Baby Trend EZ Flex Lock Review.

Baby Trend is always providing families with new strollers and car seats. Their products are praised for being cheap, and fancy.

I did a review on their strollers before, and these are simple, yet affordable by many people. For this review, I will review one of their famous car seats

The EZ Flex Lock Car Seat. Giving you the pros and cons of it in details, and then compare the car seat with other car seats to see if it is worth buying.

Let’s view this baby trend infant car seat.


  • Performance.
  • EZ Flex-Lock Plus Car Seat.
  • Compatibility with Stroller.
  • Cons.
  • EZ Flex Lock Plus Car Seat vs Other Car Seats.
  • Why is it called flex lock?
  • Demonstration of its Usage.


  • Suitable from birth at 5 pounds (2kg) up to 30ibs (13kg).
  • 5 point harness system. (Has A push-button release).
  • The base has 4 position height adjustment.
  • Comes with an indicator on the base.
  • Made with EPP foam.
  • Highly quality handle.
  • Head and body support.
  • The base has lock latch straps that are flexible.
  • The seat has a leg cover.

EZ Flex-Lock Plus Car Seat.

Product: EZ Flex-Lock Plus

Price: $87.99.

Size of the Product: 16.25 x 14.66 x 26 inches ( 41.27 × 37.28 × 66.04 cm) Weight: 7.2kg with the base.

The Place to Buy: Amazon.

Delivery: Worldwide delivery.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

The seat is suitable for your baby from birth up to 13kg. The seat is perfect for tiny and big babies. Your baby who might be 2.2kg at birth can use the seat.

The features accommodate her or him. Many car seats usually have a 3 point harness system rather than a 5-point harness system.

The harness does not have chest pads which many seats have. Chest pads are available for buy separately to keep your little one safe. They are cosy and smooth for their little fragile skin. This is useful, especially for newborns.

You can unlock the harness with its one push-button release. That’s super helpful than having to unlock with the lock. My child’s car seat has this feature, and it’s super helpful.

The seat has side impact protection made with high-quality foam. The EPP foam is very absorbent and has water-resistant.

It’s thick and cosy providing a good environment for your baby to be in. Your baby will also have head and body support. These are usually removable and can be washed.

The support fabrics have a variety of colours you can choose from. The general colour is the same, but you can have cushioned inlays, with your favourite colour.

The colour also appears on the canopy/hood. The sides. A good and smooth handle is designed with it to make it easy for parents to carry the EZ Flex-Lock Plus.

The seat is lightweight without the base. Which makes it easy to carry upstairs when your baby is sleeping, or easy to move from stroller to car and vice versa.

The seat has a leg cover. Good for the winter. Without needing to use too many covers like blankets, the cover will help keep your baby warm.

Features on the Base.

The base has 4 positioned height-adjustable seat. This is perfect for many cars. Tiny and big. Even good for babies of different ages.

If you have a long or short baby the base will make it easier for them to seat comfortably. It’s best to apply it behind the front passenger seat and not the driver’s seat.

Base on my experience it’s much easier and does not hinder anything. An indicator is also designed with it. It will help you set up the car seat in the right way.

That’s not always easy to do, so having an indicator can help many parents. It’s also safer because it will guarantee you that you have fixed the seat correctly.

Throwing any doubts out the window. This baby trend infant car seat is cheaper than many car seats out there, and it’s perfect for your car.

Compatibility with Strollers.

The strollers the car seat is compatible with its baby trend strollers, such as the expedition premiere jogger. It fits all baby trend strollers, and even with the double strollers.

In my research, I saw this particular stroller being mentioned. So, if you have a baby trend stroller this will stay with your family for a while.

If you are planning on buying jogging baby trend strollers see the review I did on some of their simplest baby carriages. See the double and single one


  • The seat is not very modern.
  • Compared to other stroller designed it’s basic and plain.
  • Has the same colour on seat, even canopy. Only the details are coloured. Many parents might not prefer this.
  • The canopy/hood does not have features other brands offer.
  • Base on the information I have searched the harness system can be hard to install. It can be frustrating.
  • Some may still consider the seat to be somehow expensive.
  • The head support is not height adjustable, so it will be more beneficial to smaller babies.

EZ Flex Lock Car Seat vs Other Car Seats.

I have done many reviews on car seats, and I came across some that are in top quality, and others are the same as this one. Depending on your lifestyle certain features are more important than others.

So, not all parents choose the same. For this post I will compare the seat with the Evenflo Litemax car seat and the Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat.

EZ Flex-Lock Plus Car Seat vs Evenflo Litemax Car Seats.

Both of these seats come with their own base and it has almost the same features. Other similarities are:

  • Rear faced car seat suitable up to 13kg.
  • Body and head support.
  • 4 position harness.
  • Washable fabrics.
  • Look similar in design.
  • Fix indicator on the base.
  • Both are suitable for big and small babies.
  • The smooth grip on handle.

The Evenflo Litemax car seat has an ergonomic handle, the car seat canopy has a zip which allows you to remove it and it’s bigger, buckle pockets offer more colour and nice colours.

It comes with chest pads, other features such as fabrics that protect from the weather, more suited to very tiny babies at 1.8kg. The seat is only suitable for two strollers, it’s costly and it’s mostly used for cars.

By viewing above you can see that the EZ Flex-Lock Plus also has certain features this stroller doesn’t offer. I will have to go with both.

The only reason the EZ Flex-Lock Plus is equal,  it’s because it’s suitable with many strollers and cheaper. One thing I like about the EZ Flex-Lock Plus is the leg cover.

Their indifference balances out each other. However, some will choose different base on their lifestyle as I stated above.

EZ Flex-Lock Plus Car Seat vs Upppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat.

The Mesa car seat is mostly bought together with Uppababy Strollers, and with or without a base the seat can be used in your car.

These are the similarities with these seats:

  • Side impact protection.
  • Has EPP foam.
  • Head and body support.
  • Soft fabrics.
  • Removable fabrics.
  • Suitable only for strollers from their respective brands.
  • Smooth handlebar.

These are the similar features that most car seats share. The Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat is rear and forward faced, has ventilated system, sunshade and UPF50+ protection on the canopy, softer and more quality fabrics, available in more colours, has a more fancy and modern look.

It comes with chest pads, and you are also able to buy a base for the Mesa car seat. The only thing this seat does not offer is a leg cover and an ergonomic handlebar.

The car seat is also more expensive. Base on the features the Mesa Infant Car Seat is much better. Again, it depends on what will make life easier for you.

Why is it Called Flex-Lock?

So, why is this car seat called the flex lock? It’s not because of the car seat itself, but the base. The base has flexible latch straps. Meaning they are easy to adjust.

People reading the name may think it’s the seat in itself which is understandable. Overall the seat is best suitable for cars.

Many parents buy it to use it in their cars, but if you happen to own a baby trend stroller then you are good to go.

Demonstration of its Usage.

Here is a video demonstrating how to install the seat. Although if you happened to buy the seat you will most likely view more videos again.

I just wanted to show you how difficult or easy it can be to fix it. These questions can also determine whether you will buy it or not.

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