Babyhome Emotion Review.

This model is quite old and not that trendy nowadays, but it’s a good lightweight buggy with comfortable features. If you are looking for a cheap and light buggy to use the Babyhome Emotion stroller is the one.

In this article, I will discuss the pros and cons. I will also compare the buggy with another similar light buggy in the market to see which one is better.

See a similar stroller to it, Micralite Profold.

Product: Emotion Stroller.

Price: $179.40-$224.25.

Size Of Product: 84.07 x 46.23 x 100.08 cm

The Cheapest Place to Buy:

Guarantee: Not Shown

My Ranking: 8.5/10

The Emotion Stroller.

What makes this Babyhome Emotion Stroller soo good is its excellent manoeuvrability, compactness and lightweight. This is beneficial because it gives your little one the smoothest ride.

The strollers/pushchairs attractive design and modern colours makes it popular among parents all over the world. Parents are always into designs and colours, this is one of the main features everyone looks at when they decide to buy anything.  Emotion Stroller is also very ideal for the market. Fits with many adapters and can carry up to 55 pounds, that’s almost 25kg. Which makes it last even for your 5-year-old.

Around 5 years old your toddler would probably not want to use the stroller. They will be too big, but in some cases, it can happen, or it might not be your 5-year-old but 3-4-year-old spending on their weight. I will say use the stroller as long as you and your toddler are comfortable to take the next step.

It has a one-piece steer handlebar, suitable from 3 months onward. Has a 5 – point harness with the ability to adjust and with shoulder straps. It’s compatible with a car seat, specifically the Graco and Maxi-Cosi car seats. What makes this stroller more fantastic is its fabrics. It can be removed and washed, which gives it a new look every time. Makes it long-lasting.

A large shopping basket and footrest that can be adjusted in 2 positions, and a canopy that has a peek a boo to keep an eye on your baby. All of the wheels are shock absorbent, which means they are mounted in a way that makes them long-lasting and materials are of high quality.

When folded it fits into tiny spaces and comes with a rain cover.

Why The Emotion Stroller Is For You.

Do you prioritise colours when buying things or the design, if so then this stroller might just be the one for you? The question might sound strange to some parents but trust me, there are parents out there who don’t mind the colour of the design. They are maybe thinking of the price and maybe some of the features and accessories the stroller comes with.

That’s fine, as long as you are content with what you have. I see parents buying and searching for second-hand strollers/pushchairs that are years old. Those are most likely not modern in design and colour. They are just interested in buying are stroller that suits their needs.

I will then say if modern look and colours are your things then go for it, I always repeat this.

The stroller is compatible with a car seat, it means you don’t have to worry about it is suitable from 3 months old. You can just use the car seat if you find it safe. I will recommend using a carrycot/bassinet.

If you are that parent who uses that stroller a lot then it will be dirty faster and you will need to wash it or clean it somehow to always make it look nice. You can do that with this stroller.

Do your grocery shopping with the large basket and give your toddler the chance to rest their feet on the 2 reclining position footrest.


  • Lightweight and compact. Gives it the ability to be used anywhere and by anyone. Easy to carry around, which makes your life easier.
  • Modern design and colours.
  • Can carry up to 25kg. Your toddler can use it until they are tired of it.
  • The handlebar can be steered with just one hand. Your other hand can be used to hold your baby or coffee, whatever you want to hold.
  • Car seat compatible.
  • Fabrics can be removed and it’s washable.
  • Large shopping basket.
  • A footrest.
  • A rain cover. A rain cover is always good to have, especially when you live in rainy areas.


  • It only mentions that the stroller is compatible with a car seat, so it may or may not be compatible with a carrycot/bassinet. If it’s not then it may be a con for many mums. Many prefer to use the carrycot/bassinet for their newborns.
  • Although it’s compatible with a car seat, it doesn’t come with it, you have to buy it separately.
  • It’s suitable from 3 months, although you can use the car seat. Again maybe you don’t want to use the car seat on the pushchair/stroller then it means you can`t buy the Emotion stroller for your newborn. Some parents use the car seat only in their cars.
  • No changing bag.
  • If you buy the additional accessories the price will increase and this can be expensive for many parents. This is of course if you want a brand new one, otherwise, you can always buy a second-hand stroller.

Modern In Design And Colours, Might Be The Only Thing You Need.

To be honest, there’s no more to say, the title says it all. Pushchairs/Strollers that tend to have varieties of colours and have a modern look tend to attract many parents, and not only parents others as well.

You can now find strollers that are in different colours that weren’t the case before. Most of the strollers had black or brown colours or if they had others it was the same basic colours. Now for example you have different varieties of brown or red.

The modern look of strollers makes it looks as if it’s of high quality and expensive. It may not have all of the features and accessories but just the look of it makes it perfect. Many parents tend to pay a lot of attention to this and are satisfied with just that.

The Emotion stroller comes in different colours but not all.

You can also buy the stroller from different places, not just from the company I listed above. This depends on where you live in the world. Here is a cheaper option.

The baby home emotion stroller is yet another lightweight stroller/pushchair. Perfect for your toddler, what do you think?

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