Best Double Stroller For an Infant and Toddler.

Whether you are having twins or you are having another baby, double strollers are something you will need. It can be a side by side stroller and tandem or a convertible stroller.

View my tips and advice on double strollers. There you will know exactly which one you want and need. It can be needed if you are a first-time mum.

For this post, I will discuss tandem, twin and convertible double strollers that I have reviewed. Which means I will only write little information about these strollers.

To check the full reviews click on the links right after the description. The reason why I will only suggest the ones I have reviewed is because I know more of It, and want to provide the best options.

I have not tested all of these, but I have done my research, and I know people who own some of these strollers that I have spoken to.

I am also touching on this topic because I have a toddler and a baby. Not buying a convertible stroller was a big mistake.

Do you need a double stroller?

First of all, do you need a double stroller? I am asking this because double strollers can be expensive and sometimes you might think you need them, but maybe not.

If you have twins then the answer is yes, but if you don’t and you have an infant and toddler, then maybe not. There are other things to use. Like:

Stroller boards – If you have a single stroller that your toddler is using, and you are expecting again then you can use a stroller board.

Attach it between the wheels and your toddler can use it. Many prams are compatible with these stroller boards, so you just need to buy the one you want.

The boards offer a place for your child to only stand, sit or both of these options.

Baby carriers  – You can also use a baby carrier to carry your baby around. Baby carriers can be useful for those who have two babies and 1 year apart.

Even if you have a baby and a toddler. Sometimes you can carry your baby and push your toddler. If you are travelling baby carriers comes in handy. It helped me a lot.

Pros and Cons of having a Double Stroller.


  • It’s super helpful.
  • You have more space.
  • Creates a bonding time for your children.
  • The best option for twins.
  • Less need for using accessories.


  • More expensive.
  • Most likely heavier.
  • Not easy to fit everywhere.
  • It takes more time to fix and take out.
  • Can be hard to carry around. Up the stairs or when you are out.

Why these Double Strollers?

There are many double strollers out that are popular and the information can be overwhelming. I choice these strollers because I wanted every parent to have something.

Many parents want something modern, quality and fancy. They don’t care about the price they just want what best suit their lifestyle.

I will list these kinds of strollers here. Some don’t mind something simple, yet quality and affordable. Strollers can be something expensive.

Not many afford £500 – £1000 prams. Some want less than that and I am one of these people. You can still get your dream stroller without spending money and still offer the best experience for your children.

So, I believe these strollers are just for that.

Some of the Best Double Strollers for Infants and Toddlers of 2021.

1. Icandy Peach Blossom Twin Pushchair, £1,415.00.

This is essentially made for twins. It’s a tandem pushchair. Where you have the seats, carrycots and even car seat next to each other. Just as it sounds.

So, it’s not a side by side double stroller.

  • Suitable from birth to the carrycot.
  • Can be used by one baby.
  • Each seat takes up to 25kg.
  • Travel System ready.
  • All suspension.
  • Swivel bumper bar.
  • Reclining seats.
  • Fabrics are washable.
  • Big canopy.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Unfolded dimension: 55cmL × 52cmW× 99cmH.

Read the full review.

Why I like this Double Stroller.

  • It’s a convertible stroller.
  • Offers multiple colours. (Bright colours).
  • Suitable for many lifestyles.
  • Can carry a lot of weight. (Up to 4 or 5 years)
  • Big and spacious.
  • Travel System ready.

Best suited for?

  • Parents with twins and one baby.
  • Don’t mind spending, because it’s expensive.
  • Those who enjoy many outings and city life.
  • If you have a big space at home.

2. Mountain Buggy Duet V3 Twin Stroller, £649.00.

This one is a side by side double stroller that can be a good match for the family. It’s a new model and it offers many features.

Fit two seats to each other, two carrycots or car seat. Why not mix it up:

  • Suitable from birth up to 4 years.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • Carrycot has a sunshade and a peek a boo.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • One-hand fold.
  • Basket take up 3kg weight.
  • Light.
  • Unfolded dimension: 114cm x 63cm x 32cm.

Read the full review.

Why I like this Double Stroller.

  • The seat is suitable for your baby from birth.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • The basket is spacious and takes heavyweight.
  • Light for a double stroller.
  • Convertible stroller.
  • It’s cheap for a double stroller.

Best suited for?

  • Parents who love the urban and suburban lifestyle.
  • If you want a side by side double pram.
  • You love buying groceries with your pram.

3. Phil and Ted’s Sport Double Stroller, £547.99.

A tandem double for your little ones. This one is also perfect for your baby and toddler, and for those parents who want simple things. The details include:

  • Big canopy.
  • Easy to fold with seat.
  • Good tyres.
  • Forward-facing only.
  • 3 wheels.
  • Reachable basket.
  • Footrest.
  • Unfolded dimension: H112 x W58 x L114cm.

Read the full review.

Why I like this Double Stroller.

  • It’s super cheap for a double stroller (well for my lifestyle).
  • Simple.
  • 3 wheels, less space and fits tiny places.
  • Reachable basket. Makes it easy to take and store things.

Best suited for?

  • Parents who don’t mind having forward-facing only.
  • Like something simple.
  • Fits urban and suburban lifestyles.
  • Who like to explore different places.

4. Britax Römer B-agile double stroller, £345.00.

A good stroller that’s perfect for families because of the price. It’s affordable for many people and at the same time, it offers many features.

  • Suitable from birth.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Offers ride and push.
  • Fits tiny spaces.
  • Travel System ready with a carrycot and car seat.
  • Good for the city lifestyle.
  • Unfolded dimension: H104 x W75cm x D105cm.

Read the full review.

Why I like this Double Stroller.

  • It’s cheap.
  • Suitable from birth which means you can use it without accessories.
  • It’s simple, yet has a nice design.
  • It’s compatible with many car seats.

Best suited for?

  • If you are having twins and you are a little low on money, then this stroller is good.
  • City and suburban lifestyle.
  • Parents who want a travel system.
  • Those who are familiar with the Britax brand.
  • If you love jogging a little or you go fast them this double stroller is ideal.

5. Nuna Demi Grow Double Stroller, £800.00

A double stroller that’s in between. It can be expensive to some but to others, it’s a good price. Offer many features and is compatible with many accessories.

  • Suitable from 6 months (from birth with carrycot and car seat).
  • Extended handlebar.
  • All suspension.
  • All-terrain tyres.
  • Easy to fold and stands when folded.
  • Large basket.
  • Big canopy.
  • Unfolded dimension: 124cmH x 64cmW x 92L.

Read the full review.

Why I like this Double Stroller.

  • Its travel system is ready.
  • All-terrain tyres mean you can go to many places.
  • The basket being large makes it easy to store many things.

Best suited for?

  • Parents who don’t mind using a carrycot and car seat for the first 6 months.
  • Parents who don’t mind spending.
  • If you are an adventurer this one can be one of the best.
  • Do you like the Nuna brand? Well then this one is one of their best strollers

6. Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Double Stroller, £519.00

This one is a favourite among many parents. People love it because of its simplicity and for it being a light double stroller you can carry amď push in the city.

  • Suitable from birth.
  • Reclining seats.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Footrest.
  • Easily reachable basket.
  • Big canopy with peek a boo.
  • Easy to fold using strap attach to the seat.
  • Travel System ready.
  • Unfolded dimension: 77.98 x 19.99 x 89cm.

Read the full review.

Why I like this Double Stroller.

  • It can be folded quick with a strap.
  • It’s a side by side stroller. Easy to keep an eye on both children.
  • The basket can reach both from the back and front.
  • You can use one seat with a carrycot or car seat.

Best Suited for?

  • Parents who will love for their kids to bond.
  • Who is willing to spend.
  • If you love buying groceries with your pram then this one is also ideal.
  • If you put many things on the basket, this Double Stroller can also be something for you.
  • Whether you live near the city or countryside the Demi Grow can of use.

What are your thoughts on all of these strollers? Do you think some of these strollers will suit your family? What are you looking for in a stroller?

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