Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3 Jogging Stroller Review.

The famous BOB brand is famous for their jogging strollers and delivers the best their of. If you love running with your little one, then why not provide them and yourself with the best experience?

Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3 or 3.0 as it’s called is considered to be Bobs most famous jogging stroller. It offers families all over the world the best features.

If you want to jog in all-terrain then you are good to go. For this review, I will detail the pros, and point out the cons. Afterwards, I will also compare the new version to the old one.

To make it more interesting, I will also compare it to other famous all-terrain and jogging strollers. All of this is to give you an idea of what you getting if you do decide to buy it.


  • All suspension wheels.
  • Air-filled tyres.
  • Swivel lockable front wheels.
  • Water-resistant. (UPF50+ sun protection as well).
  • Big storage pockets with a large basket.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Magnetic peek a boo window.
  • Reflection on the canopy and basket fabrics.
  • Height adjustment on the harness.
  • The seat offers to compress cushioned fabrics.
  • Reclining positions.
  • Car seat compatible with adapters.
  • Suitable at least from 8 weeks (6 months ideal) + Up to 4 to 5 years.
  • Easy fold.

Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3 Jogging Stroller: Review.

Product: Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller.

Price: $467.99

Size of the Product: 45L x 24.5 W x 43 H inches. (116.8cm × 63.5cm × 109.2cm).

The Place to Buy: Amazon.

Delivery: Multiple options (Delivers to Europe).

My Rating: 9.5/10.

Famous among many parents for being one of the best all-terrain and jogging strollers. It’s a 3 wheeler like all jogging strollers and suitable to use from at least 8 weeks+.

Bob Gear recommends parents use it when their babies are stronger, but it’s safer to wait until 6 months when it comes to jogging strollers.

You can use it for up 34kg, which can be longer than 5 years, depending on your baby’s weight and height. You will be running with them for years to come. Let’s first dive into the frame/chassis.

It’s heavy around 28 pounds (12.9kg), but it comes with amazing features. The three big wheels are all-terrain. They are built in a way to make it easy for you to use them anywhere.

If you love running in the woods, grass, harder grounds, etc it won’t be a major problem or any problem at all. You take your jogging times anywhere.

Your baby or toddler will see all the fun. It also offers all suspension to make the ride smooth. The wheels can spin quickly and fast.

With air-filled tyres, nothing will stop you. It works like bike tyres which can withstand many impacts. The revolution flex 3.0 jogging stroller also offers swivel wheels.

You can lock the wheels to keep the pram steadier, and use the 360 degrees unlock swivel wheels to narrow through tiny spaces. It easy to fold as well.

An adjustable handlebar with a wrist loop. Very good for any parent, but especially for tall parents because the height of the bar can be changed.

You don’t feel too awkward or uncomfortable pushing it. Very large shopping basket with 6 pockets. It has reflective highlights on the sides.

It will keep you safe and the pockets are perfect for essentials things.

Seat Unit.

As mentioned above the seat unit is good for babies to use, but it’s not useable for smaller babies. It’s perfect for toddlers.

So you have a long journey ahead of you. The seat has padded cushioned fabrics that are compressed. It keeps your baby comfortable and seated.

It also offers multiple reclining positions. A near lie-flat position, sitting position, etc. They have many options. You can tilt it to make them comfortable.

The revolution flex 3.0 seat also offers a 5 point harness system with height adjustment. Perfect for your baby and toddler of course.

It as well offers a somehow big seat. It creates more comfort for the little one, especially as they grow.


XL canopy with UPF50+ protection. This protection is for water resistance and protection from the sun. Your little munchkin is well protected during the summer, and from minor rain.

It also offers a magnetic peek a boo window. You don’t have to go all the way to the front to view your child. You can see their busy activity from the back.

A ventilation system is also included with the mesh canopy. Giving your baby and toddler a place to breathe better.

The canopy as well as reflective highlights on the side. It’s to keep you and your baby safe. Bob Gear offers more than one colour on this one. You can have blue and grey, red and grey, etc.

Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller: Car Seat.

So, the only travel system is the car seat. You can use adapters to turn your single Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 into a travel system.

This will give you the ability to use it for babies, but running with babies is not advised by anyone. If you are planning to buy only this stroller then you use it for a normal daily stroll, although not the best experience.

The car seat can be used in your car with the base available to buy with the car seat itself. With adapters you are also available to use car seats from these brands:

  • Maxi Cosi.
  • Peg Perego.
  • Britax.
  • Chicco.
  • Cybex.
  • Graco.
  • Nuna.


  • The stroller is expensive for single and double mode. Even with the travel system.
  • Very heavy as a single stroller as well.
  • Is not suitable with a carrycot.
  • Does not have a bumper bar.
  • It does not offer a compact fold and has very big wheels (not ideal for tiny spaces).
  • Long stroller, so it can hard to fit in some places (hope is not your favourite restaurant).
  • Is not ideal to carry and travel with.
  • The Revolution Flex Plus 3.0 Jogging Stroller is not good to use as a normal stroller. It’s build to jog with.
  • Forward-facing.

Revolution Flex 3.0 vs Revolution Flex 2.0.

So, what differs between the new version from the old. Although they look similar and offers high-quality features and fabrics, there has been some improvements.

The 2.0 stroller has 3 pockets instead of 6 which reduced the amount of space you had. The older version didn’t have a magnetic peek a boo window. It was plastic and the chances were high of you waking your child up.

It doesn’t have a ventilation system. The new one has more colour palettes. Offering more colours and nicer colours to choose from. The reflective highlights are in a different colour and are now ultra-reflective.

Giving them an upgrade and make it look sleeky. The compress padded cushion fabrics are even more and it offers lockable swivel front wheels.

It also has more style to it than the older version, which has made it very good. The new revolution flex 3.0 jogging stroller does make jogging easier.

Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 vs Other Strollers.

As you can see Bob Gear has offered parents many incredible features with this stroller. So has other strollers from other brands, and one of these is the Thule Glide 2 which is a 3 wheel and all-terrain jogging stroller.

So is the Bumbleride Speed stroller which is a 3 wheel all-terrain stroller as well. I chose these because I have already reviewed them and to give a deeper comparison.

These are all competitors.

Revolution Flex 3.0 vs Thule Glide 2 Sport Jogging Stroller.

A little bit similar in style, but of course differ as well. They share these similarities:

  • Car seat compatible.
  • All suspension.
  • Adjustable handlebar with wrist loop
  • Air-filled tyres.
  • Ventilation system on canopy and sunshade.
  • Suitable from 6 months up to 75 pounds (big kids).
  • 3 large wheels.
  • Shopping basket with pockets.
  • Canopy with peek a boo window.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Compatible with many other brands of car seats.
  • All-terrain.
  • Reflection on the canopies.

So these two share many similarities, but the Thule Glide 2 offers features such as a handbrake to make it easier. It also is lighter and offers a compact fold.

It offers extra protection from the sun with the sun visor, and the stroller can be folded with just one hand. A cover for the basket to keep your things dry.

The jogging stroller has fewer pockets and the basket is less big. From viewing above you can see the Revolution Flex 3.0 offers smaller wheels.

It has lockable swivels, compress padded fabrics, a magnetic peek a boo window, UPF50+ sun protection and water resistance, etc.

The Thule Glide 2 cost more. If had to choose between these two the Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 seem to be the winner.

Revolution Flex 3.0 vs Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller.

Not that much similar in style but of course design. However, they share many similarities as well which most jogging strollers do. These are:

  • Reflective fabrics
  • Air-filled tyres
  • 360 degree swivel lockable wheels.
  • All-wheel suspension.
  • Canopy with sun cover
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Water-resistant fabrics.
  • Peek a boo window
  • All-terrain tyres.
  • Big canopy.
  • Large shopping basket.
  • Adjustable harness.
  • Compatible with car seat.

The Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller offers a bumper bar to keep the baby more secure. It’s also not only for jogging but running and walking.

Giving 3 modes. It has side pockets on the seat, compatible with a carrycot/bassinet and offers one main colour (some may prefer this).

Revolution Flex 3.0 offers unique things as well. The former has UPF45+ instead of 50+ which a downside and it’s more expensive as well.

Although the Bumbleride speed looks more promising for the reason of having 3 modes.

A Revolution Indeed!

It matches with the name, which was the intention. It revolutionised and brought new things for the joggers. It has all of the things your baby and toddler will need while on the journey.

Although not the best experience for newborns, and using as a normal stroller, it has its quality. What do you think? Would your family like this one?

Buy From Amazon.

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