they offer high-quality products. So, let me begin by informing you what three types of accessories I will be reviewing today.

A rain or weather cover, carrycot and pram toy or in other words stroller arch toys.


The weather covers are many and suit BOBs single jogging stroller. They are not only for the rain but other elements too. A single carrycot for all BOB single strollers and many pram toys are available from this Etsy shop.

A Weather Cover.

  • Keeps your baby dry and well protected from the sun, rain, wind and other things that might disturb your child.
  • Suited for all jogging strollers.
  • It has quality materials and nice colour.

B.O.B Carrycot.

  • Matches all B.O.B single strollers.
  • Ready to use from birth up to 9 months.
  • Offers your child a place to lie flat and relax.

Pram Toys.

  • Keeps your little one entertained.
  • You have the option to hang it.
  • Comes in different shapes and colours.

A Weather Cover.

Products: B.O.B Weather Covers.

Prices: £22.99 (UK), From $64.00 (US)

Places to buy: Another Option.

My Ranking: 10/10.

The covers are used for all-weathers, but they also differ. One is an example used more for the heat and protection from the sun than the others.

They are designed with air-ventilation making it easy for you to breath while it’s used. It fits perfectly on the strollers and can be fixed without any issues.

Some of the covers also offer your child protection from bugs. We all know how disturbing that can be. Your baby or toddler can sleep in peace without having anything bitting them.

You also get to relax and you don’t need to keep an eye on them. The covers don’t match every B.O.B jogging strollers. You will need to choose the one that matches your stroller, and the one which will help you the most.

The first link above has one of the covers, but not all of them.

B.O.B Carrycot/Bassinet.

Product: BOB Carrycot.

Price: £114.95.

A Place to Buy: eBay.

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Ranking: 9/10

The carrycot has a black colour to match any BOB you decide to buy. Black can often be seen as boring because it’s plain and simple. Sometimes simplicity is more than enough.

This BOB carrycot is hard and flat which enables your baby to be secure and lie flat. They need as much protection as you can give them.

A bulky and well-geared carrycot can keep the noise away for them to sleep well. If your baby lacks sleep you won’t have a relaxing stroll. If you are a parent I think you already know this.

You need to buy an adapter to use the product. Depending on where you buy it from the adapters are needed to fix it on the stroller.

If you use the link above you will need to buy the adapter separately, but they are not expensive. One thing that makes this carrycot more liked is its suitability. It’s suitable for your baby up to 9 months.

Most carrycots are only suitable for 6 months. With this, your baby can enjoy life even more. They can lie flat and feel comfortable and well protected.

The accessory matches every single BOB stroller. All of their models which means your options are not limited. You can match any colour you have with it.

Black is a colour that matches any colour, and most of us want matching colours.


Pram Toys/Stroller Arch Toys.

Products: Pram Toys.

Price: From £13.00

The Place to Buy: Amazon..

Delivery: Estimated delivery 3-4 business days.

My Ranking: 10/10

These pram toys from this Etsy shop are well made, and your baby and toddler can use them. The toys are made with soft materials and are designed to not hurt your baby.

Designed to have different shapes and colours. Your baby or toddler will also learn with it. It will teach them different shapes and colours.

If you have a baby you don’t want to give them hard materials. Some pram toys are hard and it will hurt your baby and even toddler. They will try to put it in their mouth. Children will be children.

So, it’s best to avoid those kinds of toys until they are much older. From birth up to 3 years they are much better of having soft, yet educative toys.

That way you will entertain them, teach them and at the same time keep them safe. You can use the pram toys for then to play, and keep them busy while you are doing something important.

These toys are not only used on the stroller, but also at home. Children at this age are amazed by colours and shapes so, it’s good to keep them busy with it.

Its a way of form to keep them happy and not bored. If you live in these cold countries you should do your best to always keep things interesting; otherwise, your children will always be bored.

Especially in these times, we are living in now. We are always locked up. I think I went out of topic here, but you get the feeling I`m talking about.


3 Choices – What For?

In this article/post you have three choices. Get the rain cover, or should I state weather covers you need for your BOB stroller to get the best available protection for your baby and toddler.

Protect them from any weather condition which we all know it’s not easy if you don’t. Get your carrycot to fix on your BOB stroller. Your baby will have more space and they are given the choice to use the cot up to nine-months.

It gives them time to grow on their own space without needing to use a seat or car seat too soon. Some parents may find it easier to use a cot, and they also can see it as something that will keep their children protected and covered.

Different designed prams toys to suit any lifestyle and choices. Keep it safe, comfortable and entertaining.

What are your thoughts on these three types of accessories?  Are you in need of them all or just one?

Whatever you are looking for I’m sure these BOB Stroller Accessories will impress you.

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