Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 Review

When you are a new mum meaning this is your first baby, the number of prams out there are overwhelming. Which one are you going to choose? Which one is good and which one is bad? How about the price?

These are the types of questions that come up and it’s normal. If you are expecting twins or you want a double pram, see these Double strollers.

For this review, I chose a baby travel system that includes a car seat and that has a reasonable price according to many lifestyles. It’s not highly expensive.

I believe the travel system will give a nice experience to the whole family, and it will also have something for everyone. The Stomps V3 is one of Ickle Bubbas famous models.

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  • Performance.
  • Ickle Bubba Stomps V3 Bundle (travel system included).
  • Car seat and Carrycot.
  • Cons.
  • Why new Mums?


  • Seat suitable from 6 months to 3 years (from birth with carrycot).
  • 3 reclining positions.
  • 5 point harness system.
  • Lightweight aluminium chassis. (6.5kg).
  • Adjustable and leathery handlebar.
  • Removable bumper bar.
  • Easy fold.
  • 360-degree wheels that are locked easy.
  • Wheels made from excellent materials
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Easy accesses brakes through the foot.
  • X-large basket underneath + other accessories.
  • Carrycot + accessories.
  • Car seat + accessories.
  • Changing mat and changing bag is included.

Ickle Bubba Stomps V3 Pushchair.

Product: Stomps V3 Travel System.

Price: €625.00.

Size of the Product: W61cm x L95cm x H104cm.

The Place to Buy: Samuel Johnston, Click here. 

Delivery: Free delivery in the UK, don’t include all places. Multiple options.

My Rating: 9/10.

After your baby uses the carrycot foŕ 6 months, which we will get to they are ready to use the seat. The seat offers forward and rear-facing which is good.

You have the option to choose whether your baby or toddler faces you, or the world. Having these options are better because sometimes depending on your situation both are needed.

3 reclining positions are available for you to use. A fully laying flat position is not included, but your baby or toddler can still sleep, sit upright and play.

A 5 point harness system is better for your baby or toddler to use. It straps their shoulders, hips and buttocks or legs. This protects your baby’s whole body.

Allowing them to be safe in case of any impact. Now let’s talk about the chassis or also called frame.

It’s lightweight at just 6.5kg which means when travelling it’s easy to carry and push. If you are a parent that loves travelling whether through public transportation or other means, then this one is an option.

The Stomps V3 is easy to fold after a long of walks or strolls. The handlebar is designed with leather which makes it classy and fancy.

It’s adjustable which also means you can adjust it depending on your height. This is truly helpful because sometimes you need to adjust it so that it’s easier to push.

Going up a hill is an example. A removable bumper bar is another feature.

More Features.

360-degree wheels that are easy to lock. These kinds of wheels are good for the city where you need to turn all the time.

The wheels are also well designed. Made from deluxe foam which makes it easy to ride or push because of the softness. All suspension wheels.

The wheels are good to use on any ground. An all-terrain tyres and wheels. If you are an adventurer then you might love this. It’s also a way to get your baby or toddler out to visit many places.

The brakes are easy to access with your foot. An extra-large shopping basket is underneath for all your groceries. Other extra features or accessories are:

  • An interchangeable canopy.
  • A foot warmer for the pushchair.
  • A seat liner for the pushchair.

All of these features will bring more comfort to your baby and toddler. More protection from the elements and also will provide a calmer and quiet environment.

Car seat & Carrycot.

The Stomps V3 carrycot can be used from birth up to 6 months for your newborn baby. Is big and bulky which provides enough space for the little one.

It also offers a lie-flat position that protects their head and neck, and it’s the best position for a baby to be in. The carrycots canopy is also adjustable.

Which allows for your baby to be well protected, but also have fresh air when needed. An apron, a soft mattress and it has its rain cover.

Helpful for the whole family if you live in a rainy area like the UK. The Ickle Bubba Stomps V3 Bundle also offer you a car seat with its own accessories.

The seat comes with its own base perfect for those parents who have cars. The Galaxy car seat as it’s called also offers a good warmer and a cosy canopy.

Again to give your baby a good place for them to sleep and be in. An additional accessory is 2 car seat sun visors which protect your little one from the sun.

At this stage they are quite fragile so protecting them from the sun’s UV is necessary. With all of these features and accessories, you are ready to give your baby one of the best experiences.


  • The seat canopy does not offer UPF 50+ protection from the elements.
  • The travel system can be expensive for some.
  • Its colours are limited.
  • A bulky and big canopy can be comfy for the baby, but it means more space is needed at home and outside.
  • Not the best to travel with the carrycot.
  • It’s not a new version compared to pushchairs that came out in 2020 or even this year.
  • The seat is suitable from 6 months upwards, which other parents may not want.

Why new Mum’s?

How do you like this travel system or bundle? Do you think it will suit your family? So, why is this best for new mums? I think this is ideal for new mums because of many reasons.

It has all of the packages you will need. The pushchair, carrycot, car seat, Isofix base, changing bag, etc. It gives you all these options and accessories.

It makes it easy for you. When you are a new mum you don’t know what to use, and how well things are. There are parents out there who only use the car seat and then after the seat.

It’s easier for them and others to only use the carrycot and then the seat. If you are new you don’t know what works well and what don’t.

It’s good you have all of these options to try and see which of these your family likes. You also have extra features and accessories that help you along the way.

After buying this no need to search for other things. You can busy yourself with your baby’s nursery. This baby travel system allows you to explore different things.

It can also be something for parents who already have kids, but want to start with or have something new.

Are you that kind of a parent? Well, if you are then the Stomps V3 might be something for you. Although the model does not offer many colours its colours are basic and match any colours.

So, this is also the reason that it’s made for a new mum. I am stating this because of my experiences and ideas. When I was a new mum a pushchair like this would appeal to me.

Of course, we have different needs and preferences. So, it’s up to you and your lifestyle.

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