Babystyle Egg 2 vs Oyster 3.

Babystyle is one of the top leading brands in the UK market when it comes to pushchairs, and even the world.

Their famous Egg strollers and Oysters strollers are quality and loved by many. For this article, I decided to compare these famous strollers.

The similarities and differences between Egg 2 and Oyster 3. Which of these is better? Looking at the con these shares as well.

First I will do a quick review on both of these buggies, so you can see the main features they offer.

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About the Babystyle Egg 2.

The Egg 2 is an upgrade from the previous luxurious Egg pram. It has a somehow unique design and doesn’t look like your typical stroller.

With detailed design on the fabrics and wheels. Comes in many colours to accommodate many lives. Suitable from birth with either a carrycot, newborn insert or a car seat.

Giving these three options makes it one of the few that provides that. From 6 months you can use the seat unit up to 25kg.

It’s reversible and reclinable to keep your child comfortable and to make it easier for whoever is pushing. Egg 2 also offers an adjustable legrest for your resting toddler.

The handle and bumper are made of leather and the handle can be adjustable  With a big canopy that has a peek a boo window to keep air circulating.

The Babystyle buggy can be folded with one hand and it stands when folded. Egg 2 can also convert into a twin or duo stroller for a growing family.

A sizeable basket underneath and excellent wheels as well.

About the Babystyle Oyster 3.

Oyster 3 is suitable from birth with the seat unit according to manufacturers because of the lie-flat option it has. You can also use the carrycot and car seat which is safer.

The seat can carry your child up to 20kg, and it’s reversible and reclinable. With 5 point harness and an adjustable legrest.

A big canopy that’s extended, a peek a boo window and a ventilation system. Both the bumper bar and handlebar are made of leather.

A telescopic handle as they call it. Said to have easy fold and when folded the frame-free stands and you can use the handle to push it around.

Oyster 3 has a middle size basket underneath and an extra pocket. It has big back wheels and smaller front wheels with many capabilities.

Available in many colours to choose from.

Similarities Between the Babystyle Egg 2 and Oyster 3.

Egg 2 and Oyster 3 Seat Unit and Canopy.

These Babystyle strollers have a lot in common with the seats. Both give the option for you to face your child forward or rear. That option makes it easier for your child as well.

You can recline both seat units to accommodate your growing baby, and it’s the same with the legrest. Excellent for nap times.

With the help of the 5 point harnesses your child will be safe. The harnesses are adjustable and have chest pads to keep the baby comfortable.

Both have an extra pocket attached to the seat, but for Egg 2 it’s behind and slightly bigger. The Oyster 3 has it near the seat and it’s a net pocket.

They also have soft fabrics on the seat for your child to feel comfortable. Moving on to the canopy. They are extended with zipping and both have peek a boo windows with ventilation systems.

Made with quality fabrics and materials.

Egg 2 and Oyster 3 Frame/Chassis.

Both have leather made handlebars and bumper bar. Their handles are telescopic to make life easier for the one pushing. Made with detailed designed material.

Other similarities they share with their frames are the free-standing option, basket and wheels. Egg 2 and Oyster 3 when folded can free stand.

This saves you a lot of space when using public transport or at home. Both also have the same size basket and these can carry between 3kg – 5kg.

Enough to carry essentials things. Both also have big wheels that are detailed in their design. All suspension and they have front lockable swivel wheels.

With puncture-proof tyres to make the journey easier. Both are made for urban lifestyles, but also many other terrains.

Both have foot-operated brakes and it’s near the wheels.

Egg 2 and Oyster 3 Carrycot.

The cots have similar designs with the only difference being that Egg 2 looks more like an eggshell than the other one. Both are suitable from birth up to 6 months or 9kg.

Covered with fine fabrics that are held with a bumper bar. Big canopies to keep the baby fully covered from the sun and other weather conditions.

These also have attachment adapters for the stroller frame and are easier to attach.

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Differences Between the Babystyle Egg 2 and Oyster 3.

The difference in the Egg 2 and Oyster 2 Seat Unit and Canopy.

For Egg 2 you can also use a new or insert as mentioned above. These come with a headrest and a softer for newborns. For the Oyster 3, the seat unit can be used from birth.

Although the Egg 2 option is much better because many parents complain seat units are not the best option for a tiny baby.

Egg 2 has much softer and thicker fabrics attached to the seat. For the Oyster 3, it’s up to 20kg and that’s roughly 4 years or a bit younger than that.

Egg 2 offers a seat unit that’s suitable for up to 25kg which is 5 years. It stays longer with the family.

Oyster 3 has a higher seat and this makes it easier for you to access the basket underneath. You also have a more close bond with your little one.

One minor difference with the canopies is that Oyster 3 offers a sun visor.

A Difference in the Egg 2 and Oyster 3 Frame/Chassis.

Although the two indeed have telescopic handlebars the height differs. For Egg 2 it’s from 99cm up to 111cm. For the Oyster 3, it’s from 102cm up to 112cm.

As you can see the Egg 2 offers more height and its minimum is more suited for the average human height. This also makes it better for short parents.

Although there ain’t that much difference it’s slightly better. If you choose the cream colour for Egg 2 it has a cold like a frame and with the other colours, it’s black.

For the Oyster 3, the fame remain blacks for all colours. The Babystyle Egg 2 has been reported it can be folded with hand one hand.

Their folding mechanism differs as well.

For the Oyster 3, you can fold the pushchair with the seat unit and it can face either side. You only need to fold the seat forwards and then pull two levers on the handlebar forward as well.

Looking up you will see a carry handle that you will need to pull downward and at the same time forward. It folds quickly down and auto locks as well.

Unfold it with the same process but reverse.

For Egg 2 you have it much simpler. You only need to rotate the levers on the handlebar forward for it to recline to the minimum height, and then rotate it backwards which will make the handle fall downwards towards the wheels.

It won’t touch the grounds because of how it’s manufactured. You will need to remove the seat unit or cot before folding.

Oyster 3 has an extra pocket on the basket.

Egg 2 and Oyster 3 Car Seat Compatibility.

The Egg 2 it’s compatible with these car seats:

For the Oyster its these:

  • New Oyster 3 Capsule i-Size
  • Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix
  • Maxi-Cosi Pebble
  • Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus/Pro
  • Maxi-Cosi Rock
  • Maxi-Cosi City
  • Cybex Cloud Q
  • Cybex Cloud Z
  • Cybex Aton Q
  • Joie i-Level i-size
  • Joie Gemm
  • Joie i-Gemm
  • BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size

The Oyster 3 is compatible with many more car seats than the Egg 3. You, therefore, have more options to choose from, and these are some of the best car seats out there.

Egg 2 and Oyster 3 Weight and Dimensions.

When buying strollers these two categories or features are one of the most important ones.

Making sure you buy the right pushchair will save you space at home and it gets easier pushing and carrying it.

For the Babystyle Egg 2, the weight is 15.5kg with the frame, wheels and seat unit. This makes the buggy a very heavy one and actually, that’s the end of the heavy pushchair range.

Oyster is lighter at around 12kg and this also includes the frame, wheels and seat unit. Which makes the Oyster 3 much better preferred for the weight.

It won’t be easy pushing the Egg 2.

Looking at the Egg 2 open dimensions which are H113cm × W59cm × L84.5 – 96cm. The unfolded dimensions are H71cm × W59cm × D32cm.

For Oyster 3, the open dimensions are L94 x W57 x H102 cm and the folded dimensions are L71 x W37 x H57 cm. The Egg 2 has a wider seat unit.

When folded the Oyster 3 seem to offer a more compact fold which makes it easier for those who live in a tiny place. The Oyster 3 is better when it comes to these features.

Egg 2 Double vs Oyster 3 Single Strollers.

One of the biggest differences between these is that Egg 2 can be converted into a double stroller. It’s a tandem pushchair but you can only add the accessories underneath.

This also means you won’t have access to your basket. You can use Egg 2 for your twins and your children. It grows with the family.

This is very beneficial for many families. With a stroller board it can take up to 3 kids and for the Oyster is only 2.

Egg 2 and Oyster 3 Price and Colours.

Egg 2 has a more expensive special edition. It’s around £999, but for the normal one, it’s £799. Oyster 3 is cheaper and does not have any special edition.

It cost around £529 for the single pushchair which is way cheaper. It can cheaper around £499 in some stores.

With the Egg pushchair update, Babystyle provided more colours and these are Paprika, Olive, Feather, Monument Grey, Quartz and Cobalt for the simple version.

The special edition version has three colours and these are Black, Grey and Diamond black. So In total, it’s 9 colours to choose from which is not bad. More than what many offer.

The special edition colours of course cost way more.

For the Oyster 3 are these Caviar, Pepper, Mercury, Pebble, Truffle, Berry, Regatta and Peacock. Oyster offers 8 colours in total which is more than the Egg 2 normal edition.

Babystyle Oyster 3 is better when it comes to the price and colours in general. The special edition only has one colour more, but the price does not make up for it.

This means the Oyster is still better.

Which One is Better?

It’s hard to make a decision when it comes to these two. Both these are winners depending on your circumstances. If you are only looking for a single stroller, then the Oyster 3 is better.

It has more storage, folds more compact, is compatible with more car seats, is lighter, offers more colours, is cheaper, etc.

For Egg 2 the bigger pros are the seat unit, the easy folding mechanism, handlebar and its double mode. As you can see the Oyster 3 have more to offer

Besides the Oyster 3 can carry children of different ages with a stroller board. However, if you are looking for a twin stroller then Egg 2 is the one.

The only big con is the price and weight other than it has excellent features, the only difference is that Oyster 3 happens to have better ones.

Babystyle Oyster 3 is better in general. So, it depends on what you are looking for.


Oyster 3 is not a double buggy so that’s the bigger con. Both are heavy buggies with the Egg 2 being way heavier and they do not travel strollers.

Although the baskets look big they can only carry between 3kg up to 5kg. Another big con is the prices. These are very expensive strollers.

Oyster 3 is more affordable therefore it’s chosen by many.


So, what do you think? Will one of these be suited for your lifestyle? I would like to read your opinion of them. These are well-liked strollers, mostly in the UK.

One of the best buggies out there that will offer much quality and durability. You are in for a wonderful journey with both of these two buggies.

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  1. When I first saw the title for this post, I thought it was about feeding babies eggs and oysters.  Who does that?  Haha!  But now I know better and I must say that these two strollers are impressive.  I like that the Oyster is compatible with more brands of car seats and I like the basket at the bottom (as opposed to the flat surface of the Egg) and that it has a higher space underneath to better accommodate a baby bag.  Both are without cup holders or other compartments on the handle for holding cell phones or other items.  Can those be bought separately and attached?

    While the prices are a bit on the high side, It looks as though both of these have the weight capacity to use for as long as the child needs it.  Thank you for posting!

    • Hey. Haha I never thought of that, but that would be something.. 

      Yes you are able to buy a cupholder and attached it, and also other accessories. Thanks for reading.


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